Catastrophic Wintry Mix in Atlanta

Hey Loves,
The most significant ice and snow storm in 20 years is currently taking over the south, freezing temperatures, snow, rain, ice and sleet in a catastrophic wintry mix . In Atlanta at the moment there are over 200,000 people experiencing power outages and semi trapped in their homes. The supermarket and convenience store shelves are empty, schools are closed and the roadways are empty. Everywhere is covered in snow and ice, the brave hearts whom venture out are just rather unsafe because though Atlanta is somewhat prepared with loaner salt trucks and snow mobiles from other States it’s just not enough for Atlanta!!!! After the madness and name blame and pointing fingers during and after the last snow storm the mayor has guarded himself of and from all the political blaming, by declaring it a state of emergency.

20140212-174909.jpg This is all good stay off the roads if you are able to however Georgia is an “At Will State” meaning if you are expected to show up for work then you should try and get there safely as there is no protection against being fired nor being hurt in increment weather. Being a winter baby from the north my vehicle is equipped to handle winter weather I love snow and winter . I love to dress up and go out in the snow…too bad I would be the only one outside as it’s like ghost town.


20140212-180955.jpg Its like ghost town, no one going to work, no one at play, about an inch of snow on the ground and it’s raining on and off quite a disturbance in suburbia. This nature girl grabbed her winter wares and headed out doors for a walk to appreciate the beauty of nature before it’s disturbed .


20140212-182608.jpg Of course I have my purse I am a lady it’s packed with beautiful jewelry pieces to motivate, inspire and change the lives of people I meet that’s why!!!!
Snowed in catastrophic wintry ensemble :
Navy riding rain boots- Hunter rain gear
Grey leggings –Express
Denim mini skirt- 7 for all mankind
Navy wool printed sweater- French Connection
Pocketed Grey/navy blazer- Ann Taylor Loft
Navy gold stringed beret- Miss Tina
Navy gold stringed glove- Miss Tina
French Navy bean Park Avenue bow bag- Kate Spade
Navy/silver necklace set-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Pink lip Color- Candy yum yum by MAC

20140212-184558.jpg love my beret and matching gloves gifted to me by my fashionista bestie from NY, she thought it was so my style, unique and bloggable .




20140212-190647.jpg I am such a lover of navy and grey, contrasted with the snow it’s such a beauty, I could walk for hours however, I have more writing and work to do, so while others are off because they are snowed in, it will be most productive for me and my home based jewelry business where you can purchase beautiful fashion jewelry all year 24 hours a day.

love you all….
🙂 Simply Jyune:-)

Sometimes you have to express yourself

Hey Loves

20130922-113138.jpg This past week my maternal grandmother turned 96 and I must say it gave me joy to celebrate her birthday. I see the favor in her life and I wish to have the same favor to serve God and live a long life. Sometimes you have to express yourself take a stand and do the things you believe in, ignore the little voice of doubt , learn to separate right from wrong and know that you don’t have to be like everyone else. Accept that not everyone will like you as it is written Mark 5:36 Ignoring what they said Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

20130922-115301.jpg Expressing myself in a new way, not just believing God but holding on to my faith and showing that I believe. My friend, know that it doesn’t matter if others think you are different or that you have changed just hold onto your faith and believe do not allow the faith of others to make you fail in your faith.

20130922-120200.jpg Being grateful that expressing yourself is meaningful and strengthens you.

Multi color silk dress~ Banana Republic
Wide buckle belt~ French Connection
Cone heel ankle strap shoes~ Sergio Rossi
Pearl Rock Necklace set, bracelet & watch~Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Color~ YSL


20130922-121857.jpg You can order your Pearl Rock Necklace set today online at

Sometimes you just have to express yourself, and strengthen your faith and you will be blessed and highly favored.

Simply Jyune

Pastel winter glow





20130209-173424.jpgHey Lovelies, Beautiful Saturday, thought i would lay in bed all day and make it a lazy day. Instead i’m awakened by the phone so i started out my day doing some voluntary activities-helping out at a fire scene. I’m overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for all my blessings as I don’t know what it’s like to lose everything and I pray that I will never experience such a catastrophe. The weather is warming up nicely i’m feeling the warmth of the suns rays giving me a pastel winter glow. I’m truly excited as the school year will be out in a few months and I will be able to travel. Now that i’m done wearing black on black, color has become an integral part of my wardrobe. As a result I’m being adventurous with all the colors and odd materials. Last year I would have never dreamed of wearing this herring bone career skirt so casually nor to pair it with my peach elbow patch boucle blazer and turtle neck. Decluttering my closet has excited me and I’m falling in love with all my old pieces again.
Pastel winter glow ensemble:
peach elbow patch boucle blazer– Bebe
orange turtle neck blouse– French Connection
pistachio layer blouse– F21
beige herring bone skirt– Tommy Hilfiger
boot socks– GAP
wedge heel lace up boots– Miss Sixty
faux pearl necklace– F21
papillon bag– Louis Vuitton
Sunnies– Tom Ford

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, off to have some fun.

Simply Jyune

Skirt it is…..

Hey Peeps,
Happy Sunday! I know it’s rather disturbing right now with the super storm Sandy reaching further in land, so many states have declared a State of Emergency. Even if we have to stay in doors we can still be fashionable or if venturing out we can be fabulous and fashionably safe…lol! The weather has changed drastically because of the storm winds, however for me it’s skirt season. Yes it’s colder yet Fall is significant of skirt wearing and beautiful tights or leggings with boots/booties. You can choose your skirt style this season no matter what length, style or sale your skirt is acceptable from the ballerina tutu to the maxi skirt it is all in season. You can add bold opulent prints to your wardrobe and blend them well to create a chic look with classic pumps or booties as they are always trending.






Skirts are so feminine they show off our best boots and shoes. Therefore select your best skirts: pleats, denim, corduroys, A-line, pencil to lace to be savvy and fashionable.
Stay warm be safe just remember skirt it is…..

My ensemble:
Lavender skirt~ French connection
Lavender sweater~ Ann Taylor Loft
Black chain belt~ Gianfranco Ferrer
Black quilted zipper bootie~ Sam Edelman
Quilted mini duffle bag~ Chanel
Black Rouched Leather Jacket~ Aqua
Glazed Purple Lip gloss~ Lancôme
Purple Ring~ Forever 21

Hope you enjoy my simple fashion sense as skirt it is inspite of the weather.
Simply Jyune