She Hearts Polka Dots


Hey Loves,
Hot enough for you? It is too hot for me I feel the need for a vacation coming up.  Once per month I pledge to wear red to promote Go Red for Women and the American Heart Association to encourage healthy heart awareness.  As a child I often heard of people dying from a broken heart and I couldn’t understand the emotional heart. After my Dad had Chronic Heart Failure I was forced to educate myself and nourish him back to good health.  As a result I wear red to promote heart health and I practice a healthy heart lifestyle. You too can practice a healthy heart lifestyle by eating heart healthy foods that prevent heart disease, exercise and manage your relationships and emotions healthily.


She hearts polka-dot ensemble:
Red blouse- Polo Ralph Lauren
Polka dot skirt- H&M
Black t-strap shoes- Vince Camuto
Black belt- Moschino
Gold jewelry-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Color- Mac red by MAC

We only get one heart help to prevent heart disease check out the American Heart Association nutrition center and educate yourself and the ones you love to extend the life of your heart. Exercise is cool during the hot weather it cools you down and keeps you active.


Educate yourself and others with the message for a healthy heart.

♡♡Simply Jyune♡♡

♡Simply Jyune♡

Street Style look Elevated for the Black Celebrity Giving Award Ceremony

Hey Loves,
It seems like yesterday that I was introduced to the lovely Miss Jasmine Crowe at an award show honoring Toya Wright for her philanthropic work in the Black Community. I can’t believe it was a year ago I vowed to work with Jasmine in giving of my time and services as a parent liaison or mental health counselor to children. Unfortunately, I had just started my PhD classes and my time was limited with my other volunteer activities with the American Red Cross and Dress for Success Atlanta. However as time would have it Jasmine is hosting her award show again and this time she is honoring Tamika Raymond and other philanthropists and organizations for their diligent work and support in our community.

20140704-041611-15371215.jpg Posed with the lovely Philanthropist Miss Jasmine Crowe
Unfortunately I missed out on most of the award ceremony (flat tire) but I still showed up and better yet I now have my schedule worked out wherein I can start giving back to our community and pouring into children who can and will grow up to be like me or achieve more than me.

20140704-041907-15547216.jpg Jasmine and some of the powerful moments of the night. I was quite impressed that Marley is also a philanthropist I can only say well done again Jasmine and congratulations to Marley.

20140704-042107-15667193.jpg Jasmine’s beautiful dress by BCBG Simply Jyune outfit from Francescas boutique- black sheer laser cut skirt and neon orange crop top belted for an elevated look away from the street style>


20140704-042904-16144865.jpg Well if haven’t learned anything the most valuable thing I pride myself on knowing is Philanthropy~the art of giving back and pouring into others is a blessing! a feeling of accomplishment in itself.
At the end of the night I was glad I came out to support and solidify my promise to give back.
❤️Simply Jyune❤️

Classy Living Society, First Annual Red dress gala


A red dress gala…..Who are these people???
Hey Loves,
A few weeks ago I was invited  by a member of Classy Living Society to a red dress gala being a philanthropist and supportive of women, I glanced at the website, saw the mission statement and bought my ticket.  I picked up a cute red dress and waited patiently for the big day.  Being a loner i showed up at the gala and was In awe at all the beautiful women nicely dressed in their red dresses from gowns to minis. So many women yet I did not see two of the same dresses.




A group of trendsetting diverse women destined to become innovators of community service while providing a positive sisterhood bonding environment. A mission to “change the world: one daughter, sister, brother, son at a time.” That’s right these women Socialize, Volunteer and Inspire, through an environment that they have created where women can socialize with other like minded women while giving to others with their time, talents and compassion.  As foot soldiers CLS is dedicated to becoming the premiere social club that serves the needs of the community nonprofits and community-based organizations to give back, mentor youth, and care for those who might otherwise be overlooked and neglected. 


Donations brought to the event to benefit children who are in need of birthday gifts or to feel special.


I was in awe at the life size model greeting guests at the door I just had to take a pic with her.


Simply me red dress paired with nude pumps, a multi cultured clutch and jewelry fromTraci Lynn Fashion Jewelry


Ayana-Yani CEO of Unique lyrics Maid Cleaning Service one of the nicest sisters I met at the gala.


Founder LaShanda Pitts and guest speaker Andromeda Jones of Women by Choice


Panel of Speakers for CLS sharing memorable moments and the benefits of being a CLS member.


Guest speaker Andromeda Jones delivering her power speech uplifting women ….I just had to commend her on such a beautiful speech to empower women.


These divas were as beautiful as pleasant they didn’t mind sharing their table with me the loner…”no elephant in the room at our table.”


Some of the table centerpieces and setups…the decor was so beautiful


Some of the vendors supporting CLS
If you missed the Red Dress gala this year be Ready for the 2nd annual because it will be better than the 1st.  


Meet Tish the beautiful plus size model and Sharonda the charming diva she will get you signed up with your membership or just go online to sign up while there is a SALE ON YOUR $125 ANNUAL  MEMBERSHIP FOR $75 and unbelievably $25 of every membership will be donated to help women and children at the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and children.


Wonderful event, well done ladies of Classy living Society


Thank you all for being apart of something bigger than yourself!

Simply Jyune

♡Simply Jyune♡

Whoever said dating gets easier as you get older!!!!

Hey Loves

20140610-204238-74558870.jpg At a certain age it’s as if the dictators of society expect you to have jumped the broom or settled cozily into a lifestyle, compromising as best or settling just to make it work. Unfortunately for some of us (yes myself included) there comes a time when enough is enough and you have to let go of the familiar and head for the unknown. After healing and breaking free from all that seemed to drag you down and create bittersweet memories for you its time to start dating again. This time around it is supposed to be much easier because you know what you want and what you are not willing to tolerate. It’s like you have been given a sixth sense to weed out the undesirables of dating . This maybe because you are thinking just about yourself and your needs but what about the person who is interested in you; do you just shut them down coldly or do you give them a chance? . Well the majority of my single and dating mature friends are of the consensus that they should just be frank and say no this won’t work after one date and are quick to withdraw into their cocoon . Lol…as for me I will date someone as long as they have great conversation and similar interests because I know everyone needs someone to talk with about life. To my surprise dating doesn’t get any easier, the timeframe or the span on dating does get shorter as you get older however some people mature and develop better relationships based on past experiences as well as others are still not sure how to maintain dating, baggage and friendship. Dating at a mature age should mean that you have unpacked your baggage and you know how much you are willing to compromise for great companionship. To all my lovely mature singles: just remember dating is a 2way event so the other party might not be too thrilled with some things about you either! stay tuned for more on mature dating…….



Simply a Jyune Ensemble :
Neon print dress-Favori
Black Stiletto heels-Fendi
Black clutch-Gucci
Jigsaw jewelry-Traci Lynn. Fashion Jewelry
Red Lip color-Mary Kay cosmetics
Loves mature dating will get better based on your investment…..think wisely and honestly.
Simply Jyune

Prints and Blush!!!!!

20140606-101713-37033875.jpg Hey Loves,
The warmer months are off to a great start , I am loving all the trends….perforation, prints, geometrical shapes, florals, brights, neons, gold jewelry, pastels, shorts, skirts, dresses, rompers, maxis, minis, hats, flats, heels, wide legged pants and jumpsuits it’s just endless ways to be fashionable and make a statement in everything, wherever you show up.

20140606-103010-37810199.jpg this particular week I visited with my mom in New York and showed up to church with my friend. After church I quickly snapped a few shots to show my mix of prints and blush being a quiet storm in the warm weather.




Simply Jyune’s blush and print ensemble:
Blush Belt and Pumps:- Breckelle’s by Kahdijiha Rowe
Printed skirt:-C Wonder
Off White silk blouse:- C Wonder
Black messenger style chain clutch:- Michael Kors
Makeup:- Mary Kay
Silver Cross necklace:- Thankful by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Bling it Ring and Fancy Bracelet Jewelry:- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

20140606-110752-40072325.jpg as always thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing my passion Prints and Blush!!!
Simply Jyune

No to the lemon cake… are what you eat!!!!

Hey Loves,
Each and everyday I promise myself to do better at eating and exercise, somehow it’s not happening. I know mainly because when I am studying I snack more, I get less sleep, I miss meals and I don’t get to exercise. Plus it doesn’t help going on a cruise where the processed meals are prepared for you after being sick for 2weeks. Well I have noticed the difference so since I am out of classes for 2weeks I am back at it again, reaching for a healthier lifestyle and saying no to the lemon cake and cocktails. I am going to try my best and change my eating and exercise patterns to incorporate them into my lifestyle and make them a habit. So all this week I exercised at least an hour per day and have been conditioning my mind not to eat the sweets I crave. I have been drinking more water and staying out of the sun. Despite how much I love being outdoors the doctors order says “avoid the sun” so I am trying to protect my extremely sensitive skin.

20140523-074405-27845541.jpg with time freedom At the break of dawn I rise, get ready and walk to the pool, swimming this morning before the sunrise as I shouldn’t stay in the sun too much. A chance to reflect on the peacefulness of everything as everyone around me is still sleeping and all my neighbors are indoors.

20140523-074654-28014148.jpg it’s not dark out the beauty of almost summer weather not too dark, not too hot and not too cold in the mornings. At first the water feels cold and I want to get back out bundle up in my towel and run back to my bed but I am disciplined, though I am only being accountable to myself. So for today my activity includes swimming and water aerobics, then I must wash my hair and afterwards reward myself by sipping on some fresh cut mint tea with a teaspoon of honey. No I won’t have pastry for breakfast this morning and hopefully no other morning. It’s a work in progress that will become my lifestyle.

20140523-080112-28872181.jpg I am ready for this change I just have to remember reduce the sugar and sodium intake, drink more fluids especially water, exercise and live a little more than I do now…….

20140523-080330-29010418.jpg On that note the sun is rising its time to get up and head to my garden cut a piece of mint and set it on to boil while I wash my hair.

20140523-081013-29413708.jpg Stay tuned for my more updates on the change to a healthier lifestyle …..psst maybe you should challenge yourself also, strength is in numbers.

Until next time ………..thanks for stopping by its always a pleasure.
Simply Jyune

Not from around Here!!!

Hey Loves,

20140518-182020.jpg As I get ready for church in the rain, I am thinking of what to wear as I rarely ever know what to wear. I am reminded I live in the suburbs and my church is accepting of one’s garments so almost anything will do. Yet As simple as I am I am different, anything won’t do. I often feeling as if I am Not From Around Here!!! so I try to be as plain as possible with a simple black and white dress paired with matching cap toed black and white shoes. it takes time to find a purse because it’s raining out and I want to cheer myself up. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and so I need a pop of color to brighten up a gloomy, rainy day. I reached for my perforated summer bag and I feel alive and confident to walk in the rain.

20140518-183211.jpg The Church sermon was so great reminding me of the power of God and his chastisement because he loves me. The ability to understand that when you love someone you tell them the truth not because you want to hurt them but because you love them so you maintain trust and honesty. That no matter what I am going through the love of a God surrounds me and prayer, yes praying boldly will get me through all the strong holds in my life. With tears pouring from my eyes I am praying and thanking The Lord for loving me despite my shortcomings. I am thankful for everyday despite looking as if I am not from around here I feel like this is home and where I belong I will just look different because I am different and I have a purpose, the love of a God will let me go through storms to show me how strong I really am, what I should live without, what I should give less attention to, how the devil will use my child to distract me from God, and to show me what is worth living for as well as what is worth dying for. I am thankful that I can remain strong through it all and when I am temporarily weak God forgives me and restores me the power of God is beautiful, truly amazing and with God in my life I may seem different, because walking with God has shown me that I don’t miss the people that I thought I couldn’t live without. That I don’t miss doing the things I used to do nor do I miss hanging out with some people. When people are confrontational and have done me wrong or speak ill of me I pray for them because I know I am not from around here…..I am a woman of God.


Black and White Ensemble with a pop of color:

Black and white dress ~ International Concepts
White crop sweater ~ Tommy Hilfiger
Leggings~ Ralph Lauren
Black & White Cap Toe Mary Jane ~ Stuart Weitzman
Teal perforated Tote Bag ~ Zara woman
Purple Lips~ Christian Dior
Watch & Jewelry ~Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
So though opposites attract I thought it fitting to add a pop of color to make this outfit outstanding! and to top it off I jazzed it up with my personality by adding in my favorite color purple, hence the purple lips!!!!!


though I am not from around here I am comfortable holding my own, walking with God.

Simply Jyune
xoxo 💎💃