Sometimes you have to express yourself

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20130922-113138.jpg This past week my maternal grandmother turned 96 and I must say it gave me joy to celebrate her birthday. I see the favor in her life and I wish to have the same favor to serve God and live a long life. Sometimes you have to express yourself take a stand and do the things you believe in, ignore the little voice of doubt , learn to separate right from wrong and know that you don’t have to be like everyone else. Accept that not everyone will like you as it is written Mark 5:36 Ignoring what they said Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

20130922-115301.jpg Expressing myself in a new way, not just believing God but holding on to my faith and showing that I believe. My friend, know that it doesn’t matter if others think you are different or that you have changed just hold onto your faith and believe do not allow the faith of others to make you fail in your faith.

20130922-120200.jpg Being grateful that expressing yourself is meaningful and strengthens you.

Multi color silk dress~ Banana Republic
Wide buckle belt~ French Connection
Cone heel ankle strap shoes~ Sergio Rossi
Pearl Rock Necklace set, bracelet & watch~Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Color~ YSL


20130922-121857.jpg You can order your Pearl Rock Necklace set today online at

Sometimes you just have to express yourself, and strengthen your faith and you will be blessed and highly favored.

Simply Jyune

Lady in the Printed Tube Dress

20130906-092910.jpgHey Loves As the summer comes to a halt, I look forward to the change in fashion, the coolness of the weather and spending less time indoors. I love the warmth of summer however Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. This week went by so fast, I truly wish I had time to wear all my summer dresses. Anyway I guess they might get worn on vacation or put away for next year. Labor Day shopping with my bestie and nieces who picked out this dress today took a minute to show what I’m wearing. This cute mini floral print tube dress barely made it out if the closet but its a keeper so it will be worn again as its a versatile dress, and as we all know my wardrobe consists of mostly dresses….I am the Lady in a dress.


Printed tube dress-Mandee Shops
Wide band wedge heel shoes- See by Chloe
Mini Eden bag- Louis Vuitton
Jewelry-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

20130906-094822.jpg As always have a fashionable event filled weekend and please do check out the fabulous fashion jewelry by Traci Lynn Jewelry for the latest in fall Jewelry.

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How to rock the Cozy Coral asymmetrical BCBG Reese dresses…

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This spring I came across lovely asymmetrically three quarter designed Eddie dresses by BCBG and of course i couldn’t resist purchasing or deciding on a single color so i bought btred which is like crimson red and the blue navy which is like midnight blue. A month later I see the asymmetrically designed dresses sleeveless in coral, ivory and mint….. and they were having a sale. Being a glutton for good prices and the lady that loves being in a dress I found myself at home with two more of these BBCG dresses and yes they are different because the newest ones are titled Reese dresses while the sleeved ones are Eddie…. I had fallen in love with Eddie and Reese dresses by BCBG because of their shape, design, the softness of the material, the ability to go from day to night in them as they can be casual or dressy depending on the event and they can be worn belted for a closer fit or unbelted as it was intended for a loose fit and overall the colors look great……they are just so fabulous.

The coral Reese dress and the navy Eddie dress

When Belted the coral Reese dress looks more like a mullet dress than an asymmetrical dress making it appear transformable. These dresses are amazing and have become an integral part of my wardrobe though I am yet to wear them all I know they will be worn eventually and will stay in my closet forever. This past Sunday I got the opportunity to wear the coral Reese sleeveless dress to church where in i belted it so here are a few pics.




Paired with a dark wine/burgundy belt and shoes spiced up with gold accessories for contrast this simple dress became a hot little number and could have gone to another event after church.

Cozy Coral BCBG Reese Dress Ensemble:
Coral Reese Dress- BCBG DRESSES
Amarante Wide Band Burgundy belt- Louis Vuitton
Burgundy strappy heels- Guiseppe Zannotti shoes
Juicy lip gloss – Clinique
Gold jewelry –Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Thats just one of the many ways to wear the asymmetrical Coral BCBG Reese dress
simple yet transformed into elegance simply by adding a belt.

Until next time thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog, and for my faithful followers forgive me on the days when I am unable to share. This Fall season I hope to blog at least 3times per week.

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Residency in a Floral Skirt

Hey Loves!!!
A few weeks ago I had to meet up with my fellow school mates at Residency and ooh it was awesome, socialization is truly an art which is quite enriching once done well. It seems like the summer is almost over and I haven’t truly done much, so many events have passed me by, my clothes are all pressed and hanging in the closet however life events have taken over and I am not as active as I would love to be. This week in my down time I will be in New York hopefully I will get to socialize a bit or get to a soirΓ©e. So i went to Residency wearing a floral skirt it was quite an awesome day a mix of students from all over the world, I must say I met really interesting people with common as well as different interests.

20130827-132232.jpg As we all know skirts and dresses are my favorite threads and I wear them all year. In packing for this Residency I realized that unknowingly Prints, stripes, florals, dots all seem to be an integral part of my wardrobe. It was therefore easy to pack fun clothing. I truly love the floral printed skirts this one I picked up at J.Crew and at that time I envisioned pairing it with an electric blue blouse to work. Somehow I made it louder with an orange silk blouse that I picked up at a sample sale in NYC and my favorite ivory elbow patch navy blue Zara blazer. The floral skirt can be worn with any of the vibrant colors that makes up the floral print and that’s what makes it such a beautiful skirt. It’s floral print and vibrant colors enriches your very presence. Being in a casual yet professional environment I chose to wear blue wedge heels for comfort while walking from one conference room to another. There it goes another simple yet elegant outfit.
Residency in a Floral Skirt ensemble:
Floral Skirt-J. Crew
Orange blouse-NYC Sample Sale
Elbow patch blazer-Zara
Navy Criss cross wedge heels-Chloe
Triple color blue bag- Zara
Hematite Jewelry-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry




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Peach Floral skirt for a Strawberry Margarita

Hey Loves,
It has been raining so much in Atlanta that our rainfall is comparable to that of Seattle. Now we all know if our rainfall is comparable to that of Seattle then that’s a whole lot of rain. In the summer months I only like wearing shorts, skirts or dresses, therefore the rain messes up my wardrobe as I don’t like my toes and legs getting wet when I’m dressed to go out. I missed a few events as a result so I feel kind of out of the loop right now. Anyway while writing my 2nd 20page research paper this weekend my dear girlfriend called and wanted to meet for an appetizer/cocktail, since we hadn’t been out all summer. I readily agreed and it was difficult finding something to wear because of the rain. Well by the time I got done stuffing myself into a floral skirt the rain held up.



peach floral skirt for a a strawberry margarita ensemble:
Peach floral Skirt-Regines NY
Neon bow blouse-F21
Strappy platforms-Burberry
Black bowling bag-Azzure by Chloe
Jewelry pieces & watch-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Color –MAC

So we met up at Saigon Cafe, but then they didn’t serve cocktails; so we left and went to Red Lobster where cocktails are always divine, smooth and tasty. I had a strawberry margarita and my friend opted for a colada they were both so refreshing. Of course we had girl talk, life being us, business plans, single life and dating as a Christian woman, difficulties in meeting guys of high caliber with good values and staying away from those with different values, wants a handout or a maid…lol we are women of God yet we are humans therefore we live the same life like everyone else we just walk differently. When it was time to part it seemed as if we had spent an entire day together when it was literally 2hours and time for me to head back to my research paper. Until then…….Good friendships are few and far in between, I value my friends and our friendships!!



Thanks for stopping by……So until next time simple elegant!!!

Simply Jyune

Black & White Maxi trends

Hey Loves!!!
I love wearing Maxi dresses in the summer. though long they actually protect my skin from sun burn and are made from breathable cotton materials. They also transform from day to evening to night easily. It has been a while since I had the time to post a pic or read a blog. Both my parents have been sick and of course I was the designated care taker for most of the month of July. As a result there was no time for my hobbies and minimal time to write. I like producing quality work so even though I’m not a perfectionist I don’t like doing anything when I am unable to do my best.


20130801-111330.jpg On my way to pick Mom up from the treatment center. I am sporting an off the shoulder black & white striped maxi, with a splash of pink on my lips yum yum and my favorite pink bag on my arm. I love this maxi most because the stripes are not one dimensional, the adjoining of the materials from black to white is just phenomenal in the way stripes flow from different angles. An attempt to staying cool during the NYC heat wave.

My Black & White Ensemble:
Black & White Maxi-INC for Bloomingdales
Luminous Pink Bag- Kate Spade
Hematite Jewelry- Traci Lynn Jewelry
Black Flip Flops- Gifted
Lip Color- Candy Yum Yum by MAC
Sunnies-Louis Vuitton




20130801-114146.jpg I will be wearing this black & white maxi dressnumerous times, Right now I am happy to be back home in my own element, I can relax, focus, and write well. I missed you all and will try to catch up on the blogs of my fellow bloggers. To all my newfollowers welcome…… I’m back.

Simply Jyune
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Bling, bling and more bling…… Traci Lynn Fall/Winter 2013 Jewelry Launch

Hey Loves,
Launch time, launch time…..bling, bling and more bling I must say everyone is excited about the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Launch of the Fall/Winter Jewelry & Catalog. Consultants are all fabulously dolled up and accessorized in the finest of jewelry, representing their brand……Traci Lynn Jewelry a way of life!!!!!!!


20130710-101804.jpg Traci Lynn Jewelry diva Consultants of Team W.O.W Atlanta Madia, Karen, Casandra and Harold (Traci Lynn Corporate Employee)

20130710-102032.jpg And its time to get started with the festivities get our awards, numbers and recognitions out there because yes Traci Lynn compensates all consultants and recognizes them for their diligence and embraces those who are in need of strength hence the slogan I love Traci Lynn.




20130710-103650.jpg We are singing, blinging and enjoying ourselves a wonderful day party for this jewelry launch and now the moments we have all waited for the Unveiling of the Fall/Winter 2013 jewelry


20130710-104313.jpg the golden girl necklace set

20130710-104515.jpg Consultant Karen wearing the new and exciting Pearlesque

20130710-104732.jpg Consultant Karen wearing the new Twisted necklace pieces quite a beautiful set for every wardrobe as you can dress it up or play it down….either way it stands out.

20130710-105152.jpg Fashionable Diva and consultant added her own flair to Oh My by layering it above the infamous San Tropez such beauty sported with the brown buckle bling….haute!!!!

20130710-105509.jpgThis Fabulous Diva added her own twist to Camera Ready by adorning her hair with the Camera Ready necklace set.

20130710-110242.jpg Every Partner is excited and having loads of fun with a mutual respect for each other and as you can see the newly launched jewelry are haute Traci Lynn Fall/Winter 2013 jewelry pieces are stunning.

Oh My….yeah back to me, my simple yet stylish and elegant ensemble
Mint green Maxi double splits – Michelle’s Boutique, NY Instagram @michiboo72
Black gold platform ankle strap- Gucci
Black GG patent leather clutch – Gucci
Lip color candy Yum, Yum – MAC
Boutique Jewelry necklace & Bling it Ring & bracelet – Traci Lynn Boutique Jewelry

At last the moment I have been waiting for my very own bag of Launchtique I can sort through and have fun with the fabulous new bling. There it goes bling, bling and more bling from the Traci Lynn Fall/Winter 2013 Jewelry Launch

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