Sometimes you have to Detoxify your body and your relationships

20140618-075834-28714866.jpg Hey Loves,
Lately, I have been thinking about relationships, I have been counseling others, reading about relationships and basically surveying the relationships I share with others. Despite the type of relationship I have determined that not all relationships are deemed healthy. A) Though we may have to be in a relationship with someone we may not personally like them, however based on the context of the relationship you may have to deal with them. So how to deal with that person at work with whom you can’t get along? Understand that it is ok to have single relationships with someone though you work well together you don’t have to be friends. The moment you know this and understand this it will detoxify your mind and body of unhealthy relationships

20140618-081003-29403558.jpg B)So you grew up with someone or you were the closest of friends with someone and overtime you realize the relationship is changing, you don’t see much of each other and when you do then there are disagreements about everything or almost everything. You are trying to save your friendship because you have history together, you try to hash it out however, it’s more arguing and hurting of each other’s feelings than ever, then guess what despite the years or time invested in this relationship understand that you will sometimes have to let go of some people that are familiar by giving them the latitude they need. Yes it may be very emotional as we are humans and we love familiarity yet everyone that starts with you will not finish with you some people become toxic you then have to detoxify that relationship.

C) Sometimes you have your family members and you love them so much however, every time you get together at family functions it turns into rage, anger and family feuds. They always have something negative or hurtful to say to someone and it’s just always upsetting to one or more other family members. They sometimes do activities which are not acceptable by the family which makes them look for negativity to highlight at family events or just talk about unnecessary things which are likely to hurt the feelings of some family members. Ooh yes you need to detoxify yourself of this relationship, observe the activities of your family member overtime to ensure that it is truly a toxic relationship. Review the relationship to see why the family member is always acting out and inflicting emotional pain. Reason with yourself : is there a way you can reach this person, in getting them to understand the repercussions of their behaviors? If not then guess what, act slowly but surely remove yourself by telling your family member that being family is not a choice but maintaining a toxic relationship is a choice so unless they can curve or change their behaviors then by all means you will need to dissociate from their company.

20140618-084741-31661554.jpg While working on detoxifying your relationships it is also super awesome for you to do an emotional self evaluation to ensure that you have not become toxic as well. Sometimes it’s easier to recognize the toxins in others unlike those within yourself. Be honest when you critique yourself as you too can become toxic and vulnerable based on situations. If you are content with the person you are and the way you treat your friend, family, coworkers and every relationship then by all means congratulations you are engaging in success relationships. If you are not content then reexamine you and your relationships its time to detoxify.

Simply Jyune Ensemble and Detox drink:
Black career suit-BCBG
Ocean Green career Blouse-The Limited
Ocean Green open toes pumps- BCBG generation
Black and White envelope clutch- BCBG generation
Black retro readers-Ray Ban
Ocean a Green and Black belt-gifted
Faux pearl jewelry-pearl rock by Traci Lynn Jewelry
Lip color-beach bum by Mary Kay

🍹🍹Detox Drink🍹🍹
2organic Granny Smith apples
1bunch of kale
2stalks celery
1 small piece of ginger
1 cucumber
1 lemon
****Be prepared for the detox process of your body when you make this drink. As the season changes we should detox our bodies from all the remaining toxins from the foods we eat on a daily basis.

πŸ˜„Detoxify your relationships, your mind and your body for a healthier life 😜

Thanks for stopping by and loving on me.

Simply Jyune

Oh give me another Chance… my body another chance!!!

Hey Loves,
Here in Atlanta, the winter storms came and left, as I got dressed for church I realize that it’s too warm out for an overcoat or winter like boots. I chose to wear a lighter dress and I realize I popped the zipper on a brand new dress, smh I realize my weight gain is just too much, studying and eating has gotten the best of me, finding comfort in foods while I try to stay awake. The rewards are great as I am an excellent student, however I love my old clothing. It has been a struggle but after two weeks of making better choices I have seen a difference in myself. Even though I would love to shop for new clothes but I love my old clothing! With that in mind I am challenging myself to not necessarily lose weight but to make better food choices and incorporate exercise into my daily routine.

20140225-085122.jpg I have seen the change in me and I want to give me another chance as well as encourage others that its ok to give your body another chance. To start this process I am changing my food mindset quitting all that is bad for me and choosing healthier foods on a 7 day challenge after which I will have them in moderation.

20140225-090439.jpg Won’t you join me in a get fit challenge give your body another chance, to look better, feel better and be healthier .

20140225-092438.jpg With the sun shining so brightly and the temperatures warning up I am able to remove one layer (my favorite leather sleeve blazer) and remain comfortable.

20140225-092918.jpg It feels absolutely good, to develop fortitude and be able to discern what I need to do to get to my vision and being able to wear this dress without it clinging excessively to my body.
One more Chance ensemble
Green & Black color block dress – Enfocus Studio
Black leather sleeve blazer –The Limited
Quilted bow bootie- Sam Edelman
Nerd glasses- Ray Ban
Lip gloss- See Thru gloss ware by Color U
Jewelry-Dainty necklace, earring & bracelets by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Black envelope chain strap clutch- Vieta
With the weather changing removing layers is refreshing, even more so when you feel good about the way you look. Often times it is difficult to develop a mindset to exercise or make better food choices but when it is done it makes a difference in our lives. So join me and challenge yourself to give your body another chance.


Let me know if you are taking this challenge………Thanks for stopping by!
😘Simply Jyune😘