God’s Unfailing Love sets us Free!!!

Hey Loves,
The weather has broken I am enjoying the 80 degree weather daily in Atlanta, a bit warmer than I like for Spring but it’s better than frigid temperatures so I won’t complain. In my attempt to move forward and build a better relationship with Christ I have come to realize that his unfailing love makes me healthier and provides me with a brighter outlook. Can you imagine I am even more optimistic???? Yes I’m free….God’s unfailing love has set me free from my past, free from drama, free from, pain, free from hurt. I’m not ashamed of my past, I’m not afraid to face rejection, I can look fear in the eye and know I can conquer everything. Yes I have been broken however my past helps to shape my future, my life experiences makes a believer out of others. I love the spiritual relationship and intimacy that I have developed with God which has taught me about his unfailing love and reignited passion in me, yes I am healed, I am set free, I am no longer broken.>

Simply Jyune’s ensemble:
Black leggings- BCBG
Pink mullet blouse-Wilt
Black bag-Chloe
Black platform pumps- Fendi
Candy yum yum lips – MAC
Silver accessories-
Traci Lynn fashion jewelry A simple outfit totally not over the top to hang out with my homie at the Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls game. I am not a sports buff so this was totally out of my element however I got to eat junk food, and truly enjoyed the game. Maybe this might just become a hobby…..season tickets????>

Peach Floral skirt for a Strawberry Margarita

Hey Loves,
It has been raining so much in Atlanta that our rainfall is comparable to that of Seattle. Now we all know if our rainfall is comparable to that of Seattle then that’s a whole lot of rain. In the summer months I only like wearing shorts, skirts or dresses, therefore the rain messes up my wardrobe as I don’t like my toes and legs getting wet when I’m dressed to go out. I missed a few events as a result so I feel kind of out of the loop right now. Anyway while writing my 2nd 20page research paper this weekend my dear girlfriend called and wanted to meet for an appetizer/cocktail, since we hadn’t been out all summer. I readily agreed and it was difficult finding something to wear because of the rain. Well by the time I got done stuffing myself into a floral skirt the rain held up.



peach floral skirt for a a strawberry margarita ensemble:
Peach floral Skirt-Regines NY
Neon bow blouse-F21
Strappy platforms-Burberry
Black bowling bag-Azzure by Chloe
Jewelry pieces & watch-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Color –MAC

So we met up at Saigon Cafe, but then they didn’t serve cocktails; so we left and went to Red Lobster where cocktails are always divine, smooth and tasty. I had a strawberry margarita and my friend opted for a colada they were both so refreshing. Of course we had girl talk, life being us, business plans, single life and dating as a Christian woman, difficulties in meeting guys of high caliber with good values and staying away from those with different values, wants a handout or a maid…lol we are women of God yet we are humans therefore we live the same life like everyone else we just walk differently. When it was time to part it seemed as if we had spent an entire day together when it was literally 2hours and time for me to head back to my research paper. Until then…….Good friendships are few and far in between, I value my friends and our friendships!!



Thanks for stopping by……So until next time simple elegant!!!

Simply Jyune

Feminine ruffles


Hey Lovelies,
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend despite the frigid temperatures and rain most of the weekend. So many things to do in the city this weekend, I made it out Friday night for a little bit of ladies night out, did a lot of studying and reading, then went to church for Palm Sunday and then of course a quick trip to the mall. So it was a quiet weekend on the home front for the fashionista. This season is the all feminine season, geometrical shapes, stripes, prints, black and white, emerald, comics, lace, leather, nylon, sheer, neons, ruffles, statement jewelry, chunky jewelry and animal prints. Basically, everything feminine is trending, with so much in the stores its all about fashion and everyone’s styles. With that in mind for church in the rain, I pulled out a grey ruffle sweater dress which screams let me out of here I’m feminine and beautiful, I am fashion.



20130324-231847.jpg Grey Ruffle Sweater Dress by Laundry
A few years ago I bought this dress at Saks Fifth Avenue and of course this is its debut from the closet…..yup for a pretty penny it was locked in the closet. Now that I think about it I could have invested that money and enjoyed the interest. Reasons like this one is why I no longer shop excessively for myself, me at the mall means taking care of business.

20130324-233404.jpg Grey Feminine Ruffle Ensemble: Emerald green boots: Lucky brand , black Aurore top handle bag : Chloe, Grey Feminine Ruffle sweater Dress: Laundry, pink lip color: Christian Dior, Multi-color Chandelier earrings: H&M
That’s the debut of the grey feminine ruffles in the spring showers. Have a great week in all your endeavors. Thanks for stopping by to check out my style.

Simply Jyune

Fun on a Saturday Night

20130210-184409.jpgHey Lovelies, Last night I went to see the stage play Blackman-o-logues at the 14thstreet playhouse in Atlanta. I must say this play was quite touching to hear the voices of black men and what goes on in their head based on love. The shared thoughts on love has given me a different perspective on the black man or men in general and a different outlook on relationships. After all I always knew relationships are not perfect and one has to work hard like hell to maintain a relationship or else they will end before starting and constantly restarting as baggage moves from one relationship to another.

20130210-193239.jpg“What runs through the mind of a Black man when he is confronted with the subject of love? In this smart and funny production, you’ll meet several different characters who will give you their views on Black love, whether between men and women, parents and their children, siblings, best friends or the love found in tight knit communities. An informative and entertaining montage of commentary, humor and insight, Jacquay Waller’s Black Man-O-Logues gives interpretations of love by the men that feel it.”

20130210-193351.jpg Got a chance to meet the playwright Jacquay Waller after the play.

20130210-195342.jpgThe cast and playwright

20130210-200448.jpgBlack and white ensemble with green wedge heel boots

20130210-200637.jpg love this mullet top

My Ensemble:
black leggings: Michelle’s NY
white mullet blouse: American Eagle Outfitters
black double breasted crop jacket: BCBG
green suede-leather wedge heel boots: Balenciaga
chandelier earrings: F21
black top handle bag: Aurore by Chloe
lip gloss: YSL

Thanks for stopping by, look out for the book Blackman-o-logues just released February 2013 or you never know it may be on a stage near you soon. Please listen or try to understand the thoughts or actions of the man in your relationship because he has feelings also.

Simply Jyune

Happy holidays





20121224-212338.jpgHappy Holidays Lovely Peeps! It has been great blogging and sharing with you all everyday, I am grateful for the follows, the comments and the likes, your views are much appreciated.
Happy Holidays ensemble:-
Black bag~ Chloe
Black platform pumps~ Fendi
Red tunic dress~ AGB
Pearl bracelets~ Forever 21
Lip color~ Juicy Apple by Clinique
Love earrings~ Betsey Johnson

Happy Holidays lovely peeps!
Simply Jyune

Freedom….for the free spirited

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Happy Thursday December 20th the day of freedom celebration, for my being me~ free spirited. Today going forward my new quote,

Live for today, Plan for tomorrow, Party tonight, love myself more.”


Thanks for the follows allowing me freedom to express myself.
Simply Jyune

Colorful hues in the Fall…..

Fall 2012 trends have taken center stage in stores, everyone has been shopping and cooling down from the harsh rays of the summer sun. Here in Atlanta, it has cooled down somewhat however the days are so beautiful and warm. Had it not been for the trees changing outside my window and the chill of the night air I wouldn’t believe it’s fall myself. It’s often difficult to get dressed in the fall fashions and dark colors as its still a bit warm. Some days are so beautiful it makes me feel beautiful all over and i indulge in vibrant colors despite the season. In Psychological sense wearing dark colors are usually significant of depression, however in Fashion Sense they are acceptable in the fall or winter months. Reason being dark colors are more likely to absorb heat, with the sun going away for months. It’s okay though and quite fashion forward to add some color to your wardrobe, especially the primary colors red, yellow and blue as they are likely to jazz up any outfit. With my energy, I always take it a step further and blend colors that compliment me such as fuchsia, peach, yellow, orange…..yeah once I learned true happiness I became the colorful fashionista. Today, I wanted a different look so I tried a bright coral hue with denim walking shoes and opened toe shoe boots. My Jewelry today is by Park Lane Jewelry, purchased in NY from Vanessa’s home based jewelry. Combined with my slate grey Chloe Paddington bag and grey Balenciaga sunglasses….yes it is awfully sunny.






Today was a beautiful, colorful day, my day maintained its colorful hue. I felt as if I had a lot to celebrate my blog is aimed in the right direction, aspiring everyone interested in my simple fashion sense as I watch my views and followers increase. Fashion is so much fun it can make a fashionista out of everyone.

My ensemble:
Shorts~Citizens of Humanity
Top~Aqua (Bloomingdales)
Shoes~ Steve Madden
Bag~ Chloe Paddington
Jewelry~ Park Lane (Vanessa, NY, NY)

Happy following, hope you enjoy my blog.
Simply Jyune