Normalcy….an impossibility!

Hey Lovelies,

20130329-000708.jpg For months I looked forward to Spring yet when it finally came it was almost colder or just as comparable to the winter months. The frigid temperatures dragging on for too long with feelings of exhaustion from the cold. So I am here wishing I never ever complained about being too hot on a 95 degree day and wishing for normalcy. That which seems to have no meaning in my life. I am surrounded by everything different and I want to return to normalcy…… Yet I know it’s impossible.
NORMALCY my experiences have taught me that there had to be changes in my life therefore normalcy will never return. Changes is a constant and from such I have learned:-
1) everyone has an ulterior motive no matter who it is or how small a deed.
2) friendships are like contracts what or whom is most beneficial.
3) your friend is always the friend of someone else, which defines loyalty.
4) not because you have no expectations of others doesn’t mean that they don’t have expectations of you.
5) people lie unnecessarily, which is truly sad when one considers the minuscule issues that one lies about, with honesty the world would be a better place and people would live longer.
6) there are more people with mental illnesses than you could ever imagine, not because one looks good doesn’t mean that they are mentally healthy.
7) failures helps to determine one’s future success as they are one’s experiences.
8) we all need to have faith, something to believe which will keep us grounded.
9) it’s easy to go up and down Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs when normalcy is non-existent in ones life.
10) people present well whether it’s with grandiosity or humility for acceptance.
11) technology has created a world which is a smaller place than we care to think.
12) everyone needs a supportive group of people that tells them how awesome they are consistently therefore encouraging them to continue upwards on Maslows hierarchy, because only then shall they achieve self actualization.

With these thoughts I know that normalcy has gone from my life. I am doing all that makes me happy without normalcy in my train of thought. As a philosopher of Behaviorism I know that my actions are based on learning from my environment and as a result I can’t manipulate my actions, even if followed Maslow’s theory and wanted to do better it’s just impossible to fight my natural desires to do better with the evilness of people as their desires are rather altered by personal and selfish ways. I would rather have good mental health any day over normalcy….call me weird if you want to but it’s all in my mind and based on your actions.

20130329-005737.jpg Just like the season changes at its regular time according to the solstices/our calendars however the weather changes based on movement and interactions of air masses…..that’s just how we as humans react to changes in our environment. So though its Spring the temperatures aren’t guaranteed to be warmer as well as though we may wish for normalcy it may not be in the best interest of our mental health when dealing with the impossibility of others.

Good mental health means looking good as people that are functioning better tend to look better. As always thanks for stopping by my blog you are appreciated.

πŸ’ƒSimply Jyune❀
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Love the life you live

Do you have a favorite Bob Marley quote?

20130206-210951.jpg Hey Lovelies,
Today marks the 68th birthday of Bob Marley. Though he has been long dead his life and music is still celebrated all over the world. Here in Atlanta tonight there is a celebration @ Vinyl….I can imagine its quite a tribute to his life and music. Unfortunately I had an extremely long day and an early day tomorrow so hanging out got cut from my schedule tonight.

20130206-211442.jpg Often times when I face difficulties or I’m going through life’s many lessons I often think of famous quotes by Bob Marley, which often changes my perspective on the situation at hand. Last summer I had so many decisions to make in trying to do what’s best vs. what’s expected of me and in my head I could only hear echoes of Bob Marley’s voice saying, “love the life you live, live the life you love. At the end of the day it gave me the opportunity to reason with myself, balance my life, elevate my mind and bring harmony to me.

20130206-212137.jpg I love the life you I live.
Summer 2012 pictured in Jamaica in harmony with me, relaxing and enjoying nature the life i Love.
I’m wearing:
Asymmetrical Aztec print dress– Impulse
blue chain bag– Tory Burch
sunnies– Louis Vuitton
dangling gold earrings– Nordstrom
Gold bracelet– Forever 21
shades of blue sandals-Report
lip gloss-Starlet Kiss (Heatherette for MAC)

Thanks for stopping by I would love to hear your favorite Bob Marley quote?
Simply Jyune

Free style by the free spirited

Hey Lovely Peeps
A lovely Saturday morning, no work today it could have been a cozy Saturday as per my fellow blogger Dainas Book, however I’m on call with the American Red Cross this morning and I also have a meeting with the Professional Women’s Group therefore my morning won’t be as cozy however it will be quite informational and fun for the free spirited.

20130126-082015.jpg I’m laying in bed without a notebook just letting my mind wander free style as I tell myself no need to grab a notepad I will remember everything….I’m dreaming of the non-fiction I want to pen and the pictures I would showcase. My thoughts are interrupted by blog posts from my fellow bloggers and a good morning text with flowers then virtual breakfast in bed

20130126-082620.jpg Jamaican Style Breakfast
I think this is awesome if only it was true. Then he says just in case you don’t like that one here is another

20130126-082840.jpg and I think this is the free style life for the free spirited. He made my day cozier than I could have with such a thoughtful idea across the miles.
Now have a great Saturday, bundle up fashionably stay warm in all your endeavors…….
Simply Jyune

Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed

20130125-102718.jpg Dearly Beloved, friends, followers and fellow bloggers; this will be a joyful party to celebrate a beautiful life. By the way your hats are stylishious, love the array of styles, just fabulous, thanks for honoring my last request for such a fashionable affair. I was born a winter baby on a cool autumn night a few hours before the winter solstice. As a middle child i thrived well enjoying my own company with a love of books, writing and mischief. Born to the zodiac sign representing: fire, air and water…I have always been friendly, facetious, boisterous and head strong with a desire for freedom always.

A Tom-boy always fashionably dressed in shorts and tees unless made to wear dresses and skirts which became a ritual later in life. School was quite easy, an entrepreneur, had a degree and a head for business but after having a child developed a passion for child development, learning and psychology which resulted in going back to school. My love of fashion, adventure and tolerance for other cultures has taken me all over the world. Through my many walks in life my charisma has earned me many friends and my gift of helping has kept them close to me.
A life so beautiful should be celebrated everyday as I am a lover of life, a spendthrift with my love. Should everyone take a page from my book of a life well lived then you would all have a life well spent: giving and contributing selflessly to society. Tears are unacceptable as we are mere mortals and at some point we all must bid farewell to our loved ones. Smooches!!!

(This was actually fun reflecting on my life….the joys of living!)

Simply Jyune

Inspirational gratitude

Hey Lovely Peeps,
As I go about my day I think of my lovely followers and fellow bloggers. You all make my day, loads of inspiration from every comment, like or blog that I read so here’s to you all:

Simply Jyune