Bling into Spring!!!!!!!!

Hey Loves!!!!

After a cold, frost biting, snowy winter, we have been blessed with warmer temperatures and sunshine. I can only say yes thank you Lord because we have been patient. Now with the weather breaking, everyone wants to be outdoors to enjoy all the festivities and activities. The big question is what to wear and when?. Well if you are like most fashionistas you have everything in the closet screaming let me out of here I waited long enough for this weather. Spring 2014 Fashion is Fun, Fierce and Fabulous!!!. That means its all about the inner you an expression of how you want to be seen by others you can do loud/bold/neon colors are you can go with the beauty of pastels and prints. Ooooh yes a season that will make every one in a room look different. To Bling into Spring I personalized my style by mixing the pastel hues with the boldness of rose .

With the mix of hues I am ready for my Friday night outing yes ready to visit
Spirit and Truth Worship Center in Loganville, GA. I must say the contrast in hues are perfect for a sunny afternoon fading into night fall at a casual setting. The hues contrasted so well and complimented each other it makes me want to make them staples in my closet but I’m not going shopping as I have learned over the years Less is more. Meaning when I have less clothing I wear them often and I wear them well, I can actually say well it was worth the price before I pass them off to charity instead of having to resell them at a consignment shop. I am not saying resale is bad because those checks are quite handy however I have learned to make better choices when investing in clothing or accessories. So while I am ready to bling into Spring I am going to attempt to be as frugal as possible and wear all the beautiful clothes in my closet that are screaming let me out of here.



So comfortable in my mixed hues I had to tone it down with Black pumps, of course I could have opted for a nude pair of pumps which would have really turned up my outfit but going to church I try to scale down the fashionista in me that wants to be fabulous and fierce everyday. Service was just so awesome with Pastor Nedra Buckmire and Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier. I stood there saying thank you Lord I am where I belong, as I heed my calling to ministry.


20140325-110111.jpg</a I can look up and say thank you Lord for directing me away from the many parties where I could have gone instead and sending me to church to study your word to remove the fear that sits over my life, to release all strongholds and have the life of abundance, of blessings, of joy that you have promised me.
Simply Jyune’s Ensemble
Black zippered back pumps: Michael Kors
pistachio cotton skirt: United Colors of Benetton
peach camisole & sweater: F21
rose blazer: F21
Mixed hues golf bag: Christian Dior
Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

as always thanks for stopping by hope I have inspired you in some way

Much Love
Simply Jyune

A splash of Polka Dot……..

Hey Loves,

Do you love Polka Dots? Well polka dots should be every girls best friend, they are made of various size dots and you can dress them up or dress them down. Overall polka dots are fun designs. They blend well with almost any color and will transform a basic outfit into a glamorous fashionista outfit. This week I was home all day on Wednesday working then I remembered I had a dinner date with my son and his friend. School had been out and their extracurricular activities had ended so I had to hurriedly throw an outfit together. I reached for a polka dot skirt, a polka dot dress, a polka dot sweater, and a polka dot blouse, which means I was in a polka dot mood ahhhhhhh yes!!!!! this lady loves polka dots. I had to wear something polka dot with but a few minutes to spare I threw together a splash of polka dot put my hair in a ballerina bunand ran off to spend quality time with the teens.

20140118-110751.jpg A simple yet quick meal, Thai coconut shrimp and bang bang shrimp for appetizers then Blackened Tilapia with mango salsa served up with grilled vegetables for a meal complete with water. Yes, I skipped dessert and I passed on the wine. Afterwards I dropped the teens to youth church and went off to an online conference in a splash of polka dot feeling confident and pretty!!!!

Simply Jyune’s splash of polka dot ensemble:

Pearl & Bling Fashion jewelry- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Black platform zipped bootie- Steve Madden
Black leggings- Michael Kors
Polka dot blouse- Fancy Qube
Black layered vest – h&m
Fuchsia blazer- f21
Herring fuchsia clutch- Steven
Hair-ballerina bun
Lip color- MAC

Simply styling a polka dot layer with your winter layers can transform your entire outfit with a splash of polka dot.



Happiness can be a splash of polka dot to brighten your day.

Thanks for stopping by stay tuned for more ways to style your polka dot .

πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

Peach Floral skirt for a Strawberry Margarita

Hey Loves,
It has been raining so much in Atlanta that our rainfall is comparable to that of Seattle. Now we all know if our rainfall is comparable to that of Seattle then that’s a whole lot of rain. In the summer months I only like wearing shorts, skirts or dresses, therefore the rain messes up my wardrobe as I don’t like my toes and legs getting wet when I’m dressed to go out. I missed a few events as a result so I feel kind of out of the loop right now. Anyway while writing my 2nd 20page research paper this weekend my dear girlfriend called and wanted to meet for an appetizer/cocktail, since we hadn’t been out all summer. I readily agreed and it was difficult finding something to wear because of the rain. Well by the time I got done stuffing myself into a floral skirt the rain held up.



peach floral skirt for a a strawberry margarita ensemble:
Peach floral Skirt-Regines NY
Neon bow blouse-F21
Strappy platforms-Burberry
Black bowling bag-Azzure by Chloe
Jewelry pieces & watch-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Color –MAC

So we met up at Saigon Cafe, but then they didn’t serve cocktails; so we left and went to Red Lobster where cocktails are always divine, smooth and tasty. I had a strawberry margarita and my friend opted for a colada they were both so refreshing. Of course we had girl talk, life being us, business plans, single life and dating as a Christian woman, difficulties in meeting guys of high caliber with good values and staying away from those with different values, wants a handout or a maid…lol we are women of God yet we are humans therefore we live the same life like everyone else we just walk differently. When it was time to part it seemed as if we had spent an entire day together when it was literally 2hours and time for me to head back to my research paper. Until then…….Good friendships are few and far in between, I value my friends and our friendships!!



Thanks for stopping by……So until next time simple elegant!!!

Simply Jyune

DIY: Edgy chic, blue denim

Hey Loves,
It has been raining all week on and off and I must say I’m loving the weather. I don’t enjoy hot weather as air conditioning is not an ally of mine. So the weather has been pretty cool and my flowers are enjoying pure rain water…..heavenly I guess, as they seem brighter and the grass lushed.

20130620-075658.jpg I have been asked countless times to blog about denim however, it seems such a task, yet I’m going to give it a shot after all I do wear denim sometimes. I am not an uber fancy chic lady or so but with a change in personal climate then gone are my designer denim days when it was okay to buy denim every week. Being the skirtinista that I am I can be edgy chic in a blue denim skirt and yes you can DIY

I know its almost summer, despite the recent showers we have been blessed with extremely warm temperatures. I know for some people denim is an integral staple in their wardrobe, some wear denim all year, some must wear denim to work or better yet some fashionably loves denim. Well we can all learn to love denim if and when we wear them well. To style a simple denim skirt as the one lined out to dry just pair it with a regular career button down blouse, fold back the sleeves to elbow length and accessorize with a belt and fashionable jewelry. This jazzes up the denim skirt look becoming edgy, chic and preppy in denim. Yes the denim skirt, gets transformed


20130620-082527.jpg to complete the look, add a pair of loafers or comfy summer sandals. Voila DIY: edgy chic, fashionable blue denim.

Fashionable , edgy chic blue denim ensemble
Blue denim skirt – Seven for all Mankind
Floral print career blouse – Forever 21
Red jelly bottom sandal – French Connection
Black oval quilted belt – Chanel
Black quilted barrel bag – Chanel
Fabulous Fashion Jewelry – Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Standing outside in the drizzle of the rain is so romantic, especially when there is someone to share the moment with, just look around and everything just looks bright and shiny bellowing words of thank you from the earth/soil for quenching its thirst.

DIY be creative with pairing your denim pieces fashionably, I will try my best to post more about denim as a fashionable staple in the future.

Simply Jyune

Flirty Floral Friday night….

20130310-094849.jpg Hey Lovelies, After a long week I made certain my weekend was jam packed with events to uplift my spirits and reward myself at working so hard. Friday night was girls night out at Acoustix Jazz Restaurant and Lounge/em> to a comedy show. The first two comedians weren’t too funny, one with a monotone voice and the other taking stabs at the recession. I must say overall quite a delightful ambiance and a mature crowd full of laughter once cocktails were being served up with the jokes. A great place that I would revisit for laughs, cocktails, the most delicious veggie spring rolls and calamari. So if you downtown Atlanta on a Friday night be sure to check out this spot.


The Acoustix Jazz Restaurant and Lounge Friday Night Comedy Show Comedian-Rodney Perry and promoter of the show and host Carlos

20130310-142629.jpg Sipping on a Chocolate Kiss Martini and Calamari tapas.

20130310-143816.jpg Sweet Baby Kita and Carlos did their thing kept the crowd roaring at whatever costs.

My flirty floral ensemble: Stuart Weitzman: black platform over the knee boots, Betsey Johnson: floral leggings, Coach: signature peach scarf, Arden B: royal blue crop leather jacket, Michelle’s NY boutique: spiked blouse with sheer sleeves, F21: jewelry, Louis Vuitton: Sunnies, Vieta: chain strap envelope bag, YSL: lip gloss.

20130310-145859.jpg Two ways of wearing your flirty floral bottoms this season. Thanks for stopping by for The Flirty Floral Friday Night….as a floral bottom is a must have this spring.

Simply Jyune

Pastel winter glow





20130209-173424.jpgHey Lovelies, Beautiful Saturday, thought i would lay in bed all day and make it a lazy day. Instead i’m awakened by the phone so i started out my day doing some voluntary activities-helping out at a fire scene. I’m overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for all my blessings as I don’t know what it’s like to lose everything and I pray that I will never experience such a catastrophe. The weather is warming up nicely i’m feeling the warmth of the suns rays giving me a pastel winter glow. I’m truly excited as the school year will be out in a few months and I will be able to travel. Now that i’m done wearing black on black, color has become an integral part of my wardrobe. As a result I’m being adventurous with all the colors and odd materials. Last year I would have never dreamed of wearing this herring bone career skirt so casually nor to pair it with my peach elbow patch boucle blazer and turtle neck. Decluttering my closet has excited me and I’m falling in love with all my old pieces again.
Pastel winter glow ensemble:
peach elbow patch boucle blazer– Bebe
orange turtle neck blouse– French Connection
pistachio layer blouse– F21
beige herring bone skirt– Tommy Hilfiger
boot socks– GAP
wedge heel lace up boots– Miss Sixty
faux pearl necklace– F21
papillon bag– Louis Vuitton
Sunnies– Tom Ford

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, off to have some fun.

Simply Jyune

Reflecting on change

20130202-074049.jpgHey Lovelies, Happy Saturday!!! It’s exciting knowing I survived the week at work. Today I’m up laying in bed just as if I’m going to work and it’s puzzling because it’s me time until 11 then I have fittings and errands…..oh boy, a full day! You’d think I’d still be sleeping,

20130202-075547.jpgJanuary has come and gone So 2012 is off to a great start for me. I have been keeping with my resolutions and I must say I’m awfully proud of myself. My biggest accomplishment was fasting and taking a break from personal shopping. Quite challenging, however I avoided temptations and I only shopped once when my Buddie from NY came to visit.

20130202-081824.jpg The favorite statement necklace.
Life changes are pretty scary but it’s better to make changes than to live with regrets. I am thankful that I’m strong enough to attempt my goals, knowing that even if I fail at least I attempted change.

20130202-081932.jpg Have faith and be true to yourself

I am wearing:
statement necklace & flower earrings~ F21
black low neckline cowl neck~ Talbots
black camisole ~ F21

Happy Saturday Lovelies, hope you are all inspired on whatever changes you want in your life.

Simply Jyune