Culture, customs and Easter

Hey Loves,
It’s Easter, my second favorite time of year……the luxury of being born and raised in Jamaica therefore Easter is culturally different for me it brings an end to the season of lent and sacrifices….its several days of celebration and a holiday to celebrate the fact that Christ is risen, the resurrection of The Lord, a time for family and friends to get together and worship The Lord. It starts out with Palm Sunday, A must go to church to count down the resurrection of Christ and receive your palms. Holy Thursday everyone does their shopping early as the markets and businesses are closed by noon. People go home or journey to their families to minimize travel and prepare their traditional foods. Good Friday, people eat dry foods and attend church to glorify God, most wear white for the resurrection of Christ as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice for mankind.

20140418-113910.jpg loads of Bun and cheese are consumed which are filled with raisins and spices. There is a Easter Saturday market day and shopping for parties…..Easter Sunday for praises Christ is Risen. Easter Monday all the children are nicely dressed and off to some type of an event for children. I am sitting here on a Good Friday, I have my worship and then I will visit my family and reminisce about Easter. However no matter how I try its just not the same here, yet I keep my traditions I don’t work during the Easter holidays except for being the best Mom in the World, my most difficult yet favorite job.

20140418-114545.jpgAdter the dark winter hues with it being Spring its best to get dolled up in Easter hues of pastel and look glamorous as well as colorful as the beautiful flowers. For Palm Sunday I kept it simple comfortable pair of black pumps with a green midi skirt, orange silk blouse and cropped capped sleeve sweater with a contrast of orange lips green makeup. Nice array if colors and a simple mix for color block at Easter.



Easter Ensemble:
White cropped sweater- Tommy Hilfiger
Green silk Midi skirt- WD NY
Orange silk blouse-Sample sale in NYC
Black Hsyteria pumps- Gucci
Debutante Messenger bag – Henri Bendel
Lip Color-MAC
Eye makeup-Mary Kay at play collection
Green jewelry & watch-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Easter is more than just a Christian belief for me its a cultural belief and I would never wear red on Easter that’s just taboo after all Jesus made a sacrifice for mankind.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Thanks for stopping by enjoy Easter the best way you know how or start a new just don’t spend it alone.

Simply Jyune

Life is short…..wear a mini

Hey Loves,
For the last weekend of the summer I celebrated one of my friends’ birthday so we headed out to dinner at the Shark Bar. Supposedly a mature crowd out to dinner and dancing with champagne service, a banging deejay, great kitchen reviews and service, so we expected to have a grand time.

20130926-074949.jpg With the weather about to change over to Fall I sported darker colors, animal print and a faux leather mini. I have gained a significant amount of weight, but I’m thinking life is short….wear a mini!!

20130926-075233.jpg I love this look of mixing prints, faux leather, and colors, just totally fabulous. You will be seeing a lot of this fashion mix Fall 2013. Python print grey and ivory blouse with leather trim neckline paired with faux leather mini and yellow heels to accentuate the legs and cheer up the outfit with a pop of color, which gives a chic appearance. The skirt brings about a sassy look and highlights the detail in the python printed blouse. Accessorized with jewelry reminiscent of Egyptian Kings and Queens “the San Tropez collection from Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

20130926-080526.jpg and an oversized clutch as a completer and my now favorite lipstick from MAC.
life s short…..wear a mini ensemble:
Python print blouse~ Kenar
Faux leather skirt~ Mustard Seed
Yellow Ivory ankle strap sandals~ Aldo shoes
Grey oversize clutch~Gucci
San Tropez Jewelry & Watch~ Traci Lynn Jewelry
Lip Color~Candy Yum yum by MAC

So as the weather converts to fall be bold, be daring, life is short…..wear a mini!



Thanks for stopping by, until next time get ready for the fall mixes!!!!!

Simply Jyune

Work mode

Hey Peeps,
How are you all doing? Hope you all had a wonderful day in your endeavors, my day was quite interesting at work. The weather being much nicer today than all week as the rain has finally ended, its refreshing being outside again. In work mode I am chatting, laughing, playing and interacting with children all day. I love my job and I truly enjoy doing my work, it brings so much joy to see the smiles on children’s faces. Work mode is very casual, so it’s truly easy getting dressed for work because I might be wiping tears, in the gym playing dodgeball, on the carpet reading or on the playground at recess. In work mode a happy child is an educable child which makes work a lot easier. On such beautiful work days I’m dressed in super comfy loafers with slacks and flexible clothing.






Banana Republic and J.Crew are my go to stores as they are stocked with fun and easy work clothing at affordable prices and of course sometimes a good sale. I love my work mode style, a fitted multi striped herringbone blazer with dark brown elbow patches (i love elbow patches on a blazer/sweater so sexy) and button detail for a fitted bodice and sleeves. Worn with an electric blue mock neck and wide legged slacks, they are truly a comfort outfit. I can wear many hats in my work mode sense of style.

My work mode ensemble:
Elbow patch blazer~ J.Crew
Brown wide leg~ Banana Republic
Electric blue mock neck~ Necessary Objects
Belt ~ Louis Vuitton
Speedy Bag~ Louis Vuitton
Loafers~ Louis Vuitton
Bamboo jewelry~ Gucci
Makeup~ MAC

Simple fashion sense in work mode, thanks for stopping by.
Simply Jyune


Hey Peeps,
Post Election Day hope everyone is satisfied with their electoral votes and choice in candidate if not you can make a change in four years. It rained all day on election morning, however I voted early so I didn’t have to go the poll. It was a nice and easy day my first day of relaxation in weeks. I’m thinking and feeling denim…..chambray! It’s always great to get dressed as i never know who I might meet while I’m out and about. I’m wearing my favorite denim….chambray snap button shirt. It’s my favorite as its femininely tailored and its old fashioned western dungaree design. Denim shirts are fun and easy when dressing casually as they can be dressed up or down. I paired my denim……chambray shirt with leggings and wedge heel boots. These wedge heel boots are perfect for pelting rainy weather as the water just runs off of them and they are very comfortable. My boots are a bit dressy so I added a bit of pizazz by layering with a velvet blazer, multi layer graduated pearls for a complete and dressy denim……chambray style.











My denim…..chambray ensemble:
Denim chambray shirt~ True Religion
Black Leggings~ Hue
Black Velvet Blazer~ Mark Eisen
Oversize grey bag~ Gucci Hysteria
Black Patent leather wedge~ Gucci
Jewelry~ forever 21, Loehmanns
Makeup~ MAC

Hope you are inspired by my denim……chambray, style.
Simple Jyune

Quick & easy fall fashion

Hey Peeps,
This week has been a really hectic one for me. I am consumed with paperwork, trying to get caught up with friends and family as well as keeping you posted on my simple fashion sense.
I have been decluttering my closet and I must say that’s quite a lot of work. It has been beneficial though as I have been able to find clothes that I haven’t seen in years and create quick and easy fall fashion. I have been able to trade pieces with my friends and consign some pieces that I know I won’t wear anymore. As for hanging out with friends and family this week my quick and easy fall fashion is simple yet fashionable. Today I was able to wear my new favorite blouse (it’s cheddar in color and very feminine) with my multi strand necklace of gold and pearls. This necklace transformed my cheddar blouse making me appear dressy enough to wear heels. With the cool weather low 60’s I add a heather grey leather to tone down the cheddar blouse and rock the outfit with multi colored shoes therefore simplyquick and easy fall fashion.







My ensemble
Black ankle zip pants~ INC (Macy’s)
Cheddar blouse~ gifted
Heather grey leather~ Bebe
Multi color shoes~ Gucci
Multi color bag~ Gucci
Jewelry~ lord & Taylor multi strand & gold pearls

I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend of quick and easy fall fashion.
Have a great rest of your day.
Simply Jyune

Spirit day hue…..

Hey Peeps,
It’s Friday and Spirit Day, yes it is National School Spirit Day time to wear my favorite color. Americans wear purple today in support of bullying, gay and lesbian teens in hopes of ending homophobia. Therefore we should respect the splash of purple that we see all over social media and on everyone today. A lot of children has committed suicide because of bullying and intolerance by other students owing to their differences. The fact that we live in a diverse society we ought to embrace diversity and teach tolerance to our children. Purple however, has always been my favorite color in its many shades its accepted by me. Quite significant of spirit in the gay and lesbian flag, personally purple has always been significant of royalty and femininity. So today I’m celebrating my favorite color, I’m in great spirit in support of National School Spirit Day. The weather is a bit cool out because it is windy on my side of town today. It doesn’t matter much though because I don’t have to stay out doors long. I love outdoor pictures though so I will be outdoors for the duration of taking some lovely pics to share my simple fashion sense with you all.





So I’m loving today, I get to wear fun pieces that I haven’t worn in a long time and my favorite peplum skirt. My African gold jewelry was purchased in NYC at an African market, I believe this to be one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that I own. Today my mood is festive, it’s Friday the day before my lazy day, On my way to visit my family dressed in my favorite colors as always good spirit is best for company and fun clothing.

My ensemble
Skirt:~ H&M
Top:~ forever 21
Shoe:~ Vince Camuto
Bag:~ Gucci clutch
Jewelry:~ African gold
Makeup:~ MAC
Glasses:~ Fendi

Until tomorrow, I hope you enjoy my simple fashion sense blog, I’m loving my spirit today purple rocks.

Simply Jyune