Sleazy & Zino’s Bar & Bistro or Brawl & Bistro grand opening

Hey Loves,
A few weeks ago I was invited to the grand opening for the newly opened bar & bistro owned by Stevie J & Benzino, with the host listed as The Garner PR firm . I quickly rsvp’d because Garner PR is well known of as being punctual, on schedule and to host great events. Finally came the big night I skipped cooking dinner with the assumption that I would eat at the new Sleazy & Zino’s bar & bistro…..


Red carpet started at 8pm, however no one seemed red carpet ready in scantily clothed outfits and it was reserved for the celebrity cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHA). After signing a taping release (crazy but yes)…I went indoors and to my dismay it was like a hole in the wall joint, the small space for about 200 people seated was now accommodating about 500 standing and camera men/women everywhere. Jam packed in a room filled with wanna be’s, baby mamas, exes, potentials and local celebrities. Stevie J constantly making his rest face and screaming I love you Joseline…… what man wouldn’t love a woman that lets him walk all over her, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially abuse her while she makes money for him. Momma Dee and her entourage showed up and congratulated the duo on their venture.


20140206-222721.jpgAfterwards the 757 Band played and the fighting, mimicking and bickering started in the VIP area. Joseline the baddest puta and others were rumored to be fighting or getting loud, other disturbances were supposedly caused by Momma Dee, Shay Johnson, Karlie Redd, Benzino’s current beau and possibly Erica. At this time I am ready to exit , as it’stotally not my style and not what I expected from the Garner PR agency, however I understand business is business so I exit to the left where I saw Kandi Buruss sneaking in, a few fans wanted a picture she hurriedly declined….smh Fans make celebrities elevate despite their talent yet they seldom appease the fans. Proceeded to exit out the back door as the cast is fighting in one area and the dudes are having a meal in the center of the spot, no waiters or waitresses in sight to take orders and only one barmaid serving at the bar.

20140206-224019.jpg Mostly everyone who came out appeared to be uncomfortably standing around no food, no beverages, no tapas yet they seemed content just standing around watching the taping that they could later watch on TV. Quite absurd as the grand opening turned out to be a taping for season 3 of the wack so not reality show . Areas of the establishment appear to still be a work in progress, need to be revisited by the electrician for the location or a thorough cleaning from Mimi Faust’s cleaning business.

20140206-224916.jpg the ice sculpture however was a beautiful sculpture, nothing unusual but the only thing memorable.

20140206-225159.jpg Sporting my Stunner necklace an oldie yet goodie

20140206-225346.jpg My Emerald Director, Soror, business partner and friend Danetta Hicks sporting Tri-me necklace

20140206-225629.jpg It could have been a better event however it wasn’t staged or setup properly for the grand opening of a restaurant despite taping activity. It was actually more of what it was set up for just like a Bistro & Brawl instead of a Bistro and Bar.

20140206-230039.jpg my simple ensemble highlighted by my accessories

Long sleeve zip neck tunic~ Zara
Hounds tooth hose~ The Limited
Green suede/ leather cuff wedge heel boots~ Balenciaga
Green lip color~ Color U Cosmetics
Black quilted barrel bag~ Chanel
Bling jewelry~ Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

The highlight of my night was my Lady fingers bracelet fresh out of the 2014 Spring/Summer jewelry Catalog… and exotic, the attention grabbing bling glove I will be rocking it for the season. What fashionable woman doesn’t want one?


20140206-234808.jpg my lady fingers are talking for me

20140206-235619.jpg and as I exit my boots talk for me…..would I go there again, I just might try them on a regular night if I have no plans and I’m in the area.
Thanks for stopping by you are my favorite Loves
πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune πŸ™‚