God’s Unfailing Love sets us Free!!!

Hey Loves,
The weather has broken I am enjoying the 80 degree weather daily in Atlanta, a bit warmer than I like for Spring but it’s better than frigid temperatures so I won’t complain. In my attempt to move forward and build a better relationship with Christ I have come to realize that his unfailing love makes me healthier and provides me with a brighter outlook. Can you imagine I am even more optimistic???? Yes I’m free….God’s unfailing love has set me free from my past, free from drama, free from, pain, free from hurt. I’m not ashamed of my past, I’m not afraid to face rejection, I can look fear in the eye and know I can conquer everything. Yes I have been broken however my past helps to shape my future, my life experiences makes a believer out of others. I love the spiritual relationship and intimacy that I have developed with God which has taught me about his unfailing love and reignited passion in me, yes I am healed, I am set free, I am no longer broken.>

Simply Jyune’s ensemble:
Black leggings- BCBG
Pink mullet blouse-Wilt
Black bag-Chloe
Black platform pumps- Fendi
Candy yum yum lips – MAC
Silver accessories-
Traci Lynn fashion jewelry A simple outfit totally not over the top to hang out with my homie at the Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls game. I am not a sports buff so this was totally out of my element however I got to eat junk food, and truly enjoyed the game. Maybe this might just become a hobby…..season tickets????>

Life is a Smile

Hey Loves,
As the days go by, I realize the reasons for my smile, Life is a smile.. Simply each day that I arise is a blessing in disguise, I am granted the opportunity by God to accomplish all that I didn’t do the day before. Every procrastinated thought or idea surfaces and I smile knowing I might only get to it based on my associated level of priority. In life there are occurrences designed to take me off track, to allow me to face adversary, to challenge myself, to discourage me from my dreams. I am human so I will pray knowing God answers prayers, I will cry because I am woman and yes I do have emotions, I will stress because I don’t like deadlines I love leisure but through it all I know life is a smile. Life happens and I must strategize and deal with adversaries as best as possible, when I pray I must wait for an answer as well as I must be able to discern the answer and be thankful in prayer. The outcomes may not always lead to instant gratification however I must always remember life is a smile.. No matter what I am going through some one else has a story and their story is more significant than mine. Who am I to not absorb while I observe my environment. Every challenge has been experienced by someone else, therefore its not inhuman so I must climb uphill to press on and reach for the stars, surpass every rejection, every failure, every learned experience, every failed relationship, every forgotten friendship, every refusal to help and every denial. In the end life is a smile so I will keep on smiling through the tears, the storms and the sleepless nights, because I am self made and God stands beside me.

20131127-033706.jpg The many expressions of me because when its all said and done i believe therefore Life is a smile, my optimism provides me with endurance, before I know it I will have stories and experiences to share with everyone.

Life is a Smile ensemble:
Pearl & diamond jewels- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Multicolored patchwork coat- Lulu H thrifted from Designer Consigns
Black belted jeggings- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Black sheer sweater- Guess by Marciano
Black marble buckle belt- Fendi
Grey GG scarf- Gucci
Green boots- Lucky brand
Papillon bag- Louis Vuitton
Lip Color-

I absolutely love the details of this coat, I appreciate the hands that made all the tiny details, the intricate stitch, the detailed buttons it reminds me of the bible story about Josephs coats and its many colors, the fact that it matches my green everyday boot its becoming my favorite also. I consider this jacket my integral apparel…
Faith, Hope and Love in abundance life is a smile. As you get ready for Thanksgiving just be thankful and filled with praise knowing that life is a smile. there are loads for which we should be thankful.

Simply Jyune
πŸ™‚ xoxo πŸ™‚