Not from around Here!!!

Hey Loves,

20140518-182020.jpg As I get ready for church in the rain, I am thinking of what to wear as I rarely ever know what to wear. I am reminded I live in the suburbs and my church is accepting of one’s garments so almost anything will do. Yet As simple as I am I am different, anything won’t do. I often feeling as if I am Not From Around Here!!! so I try to be as plain as possible with a simple black and white dress paired with matching cap toed black and white shoes. it takes time to find a purse because it’s raining out and I want to cheer myself up. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and so I need a pop of color to brighten up a gloomy, rainy day. I reached for my perforated summer bag and I feel alive and confident to walk in the rain.

20140518-183211.jpg The Church sermon was so great reminding me of the power of God and his chastisement because he loves me. The ability to understand that when you love someone you tell them the truth not because you want to hurt them but because you love them so you maintain trust and honesty. That no matter what I am going through the love of a God surrounds me and prayer, yes praying boldly will get me through all the strong holds in my life. With tears pouring from my eyes I am praying and thanking The Lord for loving me despite my shortcomings. I am thankful for everyday despite looking as if I am not from around here I feel like this is home and where I belong I will just look different because I am different and I have a purpose, the love of a God will let me go through storms to show me how strong I really am, what I should live without, what I should give less attention to, how the devil will use my child to distract me from God, and to show me what is worth living for as well as what is worth dying for. I am thankful that I can remain strong through it all and when I am temporarily weak God forgives me and restores me the power of God is beautiful, truly amazing and with God in my life I may seem different, because walking with God has shown me that I don’t miss the people that I thought I couldn’t live without. That I don’t miss doing the things I used to do nor do I miss hanging out with some people. When people are confrontational and have done me wrong or speak ill of me I pray for them because I know I am not from around here…..I am a woman of God.


Black and White Ensemble with a pop of color:

Black and white dress ~ International Concepts
White crop sweater ~ Tommy Hilfiger
Leggings~ Ralph Lauren
Black & White Cap Toe Mary Jane ~ Stuart Weitzman
Teal perforated Tote Bag ~ Zara woman
Purple Lips~ Christian Dior
Watch & Jewelry ~Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
So though opposites attract I thought it fitting to add a pop of color to make this outfit outstanding! and to top it off I jazzed it up with my personality by adding in my favorite color purple, hence the purple lips!!!!!


though I am not from around here I am comfortable holding my own, walking with God.

Simply Jyune
xoxo πŸ’ŽπŸ’ƒ

Black and white…..Spring it is


Hey Lovelies,
It’s a great week, catching up on my rest, thinking of places to visit this summer…..hmmm I think it will only be multiple trips 3-5days at most. So much on my plate, emotional spring cleaning:- I’m aware I’m not superwoman yet I can accomplish all my goals. I am living with the mantra “if you dream of it, then you can make it happen!.” These days I spend all my time outside of work reflecting, meditating, reading and writing….cheating my blog but with time it’s schedule will be built in and more reliant when I start getting sufficient sleep. Off to church this weekend, I have chosen to spring forward with time in a black ensemble with my cap toe black and white Mary Jane shoes.. It’s a bit sunny so I pulled out the Balenciaga Sunnies to complement the green accessories. I haven’t used this green Steve Madden satchel in a long time, its so comfortable….it can fit all my notepads, iPad, books hmmmm, I think I’m going to use it all week. With that my week is off to a great start despite me losing an hour of sleep to spring forward yet its ok black and white spring it is and I don’t have to change my bag all week. My ensemble: black 3/4 sleeve turtle neck dress-Ralph Lauren green label, black leather sleeve blazer- The Limited, cap toe Mary Jane shoes- Stuart Weitzman, green satchel- Steve Madden, smoke grey/green Sunnies- Balenciaga, pearl jewelry- Carolee.

As always have a great week in all your endeavors, thanks for stopping by.
Simply Jyune

Flirty Floral Friday night….

20130310-094849.jpg Hey Lovelies, After a long week I made certain my weekend was jam packed with events to uplift my spirits and reward myself at working so hard. Friday night was girls night out at Acoustix Jazz Restaurant and Lounge/em> to a comedy show. The first two comedians weren’t too funny, one with a monotone voice and the other taking stabs at the recession. I must say overall quite a delightful ambiance and a mature crowd full of laughter once cocktails were being served up with the jokes. A great place that I would revisit for laughs, cocktails, the most delicious veggie spring rolls and calamari. So if you downtown Atlanta on a Friday night be sure to check out this spot.


The Acoustix Jazz Restaurant and Lounge Friday Night Comedy Show Comedian-Rodney Perry and promoter of the show and host Carlos

20130310-142629.jpg Sipping on a Chocolate Kiss Martini and Calamari tapas.

20130310-143816.jpg Sweet Baby Kita and Carlos did their thing kept the crowd roaring at whatever costs.

My flirty floral ensemble: Stuart Weitzman: black platform over the knee boots, Betsey Johnson: floral leggings, Coach: signature peach scarf, Arden B: royal blue crop leather jacket, Michelle’s NY boutique: spiked blouse with sheer sleeves, F21: jewelry, Louis Vuitton: Sunnies, Vieta: chain strap envelope bag, YSL: lip gloss.

20130310-145859.jpg Two ways of wearing your flirty floral bottoms this season. Thanks for stopping by for The Flirty Floral Friday Night….as a floral bottom is a must have this spring.

Simply Jyune

Spring/Summer 2013 Stuart Weitzman trunk show

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Happy Hump Day…..This past week while visiting in New York I had the pleasure of attending the Spring/Summer 2013 trunk show @ the Stuart Weitzman boutique in Riverside Square Mall. The Spring/Summer 2013 trunk show featured the comfortable well designed designer shoes so fashionistas could get an early look/order in advance to ensure their favorite pairs. The choices were: pastels, florals, sling backs, lace ups, nudes, bright hues, colors, impressive heels and florals which will be a big hit next season. I was thrilled at the Spring/Summer trunk show, more like totally ecstatic at the basket weave/braided footwear designs on the pastel and nude shades, so feminine, earthy and sexy. The red floral wedge heel sling back showcased seemed bright, cheerful and fabulous for almost every occasion and a great item for every fashionista to mix and match. The peep toe pumps displayed for Spring/Summer 2013 displayed colorful impressive heels with a colorful contrast of its peep toe therefore each pump had three colors. Featured below are some of the fabulous shoes from the Spring/Summer 2013 Stuart Weitman Trunk Show:




So those pics were my favorites which I think will be most popular of the Spring/Summer 2013 trunk show from Stuart Weitzman. Can you all guess which one is my favorite? Comment and let me see if you can guess my style of choice from the Spring/Summer 2013 trunk show.

Simply Jyune