Free style by the free spirited

Hey Lovely Peeps
A lovely Saturday morning, no work today it could have been a cozy Saturday as per my fellow blogger Dainas Book, however I’m on call with the American Red Cross this morning and I also have a meeting with the Professional Women’s Group therefore my morning won’t be as cozy however it will be quite informational and fun for the free spirited.

20130126-082015.jpg I’m laying in bed without a notebook just letting my mind wander free style as I tell myself no need to grab a notepad I will remember everything….I’m dreaming of the non-fiction I want to pen and the pictures I would showcase. My thoughts are interrupted by blog posts from my fellow bloggers and a good morning text with flowers then virtual breakfast in bed

20130126-082620.jpg Jamaican Style Breakfast
I think this is awesome if only it was true. Then he says just in case you don’t like that one here is another

20130126-082840.jpg and I think this is the free style life for the free spirited. He made my day cozier than I could have with such a thoughtful idea across the miles.
Now have a great Saturday, bundle up fashionably stay warm in all your endeavors…….
Simply Jyune

Freedom….for the free spirited

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Happy Thursday December 20th the day of freedom celebration, for my being me~ free spirited. Today going forward my new quote,

Live for today, Plan for tomorrow, Party tonight, love myself more.”


Thanks for the follows allowing me freedom to express myself.
Simply Jyune