The virtue of Patience….blessed is she

Hey Loves,

“And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” Luke 1:45

As I sat in devotion this morning I chose to focus on this particular scripture that I had received from a friend. I found it fitting as everyone seems to be living rather spontaneously. We live in a society which makes everything available at our fingertips so we have lost the virtue of patience. The few of us whom still enjoy shopping away from our computers, When we walk into a store we don’t expect to encounter a line or have someone wait on us. We are microwaving most of our experiences and as a result the relationships we form are in quantity however not of high quality.

We often need to stop and think do we need 5000 friends on social media or do we need friends whom we actually know and can relate to? Friends whom are supportive of us should be the only ones we need in our circles. It is good to have a global connection and relationships with others but it’s even greater when we have a personal relationship with God. The word of God promises to bless us and pour into us, God gave his only begotten son for us. Yet we often wonder why we experience the struggles that we do and think all is against us. As believers we ought to encourage and nourish our faith so that we can hear the voice of God. Know that while we are being impatient God is working diligently for us, it may not be when we expect things to happen for us but in the time that God deems it right for us. Think about it without a test we would have no testimony and without being a victim we would not be a victor. God loves victories and that’s why we encounter struggles so that by overcoming them we are able to share our victories and make a believer of the non-believer.

Simply June Ensemble:
Cute, trendy, pink in effect for breast cancer awareness easy to recreate
Best friend ripped denim, pink cropped elbow neon blazer, black top paired with black pumps accessorized with gold Her majesty jewelry necklace and gold buckle up bracelet.

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Neon brights at No Mas Cantina

Hey Loves,
Saturday was a busy day for me I had a meeting with my partners, shopping for my son and then ladies night out with my ladies. So with multiple activities dressing casual and comfortable was my first priority, not an easy selection, at this point I realize I need to go shopping for myself. How can a woman live without shopping? I thought I could survive without shopping however that’s just awfully impossible. So now its on my agenda to shop for blouses or some more maxis. Well its awesome that this season so much is going on in the fashion world I can shop for classics as well as trends.

20130611-080052.jpg after a time consuming selection process I chose my favorite blue maxi skirt (repeated) and a neon yellow nylon blouse with flip flops and I’m off to my meeting with my fellow partners. Two hours later I am famished so off to brunch I go with my buddy adventure at No Mas Cantina, Atlanta GA.









20130611-081315.jpg After the breath taking views and transcending into Mexico mentally I must select from the menu….mango mimosa that’s different but I love a good mimosa so that’s my drink and a hot plate of corn hot cakes so delicious but I am full from eating only one hot cake. The staff is attentive and amicable, the food is delicious, the cocktails are superb, I must return here with the girlfriends good food and cocktails oh yeahhhhh, just our style.


Neon Brights Ensemble
Black Sunnies- Fendi
Royal Blue Maxi-Michelle’s NY
Neon open side blouse- Lush
Leather Flip Flops- Louis Vuitton
Never Full Tote- Louis Vuitton
Affection Necklace- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Alter Ego earrings- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Heartbreaker Bracelet- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

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