One day multiple events in a single dress…..

20140401-074649.jpg On one particular Saturday I realized I had quite a few events in which I was expected to show up….that’s a bit much but Its my best to be in demand and stay visible in this lucrative market. So after being sick all week I dragged myself out and about. The best part was being able to drag my friend Danetta with me all day. For this event filled day with the weather breaking into beautiful Spring weather I wore a Peter Pan style collar dress made of jersey material in a soft grey hue with an off white collar. To dress it up I added a wide gold metal belt , paired it with a safe black pumps and added a colorful golf bag for a splash of color….

20140401-075439.jpg At church: women’s ministry brunch, got some goodies and some nuggets to help in my spiritual walk

20140401-080146.jpg The 2nd event: the grand opening of FLYCHIXboutique in the Edgewood area of Atlanta. Spotted with Danetta and Ebonie Ward (boutique owner) received a bag of goodies and just had to purchase a new black skirt. >


20140401-090723.jpg</a Early dinner at my favorite Mexican Restaurant El Azteca, Buckhead >

20140401-092740.jpg</a So much fun in one dress going from event to event.
Simply Jyune multi event ensemble
Jersey Peter Pan collar dress- J. crew
Gold metal belt- Bebe
Black pumps- Fendi>
Mona Lisa Pearl Jewelry
Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Golf Bag- Christian Dior
My last event included shoe shopping from Platform Addicts by Khadijiha Rowe as if I need another pair of pink shoes but who can resist a sale? To justify this is a blush pump it is not pink and its a bit lighter than the others as well as its suede while the others are patent leather.


What I can say is I had a blast……. After being sick all week it was great to be out and finally enjoy a meal. Though having multiple events in one day can be extremely exhausting, I have learned that being comfortable in your attire will definitely make your events more pleasant So when you are dressed for any event make sure you are comfortably dressed so that you can make the most out of your event. Until next time just remember you can transform a simple outfit with your accessories add a belt or fashion jewelry

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Polka Dots: oh yeah let’s add some dots for Spring

Hey Loves
A ๐Ÿ‘งfriend once told me ” one of my coworkers hates polka dots” and I remember saying oh no!! that’s impossible polka dots are so fashionable and a must have in every diva’s closet.

Ooooh yeah! The weather is warming up nicely and I must say I am looking forward to trends as well as mixing and matching all my favorite pieces. Lately I have discovered that I have a passion for polka dots, no matter what size dots or what article of clothing as long as its available in polka dot I just gotta have it. Recently on a trip from Texas I saw a diva rocking her cable knit sweater over a polka dot blouse with leggings and I was so inspired to recreate the look. So up early and getting ready for church I decided it would be a cable knit and polka dot kind of day .

20140318-020546.jpg You too can recreate this fresh stylish look by pairing an old cable knit sweater with a polka dot top or dress that you think you have worn just about too many times. That’s right I retrieved my cable knit sweater from the I won’t wear this anymore pile. I must say I am in awe at this fashionable statement as I truly love polka dots no matter what color dots I rock them. Offset the dots with bling of course Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry bling bold large navy and silver bling creates a contrast on top of the brick red cable knit knit sweater. As always looking good means feeling good, if you can recreate and pull off this outfit then I know you are feeling good and ready for spring too!!!

Chunky Cable knit & Polka Dot ensemble
Chunky cable knit sweaterJ. Crew
3/4 sleeve polka dot dressForever
navy Mary Jane pumps BCBG generation
navy shimmer necklace & silver stunnerTraci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Another simple yet elegant outfit designed for any occasion, work, church, or play just change your shoes or accessories if you are just going for a walk in the park. Some other suggestive DIY polka dots to help you spring into the season.๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿšถ๐ŸŽ‰


one love
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Residency in a Floral Skirt

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A few weeks ago I had to meet up with my fellow school mates at Residency and ooh it was awesome, socialization is truly an art which is quite enriching once done well. It seems like the summer is almost over and I haven’t truly done much, so many events have passed me by, my clothes are all pressed and hanging in the closet however life events have taken over and I am not as active as I would love to be. This week in my down time I will be in New York hopefully I will get to socialize a bit or get to a soirรฉe. So i went to Residency wearing a floral skirt it was quite an awesome day a mix of students from all over the world, I must say I met really interesting people with common as well as different interests.

20130827-132232.jpg As we all know skirts and dresses are my favorite threads and I wear them all year. In packing for this Residency I realized that unknowingly Prints, stripes, florals, dots all seem to be an integral part of my wardrobe. It was therefore easy to pack fun clothing. I truly love the floral printed skirts this one I picked up at J.Crew and at that time I envisioned pairing it with an electric blue blouse to work. Somehow I made it louder with an orange silk blouse that I picked up at a sample sale in NYC and my favorite ivory elbow patch navy blue Zara blazer. The floral skirt can be worn with any of the vibrant colors that makes up the floral print and that’s what makes it such a beautiful skirt. It’s floral print and vibrant colors enriches your very presence. Being in a casual yet professional environment I chose to wear blue wedge heels for comfort while walking from one conference room to another. There it goes another simple yet elegant outfit.
Residency in a Floral Skirt ensemble:
Floral Skirt-J. Crew
Orange blouse-NYC Sample Sale
Elbow patch blazer-Zara
Navy Criss cross wedge heels-Chloe
Triple color blue bag- Zara
Hematite Jewelry-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry




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Work Mode 13…..the perfect grey blazer




20130326-183329.jpg Hey Lovelies, Happy Tuesday, today I’m taking a break from reading, it seems as if my eyes are weary so after work I’m taking a bit of a break. Well for starters the sun came out after work for these pics however the weather is still frigid. Truly horrible for my Spring 2013 expectations yet good as I have discovered my new favorite blazer……The Grey fitted blazer from Banana Republic!. It was 2months ago, my friend was visiting from London, I drove her to The Tanger Outlet Center and of course I fell in love with this blazer as it was discounted to almost being free savings of about $150. I attempted to pass it off on my friend but she was challenged as the sleeves were much too long for her arms. Mystified yet, I tried on and purchased the almost free blazer for about 20% of its original cost. The sexy perfect grey blazer is made of wool and polyester of a medium herring grain design with three buttons for closure. It’s detailed and fitted to the body as if it was tailored just for me. Two button less front pockets with flaps, that can be tucked in or worn out. This grey blazer has become my favorite blazer during the Spring of layers.. So on a spring day when it’s freezing out and I don’t want to appear too winter-like I opt for layering my grey blazer with a vest and a striped career shirt complimented by my wool pencil skirt and rubber soled boots.


The Grey Wool Blazer Ensemble:
Grey wool fitted blazer- Banana Republic
Green rippled vest- Club Monaco
Purple stripe career shirt- Ralph Lauren
Purple pencil wool skirt- J. Crew
Black back zipper rubber sole boots- Prada
Black double zip Aurore bag with Lock- Chloe
Jewelry- Cultured Pearl Earrings
Polarized Sunnies – Rampage
Lip Gloss- Funtabulous by MAC

I justified my purchase that day by saying its almost free plus my other grey blazers are different:- 1) has blue piping and cant be worn with everything 2) the other has a single button and its too dark of a grey and that’s just how the perfect grey fitted blazer moved into my closet as an integral apparel. Now I wear it almost everyday as its not too thin nor too heavy, perfect for the unlike Spring temperatures. Thanks for stopping by, layer it up and stay warm in these unusual Spring temperatures.

Simply Jyune

Work Mode 8

Hey Lovely Peeps
The weather has certainly warmed back up into the mid 40s and I’m so happy to see the sunshine and actually feel its warmth press against my cheeks. I don’t miss the cold front we experienced last week at all, even though I didn’t spend any noticeable time outdoors I felt the chill in passing from my car to the front door at work. I managed to bundle up and kept myself warm those days as I watched the children on the playground from my window. This weekend was quite eventful at the monthly Professional Women’s Group (PWG) meeting this months speaker Lisa Neal-Graves, Esq. delivered quite an inspirational and motivational speech, which left the members feeling empowered and in awe at her accomplishments. As the saying goes strength is in numbers: this monthly meeting for women definitely has its rewards as its quite an uplifting and indirect form of mentoring. As Mrs Neal-Graves said it best we all need a “dream makers crew-you’re awesome crew”: the few people that you can share your fears, joys, strengths and weaknesses and they will assure you that are capable and you can achieve your dream, because they believe in you.
With such a powerful Saturday morning speech I’m totally inspired and empowered so I’m going to have a great year. I’m currently working on my dream makers crew and slowing down on the people whom do not contribute to making my dreams a success.
With the weather being warmer this week for work I can remove my cardigan and lighten up to a button down work blouse and wool skirt with a light coat.


20130129-155341.jpgI’m wearing: striped blue career blouse with large bow: GAP, blue wool back zippered skirt: J.Crew, navy blue patent pumps: Chinese Laundry, blue belted coat: Guess, lip color: MAC, jewelry: cultured pearl earrings.

Have a great day in work mode always remember you need dream makers as there is strength in numbers.
Simply Jyune

Work mode

Hey Peeps,
How are you all doing? Hope you all had a wonderful day in your endeavors, my day was quite interesting at work. The weather being much nicer today than all week as the rain has finally ended, its refreshing being outside again. In work mode I am chatting, laughing, playing and interacting with children all day. I love my job and I truly enjoy doing my work, it brings so much joy to see the smiles on children’s faces. Work mode is very casual, so it’s truly easy getting dressed for work because I might be wiping tears, in the gym playing dodgeball, on the carpet reading or on the playground at recess. In work mode a happy child is an educable child which makes work a lot easier. On such beautiful work days I’m dressed in super comfy loafers with slacks and flexible clothing.






Banana Republic and J.Crew are my go to stores as they are stocked with fun and easy work clothing at affordable prices and of course sometimes a good sale. I love my work mode style, a fitted multi striped herringbone blazer with dark brown elbow patches (i love elbow patches on a blazer/sweater so sexy) and button detail for a fitted bodice and sleeves. Worn with an electric blue mock neck and wide legged slacks, they are truly a comfort outfit. I can wear many hats in my work mode sense of style.

My work mode ensemble:
Elbow patch blazer~ J.Crew
Brown wide leg~ Banana Republic
Electric blue mock neck~ Necessary Objects
Belt ~ Louis Vuitton
Speedy Bag~ Louis Vuitton
Loafers~ Louis Vuitton
Bamboo jewelry~ Gucci
Makeup~ MAC

Simple fashion sense in work mode, thanks for stopping by.
Simply Jyune