Life is a Smile

Hey Loves,
As the days go by, I realize the reasons for my smile, Life is a smile.. Simply each day that I arise is a blessing in disguise, I am granted the opportunity by God to accomplish all that I didn’t do the day before. Every procrastinated thought or idea surfaces and I smile knowing I might only get to it based on my associated level of priority. In life there are occurrences designed to take me off track, to allow me to face adversary, to challenge myself, to discourage me from my dreams. I am human so I will pray knowing God answers prayers, I will cry because I am woman and yes I do have emotions, I will stress because I don’t like deadlines I love leisure but through it all I know life is a smile. Life happens and I must strategize and deal with adversaries as best as possible, when I pray I must wait for an answer as well as I must be able to discern the answer and be thankful in prayer. The outcomes may not always lead to instant gratification however I must always remember life is a smile.. No matter what I am going through some one else has a story and their story is more significant than mine. Who am I to not absorb while I observe my environment. Every challenge has been experienced by someone else, therefore its not inhuman so I must climb uphill to press on and reach for the stars, surpass every rejection, every failure, every learned experience, every failed relationship, every forgotten friendship, every refusal to help and every denial. In the end life is a smile so I will keep on smiling through the tears, the storms and the sleepless nights, because I am self made and God stands beside me.

20131127-033706.jpg The many expressions of me because when its all said and done i believe therefore Life is a smile, my optimism provides me with endurance, before I know it I will have stories and experiences to share with everyone.

Life is a Smile ensemble:
Pearl & diamond jewels- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Multicolored patchwork coat- Lulu H thrifted from Designer Consigns
Black belted jeggings- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Black sheer sweater- Guess by Marciano
Black marble buckle belt- Fendi
Grey GG scarf- Gucci
Green boots- Lucky brand
Papillon bag- Louis Vuitton
Lip Color-

I absolutely love the details of this coat, I appreciate the hands that made all the tiny details, the intricate stitch, the detailed buttons it reminds me of the bible story about Josephs coats and its many colors, the fact that it matches my green everyday boot its becoming my favorite also. I consider this jacket my integral apparel…
Faith, Hope and Love in abundance life is a smile. As you get ready for Thanksgiving just be thankful and filled with praise knowing that life is a smile. there are loads for which we should be thankful.

Simply Jyune
πŸ™‚ xoxo πŸ™‚

Scarlet is Fabulous






Hey Lovelies,
It was another great weekend, I’m a bit exhausted from my activities, as a dispatcher for the American Red Cross the telephone rang all night on Friday. Losing a night of sleep was not good as I couldn’t sleep in the day time I had too much reading and writing to do. Its okay though because losing a night of sleep was well worth it to help all the clients that were misplaced from their homes due to different fires. When my friend called a girls night out I grabbed the opportunity for a glass of Riesling with company.

My scarlet ensemble:
Marc Jacobs: flame scarlet dress
Versace: blue/gold 6″ heels
Kate Spade: blue boat clutch
Natasha: chunky gold jewelry
Fendi: red cuff
MAC: MAC red lipstick and mascara

There it was a quick ensemble to run off with the girls. Sipped on a glass of Riesling and eat tasty calamari. I love being able to get dress in 30minutes or less. Dressing fashionably is second nature and this scarlet dress is made of such a soft sexy twill knit oh yeah it is as comfortable as it is sexy. Yes It feels like a little black dress despite it being scarlet.

Thanks for stopping by, make the best of your Monday, now I’m off to work.

πŸ’ƒSimply Jyune

Lace, leather & studs!!!!



Hey Lovely Peeps,
Happy Sunday, its a bit bleakly and the temperatures are a few degrees colder much like snuggling up weather. This suits my mood today as I’m in the mood to stay in my bed most of the day. Last night I was invited to a birthday party for which I wore lace, leather & studs, all black as always, however I added a hint of purple: earrings, clutch and lip color. I love the detailed zipper of this leather pants as I can choose to wear it unzipped or zipped depending on the occasion or shoes. I wore them unzipped to emphasize the fabulous studded detail of my pumps as the pants leg hung sexily open. The party was hosted in a loft style club downtown Atlanta so this outfit worked really great for a club scene instead of my regular dresses.
Fabulous Lace, leather, & studs Ensemble:
lip color: Christian Dior
earrings: Forever 21
leather string bracelet: Armani Exchange
black leather bolero: Arden B
black zipper pants: David Briton
black lace blouse: Zenana Outfitters
purple zippered clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
black studded bow pumps: Vince Camuto

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Simply Jyune

Freedom….for the free spirited

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Happy Thursday December 20th the day of freedom celebration, for my being me~ free spirited. Today going forward my new quote,

Live for today, Plan for tomorrow, Party tonight, love myself more.”


Thanks for the follows allowing me freedom to express myself.
Simply Jyune

Ferocious Red

Hey Lovely Peeps,
December 9th the first 12 days of giving is almost over and it feels great knowing that giving is one of my talents. I give so much of myself and my time that it has become a way of life and I enjoy giving to those in need of my talent. Yesterday, instead of sleeping late as I dreamt of all week I volunteered at Dress For Success Atlanta, always a worthy cause. Ferocious red mix was my choice of color or accent for the day event. Knowing that I would be helping out at the inventory reduction sale I dressed in one of my lowest heels and vintage clothing, for comfort and looking good while doing retail.






20121209-134319.jpg Ferocious Red ensemble:
Brown Fringe tweed blazer~ vintage
Chocolate leather knee length skirt with front pleat~vintage
Exaggerated sleeves blouse with button back~vintage
Chocolate suede pump with leather cap toe~ Nine West
Ferocious Red wide belt~Zara
Ferocious Red zippered clutch~Zara
Hearts on a chain necklace~Marc Jacobs
Statement bangles~Vince Camuto
Lip Color~ MAC Red
Makeup~ MAC

During the Christmas season there are many in need, it’s often great to help out in anyway possible. Ferocious Red has the power to always accent, bring cheer and a great complimentary holiday color. Thanks for stopping by….
Simply Jyune

Houndstooth love

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Thank God it’s Friday…..the week seemed as if it would never end. I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend that won’t end really fast. I don’t know about you but weekends seems to have gotten shorter by almost a day. By the time I get done my worship, chores and nap time the days are almost over and it’s almost back to work time again. I have been feening to wear my peplum houndstooth skirt with a popping color as loud as red or yellow. It’s the end of November and my favorite month is here so festive as everyone is smiling, shopping and gifting. Yellow stimulates joy so I paired a yellow turtleneck with my houndstooth peplum skirt, patent leather pumps and clutch. Tonight I’m going to enjoy the night with my peeps.







I really love the look of yellow with houndstooth its such a stimulating color. Houndstooth by itself is pretty smashing however combining it with a loud color was a terrific idea, stimulating indeed….. I’m loving the pop of yellow.

Houndstooth ensemble:
Black biker Jacket~Forever 21
Yellow turtleneck~Club Monaco
Houndstooth peplum skirt~ Sensational (thrifted)
Black stockings~ Ralph Lauren
Black cuff~ Dids boutique NY
White bow ring~ Marc Jacobs
White heart bracelet watch~ Marc Jacobs
Splash of Yellow Feather earrings~ Forever 21
Black patent clutch~ Gucci

What do you think Lovelies? Share your comments with me…..
Simply Jyune

The last day….

Hey Peeps,
Happy Saturday, the stores are crowded quite a good start for the season. Today is the last day chilling with my family. My trip was exciting, quite a mix of business and pleasure, however I’m nostalgic now and must go home. Its freezing today yet I must spend the last day running last minute errands. Just sharing what I wore, as I’m still running errands.






My ensemble:
Black wedge heel lace up boots~ Marc by Marc Jacobs
Grey knitted dress~ Joyce Leslie
Grey tights~ Bloomingdales
Animal print pashmina scarf~ Natasha
Black long zippered vest~ vintage Express
Grey & patent leather bag~ Gucci hysteria
Make up~YSL
Lip color~ Clinique
The last day and i’m freezing, missing the warmer temperatures. Thanks for stopping by all….
Simply Jyune