Catastrophic Wintry Mix in Atlanta

Hey Loves,
The most significant ice and snow storm in 20 years is currently taking over the south, freezing temperatures, snow, rain, ice and sleet in a catastrophic wintry mix . In Atlanta at the moment there are over 200,000 people experiencing power outages and semi trapped in their homes. The supermarket and convenience store shelves are empty, schools are closed and the roadways are empty. Everywhere is covered in snow and ice, the brave hearts whom venture out are just rather unsafe because though Atlanta is somewhat prepared with loaner salt trucks and snow mobiles from other States it’s just not enough for Atlanta!!!! After the madness and name blame and pointing fingers during and after the last snow storm the mayor has guarded himself of and from all the political blaming, by declaring it a state of emergency.

20140212-174909.jpg This is all good stay off the roads if you are able to however Georgia is an “At Will State” meaning if you are expected to show up for work then you should try and get there safely as there is no protection against being fired nor being hurt in increment weather. Being a winter baby from the north my vehicle is equipped to handle winter weather I love snow and winter . I love to dress up and go out in the snow…too bad I would be the only one outside as it’s like ghost town.


20140212-180955.jpg Its like ghost town, no one going to work, no one at play, about an inch of snow on the ground and it’s raining on and off quite a disturbance in suburbia. This nature girl grabbed her winter wares and headed out doors for a walk to appreciate the beauty of nature before it’s disturbed .


20140212-182608.jpg Of course I have my purse I am a lady it’s packed with beautiful jewelry pieces to motivate, inspire and change the lives of people I meet that’s why!!!!
Snowed in catastrophic wintry ensemble :
Navy riding rain boots- Hunter rain gear
Grey leggings –Express
Denim mini skirt- 7 for all mankind
Navy wool printed sweater- French Connection
Pocketed Grey/navy blazer- Ann Taylor Loft
Navy gold stringed beret- Miss Tina
Navy gold stringed glove- Miss Tina
French Navy bean Park Avenue bow bag- Kate Spade
Navy/silver necklace set-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Pink lip Color- Candy yum yum by MAC

20140212-184558.jpg love my beret and matching gloves gifted to me by my fashionista bestie from NY, she thought it was so my style, unique and bloggable .




20140212-190647.jpg I am such a lover of navy and grey, contrasted with the snow it’s such a beauty, I could walk for hours however, I have more writing and work to do, so while others are off because they are snowed in, it will be most productive for me and my home based jewelry business where you can purchase beautiful fashion jewelry all year 24 hours a day.

love you all….
πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune:-)

All Aboard

20130422-085941.jpgThe Ship Clutch by Kate Spade


20130422-090124.jpgHey Loves, All aboard with this lovely clutch by Kate Spade with its beautiful blue patent leather, red clasps for steamer closure and nautical interior colors with a single zipper pocket. I don’t know about you all however I just can’t get enough of Kate Spade; from polka dots, stripes, paisleys, checkered, bird prints, bright hues… I just love Kate Spade designs . Nautical themes are always an inspiration for me as navy is one of my favorite colors (almost black) it is very neutral and red happens to make everything pop. When I saw the All aboard clutch in NY last Spring I just couldn’t return home without it and it has traveled with me since its purchase. This Sunday I took a break from reading to visit my Gran’ma and I just had to accessorize with my All Aboard Clutch.


All Aboard Ensemble:
All Aboard Clutch ~ Kate Spade
Navy 3/4sleeve blazer~ Love…..Ady
Color Block over the knee dress~ Banana Republic
Navy Comfort Pumps~ Chinese Laundry
Red cuff~ Fendi
Rose Gold Bangles~ Vince Camuto
Rose Gold Love Belt & earrings~ Forever 21
Rose Gold Heart Necklace~ Marc by Marc Jacobs
Red Lip color~ Mac Red by MAC


As always Loves, I appreciate you all stopping by, have a great week and all the best in all your endeavors.

Simply Jyune

The beauty of Spring!

Are you fashionably ready for Spring 2013πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘œπŸ’„πŸ’…πŸ’Ž?

Hey Lovelies, It’s the prelude to what lies ahead for Spring, after all that we experienced during Fashion week globally. I can only imagine closets are filled with new items preparing for a break in the weather. As for me I stayed true to myself and minimized my shopping. Despite me living within proximity to the mall, I just don’t go shopping for myself anymore, unless it’s for work purposes and then I get so exhausted from shopping for hours and then coming home to sort and invoice. Occasionally I will find cute stuff that I’ve got to have but I’m keeping in line with not shopping unnecessarily in 2013, instead I’m looking forward to wearing some of the new items in my closet and some gardening. I could use some flirty florals outside of my house in this 74degree weather.


The pink Kate Spade summer bag rediscovered in the closet complimented by large Juicy Couture pink leather geometric bracelet. I am ready for the beauty of spring πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ so many daring styles, colors, prints, florals, geometric shapes and chunky jewelry….fashion gets extremely personal!

πŸ’ƒSimply JyuneπŸ’—

The winter suede coat dress: the summer pink bag

Hey Lovelies,
Lately I have been keeping odd hours going to bed by 5pm and waking up at 3am even on the weekends. My sleep pattern is out of whack and no I don’t have insomnia before you all diagnose me…..I’m out of sorts because I’m back to studying so my time is managed differently. Yeah I prefer to be sleeping when others are up and vice versa. So of course I slept through Friday night and was up early Saturday morning (3am) well read then went back to bed at 6am. Hmmm, well not for long the phone woke me up since I haven’t been conversing with anyone.

20130303-001831.jpg I’m up again so I prepare to visit my family an hour away…’s freezing outside and there is talk of snow in the mountains close by but of course I’m not worried as I will only see flurries. Being the dress lover I am I reach for a warm dress though not in the mood for a coat or sleeves so I decide to layer a long sleeve striped tee with a vintage winter suede coat dress. I love this belted dress so much with its large pockets and oversize collar yet its the first time I have ever worn it….a vintage find by my friend in the UK over 10 years ago for a mere Β£15(grateful my body hasn’t changed. Paired with warm tights and my favorite butterfly pumps I must then select a bag for my purse of the day…. which is the most difficult as I’m in the mood for a bright beautiful bag and all my bags seem to clash or look bland rather than make a statement with my winter suede dress. Finally, in my summer collection I find a Kate Spade favorite pink top handle bag with a turn lock that suits just fine. Of course I had to change my accessories but at least I’m comfy with what I’m wearing.

20130303-003711.jpg I am ecstatic my outfit has come together simply my style, I’m comfy, I love my look and I’m off to see my family.

20130303-004055.jpgI’m wearing: suede coat dress:UK vintage find, striped boat neck long sleeve tee: GAP, butterfly studded pumps: Dolce Gabbana, pink top handle summer bag: Kate Spade, pink leather cuff: juicy couture, Sunnies: Tom Ford, pink lip color: Christian Dior, scarf/hat: Guess

Thanks for stopping by where dressing is always simple yet different.
Simply Jyune

Home sweet Home….

Hey Lovely Peeps,
I’m so excited to be back home, I can get dressed in less clothing, I don’t have to wear socks. It feels great being in 45degree Atlanta weather in comparison to the freezing NYC temperatures. Right before Christmas I went shopping at Nordstrom Rack where I found these gorgeous Marco Santikitten heel blue snake print shoes. It’s very rare finding cute blue shoes so I was so excited I could hardly contain myself in waiting to wear them. Of course I brought them to NYC yet, I was unable to wear them, either they were too low or my legs were too bare. Home Sweet Home, I can finally wear my blue shoes today.




20130103-173405.jpg After resting all day I am tempted to go to the mall I need a few crew neck light weight sweaters….wait I’m not shopping. So instead i passed my time at the car wash cleaning up my ride after a long road trip.
My ensemble:
Black leather crop sleeve blazer~ The Limited
Blue skinny jeans~ Hollister
Cream crew neck sweater~ Forever 21
Blue snake print kitten heels~ Marco Santi
Lip color~ rouge by YSL
Jewelry ~ Kate Spade
Black bag~ Chloe
Sunnies~ Fendi
Now that I’m at home sweet home I’m focusing on my 2013resolutions to reduce shopping. Thanks for stopping by to share my fashion sense and giving me something to blog about.
Simply Jyune