A splash of Polka Dot……..

Hey Loves,

Do you love Polka Dots? Well polka dots should be every girls best friend, they are made of various size dots and you can dress them up or dress them down. Overall polka dots are fun designs. They blend well with almost any color and will transform a basic outfit into a glamorous fashionista outfit. This week I was home all day on Wednesday working then I remembered I had a dinner date with my son and his friend. School had been out and their extracurricular activities had ended so I had to hurriedly throw an outfit together. I reached for a polka dot skirt, a polka dot dress, a polka dot sweater, and a polka dot blouse, which means I was in a polka dot mood ahhhhhhh yes!!!!! this lady loves polka dots. I had to wear something polka dot with but a few minutes to spare I threw together a splash of polka dot put my hair in a ballerina bunand ran off to spend quality time with the teens.

20140118-110751.jpg A simple yet quick meal, Thai coconut shrimp and bang bang shrimp for appetizers then Blackened Tilapia with mango salsa served up with grilled vegetables for a meal complete with water. Yes, I skipped dessert and I passed on the wine. Afterwards I dropped the teens to youth church and went off to an online conference in a splash of polka dot feeling confident and pretty!!!!

Simply Jyune’s splash of polka dot ensemble:

Pearl & Bling Fashion jewelry- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Black platform zipped bootie- Steve Madden
Black leggings- Michael Kors
Polka dot blouse- Fancy Qube
Black layered vest – h&m
Fuchsia blazer- f21
Herring fuchsia clutch- Steven
Hair-ballerina bun
Lip color- MAC

Simply styling a polka dot layer with your winter layers can transform your entire outfit with a splash of polka dot.



Happiness can be a splash of polka dot to brighten your day.

Thanks for stopping by stay tuned for more ways to style your polka dot .

πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

Fendi baguette turns 15

Hey Lovely Peeps
This year marks the 15th year of the Fendi Baguette,in celebration of the icon bag Fendi has created an it bag for the lovers of the baguette which is currently wait listed for the fashionista and Fendi lover. I must say its quite a beauty, a rather impressive piece priced at about $2370.

20130128-085531.jpg It’s been a while since Fendi has made such a beauty of a bag, so this year Fendi has it all in the bag to celebrate the 15th year of the baguette. Being a lover of bags, it has caught my eye however in keeping with the not shopping resolution for the overstuffed closet it looks real cute on the shelf and it will be just as admirable on the arm of another fashionista. This weekend to attend The Georgia Bridal Show I pulled out my 14year old blue Fendi baguette which looks as good as new.

20130128-085800.jpg14y-o Fendi Baguette bag
This bag used to be my everyday bag, I wore it with designer jeans to work almost everyday as well as clubbing on the weekends, it just went everywhere with me as the most comfortable handbag that sits well on my shoulder. Fendi has also made quite a few other baguettes for the celebration so there are Fendi baguette choices at shop Fendi baguette


20130128-090735.jpg With so many to choose from the choice is yours whether gifting or treating yourself with an icon bag.

20130128-091112.jpgThe sweater shawl that I couldn’t figure out how to wear for about 4years

20130128-091314.jpg I am wearing:~blue shawl sweater with pockets: Les petites collection personalized butterfly denim skirt: 7 for all mankind pink rouched turtleneck: miss sixty blue multi-pattern shoes: Steven by Steve Madden blue vintage bag: baguette by Fendi lip color: rouge volupte perle by YSL blue statement necklace : TJ Maxx for the maxxinista blue/turquoise belt: the limited silver jewelry: Movado

As the Fendi baguette turns 15 I will celebrate the icon bag with my 14y-o baguette …..ahhhh vintage the best find especially in my own closet.

Simply Jyune

Living in a circle






20121219-052459.jpgHey Lovely Peeps,
Happy December 19th, a lovely morning indeed…… I must say I’ve been thinking and it seems as if life is like living in a circle. People often do things they say they won’t do, even after swearing off on them. Relationships that ended most times rekindle. Marriages often end in divorce sometimes quite painfully, then the couples realize how much easier it is to live with each other than with out each other and they end up back together often remarrying. Some people say the same things in different ways every day. Some people hope for change yet they live with fears of improbability. Living in a circle often because people are not honest with themselves, care more about others than for themselves, living with the hope that with time things will change. People often need to realize though as humans our minds controls us therefore if they don’t truly believe then change is improbable and they will continue their life living in a circle. Change is evident only when people know what they want, they focus and they work towards those goals or else they will be displeased with their outcomes and continuously live in a circle whilst blaming others for their own shortcomings.

My Black on Black fun day ensemble:
Sheer Black painted face blouse~ Michelle’s NY
Black leggings~ Michelle’s NY
Black Studded open front cardigan~ Michelle’s NY
Black lace up club shoe with buckle~ Steve Madden
Hot pink chain bag/oversize bow~Deux Lux
Lip Color~ Christian Dior
Gold earrings ~ Lauren
Sunnies~ Vintage

Thoughts control actions, good thought processes are most likely to produce great results, while distorted thought processes will have people living in a circle. Thanks for reading my blog…..
Simply Jyune