Sometimes you have to express yourself

Hey Loves

20130922-113138.jpg This past week my maternal grandmother turned 96 and I must say it gave me joy to celebrate her birthday. I see the favor in her life and I wish to have the same favor to serve God and live a long life. Sometimes you have to express yourself take a stand and do the things you believe in, ignore the little voice of doubt , learn to separate right from wrong and know that you don’t have to be like everyone else. Accept that not everyone will like you as it is written Mark 5:36 Ignoring what they said Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

20130922-115301.jpg Expressing myself in a new way, not just believing God but holding on to my faith and showing that I believe. My friend, know that it doesn’t matter if others think you are different or that you have changed just hold onto your faith and believe do not allow the faith of others to make you fail in your faith.

20130922-120200.jpg Being grateful that expressing yourself is meaningful and strengthens you.

Multi color silk dress~ Banana Republic
Wide buckle belt~ French Connection
Cone heel ankle strap shoes~ Sergio Rossi
Pearl Rock Necklace set, bracelet & watch~Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Color~ YSL


20130922-121857.jpg You can order your Pearl Rock Necklace set today online at

Sometimes you just have to express yourself, and strengthen your faith and you will be blessed and highly favored.

Simply Jyune

The little linen dress with the frilled silk bodice

Hey Loves,

20130803-060822.jpg Happy Saturday!!!
I am a bit excited today as my oldest sister is visiting and we draw so much from each other which is amazing. We can’t ever share clothes, however we can share shoes and jewelry so its always fun times whenever she is around. It’s even more fun because she loves my fashion sense and I will get to dress her for a wedding later today. Anyway earlier this summer i wore this cute little linen dress with the frilled silk bodice and hemline into the city to run errands and meet up with a partner to plan a fabulous Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Show. Such a really sexy, stylish little linen sundress with the frilled bodice, and quite a cute number however it has sat in the closet for about 3summers…… Who does that? Thank goodness it has emerged. With sexy almost not there tan leather shoulder straps, the frilled bodice in beige silk….gives quite a nice contrast to the natural khaki linen with the matching leather waistline belt, thin lining and a contrast of beige silk piping on its hemline. The beige silk frilled bodice drops from the bust line to the waist to form a heart shaped like bodice. I totally love the contrasts all in this little linen dress with the frilled silk bodice

The little linen dress with the frilled bodice ensemble:
Belted Linen dress with frill bodice- Double Zero
GG horsebit slides- Gucci
GG Oversize bag- Gucci
Silver heart jewelry collection- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Layered Diamond Ring –Traci Lynn Jewelry
Lip color-YSL
Brown Sunnies- Tom Ford


As always simple yet stylish and elegant the art of style in my simple fashion sense. You too can make a louder statement with such a simple dress by contrasting it with gold jewelry or colored accessories. However from the pic you can see a bit of an over cast and smiling clouds which required the calming effect of silver Traci Lynn Jewelry especially my favorite pieces: the Affection heart necklace and layered diamond ring. Thanks for stopping by….. Make it a great weekend!!!

Simply Jyune

Be that Genuine Amazing You….

Hey Loves,

There are times when you are forced to think about making major decisions which affects your life and those around you more than you expected it would. Those are defining moments in which you take a stand, boldly face the world or fly off on your own horizon.

Does it make sense being on your own horizon?

As human beings we all need to belong, fit in , build our esteem needs, self actualize; therefore being on your own horizon is unhealthy!!!

Food for thought: You can’t be that genuine amazing you , when you are not living for yourself. Living for the masses is one of the most unhealthy lifestyle, being healthy should amount to happiness and positive thoughts galore.

20130618-113102.jpg galore necklace & earrings

Well, I would say stand for what you believe will truly make you that genuine amazing you because if you don’t, then on the outside, everything may seem wonderful, happy and perfect yet inside you might be struggling, unhappy and hating everything about yourself because you can’t be that genuine amazing you when you are not living for yourself and your own happiness is compromised.



The Genuine Amazing me ensemble:
Blue polyester ” Eddie” dress- BCBG MAX AZARIA
Gold sandal with animal print heel-Gucci
Gold bag with signature shoulder strap- Gucci
Galore necklace & earrings- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Gold in love ring- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lovely Sunnies- Tom Ford
Lip color – Golden Gloss by YSL

I must say I truly love this BCBG dress it is soft and comfortable and is a great fit, I love it so much that I also bought it in red….yes when I love something I will purchase it in multiple colors but you all already know that.

Therefore when someone makes you happy, your only goal should be making them happy also……other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter–feeling loved is healthy and a benefit for being the lovely genuine amazing you.


Simply Jyune

Sweater dress day



20130202-212555.jpgHey Lovelies, Today was extremely cold, I can’t stand such frigid temperatures, right now I wish I was on a tropical island somewhere. I don’t get to wear boots or sweater dresses much because we usually have warmer temperatures. Anyway to combat the cold I pulled out some of my northerner gear and went off on my errands.
I am wearing:-
oxblood sweater dress with buttons at neck: POPulation
dual colored boots: Guess
brown with leather trim coat: Mackage
oxblood mix leggings: The Limited
never full tote: Louis Vuitton
lip color: YSL
silver jewelry with diamond: Movado

20130202-214349.jpgI love the button details on the turtle neck
That’s the buttoned turtle neck sweater dress that kept me warm and fashionable with my favorite coat.

Simply Jyune

Ballerina in Heels…..

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Lovely Saturday indeed, I visited my Grammy, and spent the day at the mall with my Auntie and cousins. Ballerina hair bun, dressed in 4″ heels, leggings, leather collar & sleeved blazer with a sheer drop shoulder top and glossy lips. My photographer said I look just like a ballerina in heels, so that’s the title of my blog. The ballerina bun is currently trending as one of the hottest up sweeps right now. Easily paired with the perfect collar, formal/semi formal dresses or casually with Chandelier or drop earrings as depicted here high ballerina bun with geometrical earrings. The ballerina bun, however is my lazy hair do so its quite an asset of a trend for me as I usually put my hair up in a bun when I get in the shower, half the time I just leave it up until it unravels.









20121201-210347.jpg Leather is such a big hit this year I can’t get enough out of wearing leather pieces. My ballerina bun gives off a very dainty appeal, and usually brings many compliments. Today i’m wishing for a red lipstick while getting dressed as it would really accentuate my lips and outfit. Oh well, with no red lipstick, I opted for lipgloss, my blue chain bag and paired a gold belt with my solid black leather collar & 3/4 sleeved blazer to break up the monotony of layering black on black. Colored Accessories and a ballerina bun can change the appeal of any outfit. It was fun watching my younger cousins shop and knowing my opinion mattered. On my mall trip I stopped at the MAC counter and got my complimentary MAC Red lipstick for recycling my makeup containers. Sweet a freebie for the ballerina girl in heels.
My ensemble:
Black Sunnies~vintage
Blue chain bag ~ Tory Burch
Gold belt~ Gucci
Black pared leather leggings~ Michelle’s NY
Black sheer printed off the shoulder top~ Michelle’s NY
Black collar & leather 3/4 sleeve blazer~ The Limited
Lip color~Juicy Apple by Clinique
Makeup~YSL & MAC
Black heels with metal platform front~ Nine West

Over the years I’ve found that shopping is very therapeutic, oft times I engaged in retail therapy because of boredom or being lonely. However, now the mall is past time when I’m working as a stylist or just chilling with my family because the ballerina girl in heels can walk the mall in her 4″ heels all day.

Would you wear a ballerina bun? Eagerly awaiting your comments and responses.

Simply Jyune

That girl…..

Hey Lovely Peeps,
It’s sunny and lovely at 60 degrees in comparison to the weather we have been enduring for a few weeks now. Today I feel as if I can be that girl the true butterfly that I am. Lately, I have been in the mood to wear dark green, with time on my hands I look around in the closet and oh yes there are so many unworn green pieces. I selected a dark green sleeveless peplum top and paired it with a black knee length faux leather panel skirt. Searching for accessories I came across this fabulous Roberto Cavali snakeskin clutch with dark green trim and a gold serpent bracelet (unworn of course and I bet prior to its purchase I couldn’t live without it). Black shoes are somewhat boring so I chose the perfect pair of animal print pumps to contrast with my dark colors. I am dressed and I’m feeling just like that girl……







As with every outfit accessories makes it more outstanding and elevates it from ordinary so I added a skinny belt with a bow and turned it to the back for rear definition in the peplum. That girl rocks it stylishly with plump pink lips from YSL.

That girl ensemble:
Black Faux Leather panel Skirt~ Michelle’s NY
Dark Green Peplum blouse~ Michelle’s NY
Black/gold skinny bow belt~ vintage
Animal print pump w/bow~ DV Dolce Vita
Grey/Green serpent bracelet clutch~ Roberto Cavali
Jewelry~ Ann Taylor Loft
Lip color~ YSL pink

Its going to be a great weekend for that girl because we are having great weather. Thanks for stopping by Lovelies!

Simply Jyune

Work Mode

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Today was a lovely Tuesday despite the mist and rainy day here in Atlanta. Though its raining its quite warm out so there is no need for a heavy coat so a cropped jacket will do with a sleeved top. I’m ecstatic to be at home and back to my rituals. So I’m in work mode today and off to keep up with my routine with the little ones. In work mode comfortable clothing is a must as I’m on my feet all day and constantly in motion. I love this belted cropped sleeve jacket with button detail and I wear it as often as I can so today it’s perfect as its blended black and white color accommodates every color.






Work mode ensemble:
Green turtleneck sweater~Gap
Green stiletto pumps~Emporio Armani
Black wide slacks~Martin + OSA
Cropped belted short sleeve jacket~ thrifted
Black embossed leather bag~vintage Coach
Lip color~YSL
Eye makeup~Lancôme
Jewelry~Gucci Bamboo
Earrings~ gifted

Work mode is always simple yet stylish, comfortable and fun. Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to your comments.
Simply Jyune