A splash of Polka Dot……..

Hey Loves,

Do you love Polka Dots? Well polka dots should be every girls best friend, they are made of various size dots and you can dress them up or dress them down. Overall polka dots are fun designs. They blend well with almost any color and will transform a basic outfit into a glamorous fashionista outfit. This week I was home all day on Wednesday working then I remembered I had a dinner date with my son and his friend. School had been out and their extracurricular activities had ended so I had to hurriedly throw an outfit together. I reached for a polka dot skirt, a polka dot dress, a polka dot sweater, and a polka dot blouse, which means I was in a polka dot mood ahhhhhhh yes!!!!! this lady loves polka dots. I had to wear something polka dot with but a few minutes to spare I threw together a splash of polka dot put my hair in a ballerina bunand ran off to spend quality time with the teens.

20140118-110751.jpg A simple yet quick meal, Thai coconut shrimp and bang bang shrimp for appetizers then Blackened Tilapia with mango salsa served up with grilled vegetables for a meal complete with water. Yes, I skipped dessert and I passed on the wine. Afterwards I dropped the teens to youth church and went off to an online conference in a splash of polka dot feeling confident and pretty!!!!

Simply Jyune’s splash of polka dot ensemble:

Pearl & Bling Fashion jewelry- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Black platform zipped bootie- Steve Madden
Black leggings- Michael Kors
Polka dot blouse- Fancy Qube
Black layered vest – h&m
Fuchsia blazer- f21
Herring fuchsia clutch- Steven
Hair-ballerina bun
Lip color- MAC

Simply styling a polka dot layer with your winter layers can transform your entire outfit with a splash of polka dot.



Happiness can be a splash of polka dot to brighten your day.

Thanks for stopping by stay tuned for more ways to style your polka dot .

πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

The Prayer Project

Hey Loves,
In an effort to be more spiritual, coupled with my love of writing I decided to join the The Prayer Project, a 30 day prayer challenge by fellow blogger Saunya. When I decided on accepting this challenge I was just browsing Instagram idly away from home for a week and I was without a journal…..thinking I won’t be able to do it I would try another time but a voice said you must answer the call. At first it was quite difficult to choose someone to pray for….someone for whom I could possibly write a prayer consistently every day for 30 days. After a few hours of prayer the answer came to me in the form of 2people so I chose one and I wrote my first prayer on loose leaf until I made it to the mall and bought a cute notebook for journal entries.

20140104-083644.jpg After writing my 3rd prayer I knew I had made the right choice in selecting the person I did and in deciding to take up this prayer challenge. It is not easy because I have a lot on my plate and it all involves writing but at the end of day it is quite therapeutic and reinvigorating. I know God grants favors and he is merciful so I will continue my prayer challenge and wait for God to show up and show out.

20140104-085551.jpg I am ecstatic that God is at the forefront and directing my life, I have seen highs and I have experienced lows, I have seen God remove the consummation of anger, pain, hurt, feed the hungry, provide a roof and meals, restore families, friendships and as a result I know he is able. I will therefore pray fervently and be ready when I see a God at work because I know the outcome may not be in 30 days but it will be right on time when God wants it to be and that is why I am always Thankful.

20140104-090410.jpg on a day when my hair needed washing and I was extremely lazy I decided to put together an old outfit with a leather hat…looks a little incognito yet I still found it appealing and worth sharing it as I know it could inspire someone to be a bit creative with there simple everyday style of dress, quite refreshing from all the black and faux leather trends.
Simply Jyune brown & stripes Ensemble

Stripe long sleeve sailor tee –GAP
Brown v-neck vest- H&M
Riding Leggings- Zara
Brown suede & leather boots- BCBG
Gold Jewelry-Traci Lynn Jewelry
Po boy GG leather hat- Gucci
GG leather oversize shoulder bag- Gucci
For a second I felt as if I was back in New York a different type of swag. Anyway as it’s my first post for the new year 2014 my only nugget today is: to pray consistently and wait on God, reflect on all the times he answered your thoughts or wishes without your prayers, yes our God is awesome . You can still sign up for The 30 day prayer project I am sure it will help you personally as well as the person for whom you will pray.

Much Love ❀
Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

Go Red For Women

Hey Loves, Is it the truth or myth that red wine is good for your heart if consumed on a daily basis? Well the majority says yes but what about alcohol consumption…….hmmm!!!! Well the color of the day is RED!!!

20131021-051307.jpg Go Red For Women is an organization for women to support and teach us to take care of our heart. Unknowing to most Heart disease is the number one killer of women. That’s right one in every 3 women are likely to battle heart disease and age does not discriminate. At least once per month I wear red in support of women battling heart disease, unfortunately heart disease is not as recognized as breast cancer to borrow support from others for an entire month however we would just love for all women to take care of their heart on a daily basis. All it means is maintaining healthier relationships, making better food choices and reduce the risk of heart attack.

20131021-053114.jpg Do you know the signs of a heart attack? when you Know the signs to look out for then you may save a life or your very own. The signs of a heart disease are: fatigue, back pain, chest pains. Do not let these pains go as they can be more serious than you are thinking. Trace your family genealogy, avoid heart disease.


20131021-053658.jpg Exercise, eat healthy, learn relaxing techniques and enjoy the choice of a healthier lifestyle as we have the power to change heart disease statistic and save each others lives

Go Red For Women Ensemble:
Red Fitted Blazer with Gold buttons- H&M
Blue natural tropical print dress- DKNY
Red strappy Sandal- Louis Vuitton
Shoulder bag-Eden bag by Louis Vuitton
Jewelry – Galore by Traci Lynn

20131021-054639.jpg That’s right show your support, start with a change in your self then join the fight to help others. Become a volunteer, become an advocate, turn over a new leaf for your family, make protecting your heart a lifestyle a family tradition.

The antioxidants found in red wine are good properties for your heart however alcohol consumption unless done in moderation is bad for one’s health.


Simply Jyune

Pictures courtesy of Go Red for Women

Work Mode 9




20130207-181147.jpg The exaggerated shoulder sweater
Hey Lovelies,
Another work week, I’m super exhausted from waking up before the sun rises each morning. Moreover I feel as if I’m catching a cold, I’m a bit lethargic yet the show must continue. Yesterday I was asked to judge a science fair which was a keen idea, quite informative to learn about the creativity of a younger generation and some of their scientific interests. For this exciting work day I chose to wear black as I was going into an unfamiliar territory and spiked it up with an electric blue career blouse. Simple classic work wear black pants paired with an exaggerated shoulder v-neck sweater–which gave the appearance of shoulder pads when it was actually just gathered at the shoulders.
Work Mode 9 ensemble:
classic straight foot work pants-The Limited
exaggerated shoulder vneck sweater– H&M
royal blue career blouse– Esprit
black penny loafers– Tory Burch
Sunnies– NYC vintage wear
earrings-cultured pearls
faux pearl bracelet– F21

Thanks for stopping by my simple style blog.
Simply Jyune

Glam with Maxi skirt /statement necklace

Hey Lovely Peeps,
The maxi skirt made its cameo appearance back into the fashion world, however with so many trends going on its not as popular as it could be. Personally, I love the maxi skirt as it adds more variety to my wardrobe of mostly skirts and dresses. I have quite a few vintage maxi skirts that I sometimes wear. I like dressing up a maxi skirt with a statement necklace therefore making it appear quite dressy and glamorous. When wearing a maxi skirt one has to be careful in picking out the right shoes and walk at the right pace. To ensure glam with maxi skirt and statement necklace, the perfect pumps must be worn to give a bit of lift off the floor, seeming as if you are sweeping the floor but its just an illusion.



maxi skirt: Gap vintage
purple turtle neck: The Limited
purple patent skinny belt: The Limited
zipper pumps: Michael Kors
purple lip color: Christian Dior
purple Epi bag: Louis Vuitton
Sunnies: Louis Vuitton
statement necklace: H&M
glam earrings: F21

Have fun wearing your maxi skirts and statement necklaces. Thanks for stopping by.
Simply Jyune

The cerise tote bag……vintage




20130112-210747.jpgHey Lovely People,
It’s a gorgeous day here in Atlanta, with a high of 75degrees, really nice in comparison to the bleaky day and all that rain we had yesterday. On such a gorgeous day there are so many attractions that we could go see, or better yet go see what’s going on in the mall as its too nice out to catch a movie. As I’m getting ready to go by myself as always. The phone rings and its one of my friends from NYC on a flight to the A so we are going to have some fun. I’m truly excited and surprised. So I quickly change into an outfit that can transform from day to night and grab a tote bag to fit my Ipad and a sweater just in case the temperature drops sooner than expected.

20130112-212049.jpg My vintage cerise tote bag from Louis Vuitton, use to be my carry all until it was replaced by the Never Full Tote. I recently decided on doing google search for a cerise tote bag and to my dismay the new cerise tote bags are brown with cherries all over them. Time certainly flies and fashion changes yet my style remains the same making my cerise tote bag a vintage piece. After all my cerise tote bag is about 10 years old
My simple Saturday ensemble:
cerise tote bag:~ Louis Vuitton
pink tousled neckline blouse:~ Diesel
black panel skirt:~H&M
black c belt:~C Wonder
black pumps/gold heel:~ Juicy Couture
little dress accessories:~ Betsey Johnson
animal print bangles:~ Forever 21
lip color:~ Cabana Crush by Clinique
Sunnies:~ Fendi
So on a gorgeous Saturday I’m rushing off with my vintage cerise tote to meet my friend at the airport and have some fun. Until I blog again toodles as adventure awaits.
Simply Jyune

Work mode 6

Hey Lovely Peeps,
The color red always seem like such a sexy, sensual, seductive color which I often find difficult to wear. I truly love the safeness of dark hues, however I have always been complimented in red. I have this red Ralph Lauren work shirt that has been in my closet forever, I think I must have gotten it as a good deal on sale as I wouldn’t just go out and buy a red work shirt. Right before the holidays I decided to be a bit festive and wear a holiday color in Work Mode so I wore this red work shirt to work with a tweed skirt for contrast and an exaggerated V-neck sweater to calm down the red and give a preppy appearance. The skinny belt was worn to give a bit of definition to the V-neck sweater. The weather was warm so boots and socks worked really well with this outfit in work mode.



Work Mode ensemble:
red work shirt: Ralph Lauren
black exaggerated sleeve v-neck sweater: H&M
tweed skirt: Mossimo
skinny red belt: Monteau
black boots: Gucci
cultured pearl earrings: Jewelry Collection
lip gloss: Juicy Apple by Clinique
black embossed leather work bag: Coach vintage

Thanks for stopping by I do hope my work mode inspires your fashion at work.
Simply Jyune