You’re not Super Woman

So often we are lead to believe being Super Woman is a way of life and the way God intended for us to live our lives.  So not true biblically we know the seventh day is considered a day of rest so then why do we continue to work everyday? 

  Well today I am making it A day of rest after church- Because I know God only made one of me therefore I often have to power down and administer selfcare  and today is one of those days because I’m not Super Woman…though our society teaches us to dwell on multi-tasking and  consider us successful as we appear to be getting things done; nevertheless  in the end we are exasperated, we suffer from exhaustion, anxiety and cognitive overload. I move at Gods pace and what he wants me to do he will lead. Success is my very own definition of doing what makes me happy or what I think is best for my family. So though I may not fit everyone’s description or fall into any particular stereotypical category I am happy just being me. #myownsuccessstory #selfcare #relaxing #success #happiness #cognitiveoverload #reflection #sunday #vibes #exhaustion #anxiety #stress #multitask #society #psychology #psychproblems #endstigma
Love πŸ’šπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Madia June

Simply June Cares Inc.

Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry- letter P

20131001-110822.jpg Psychology is a true passion of mine, combined with fashion and writing they help me to maintain joy. Positive psychology is my new focus in psychology as it helps to maintain balance and positive thoughts, to keep mental balance. Pleasing the mind keeps both the mind and body in sync and healthy. People that are likely to change your mood should be avoided as they destroy your creativity. Pleasing others is not always a benefit and often leaves us feeling hurt and rejected. People are human beings, just like us, therefore we should not hold them in higher regard than they hold themselves. Perhaps we should allow people to truly value themselves before we place values on them. Play therapy in your mirror or use of an empty chair is therapeutic in allowing you to practice speaking up to others and overcome your fears. Poetry and photography are also therapeutic, they refocus your energies and help you to avoid melancholia. Participation in adult play therapy and positive psychology incorporated with poetry and or photography are far more pleasurable than you would ever imagine. Pout no more over failed relationships and rejections, pick up the pieces, grab a pen or pencil or your smart phone and just take pictures of everything. Psych out your issues become a winner with your positive thoughts and actions please yourself today and avoid negativity. Positivity, play therapy, photography and poetry…….positive perceptions

Simply Jyune