Mental Health Awareness- 10 Ways to Boost Mental Health and Relieve Stress

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It’s the end to the week and a start to the weekend. Was it a great week? Or is it the start to a great weekend? well it depends on your mental health status!! The way we do things and our behaviors are shaped by our mental health status. Healthy minds create healthy thoughts and shapes our behaviors accordingly. Therefore if you are mentally well then by all means you will feel better physically, contribute more to society and maintain healthy behaviors. It is important to acknowledge or recognize when someone around us has a mental health problem as early detection and treatment can save them from further treacherous behaviors. The simplest of things or events may push someone to the edge or so close that they develop anxiety attacks, panic attacks, sleeplessness, sweat, irregular body temperature, withdrawal from others, incoherent speech, salad talk, attraction to dangerous behaviors. Mental health education and awareness should be taught in school to everyone, as well as posters should be everywhere to encourage maintaining good mental health. After all it is vital to our success in life so many shortcomings can be attributed to a break down or shift in routine without any source of support.

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Mental health and Counseling knows no color so no matter what your ethnicity there is counseling available for you. Even more so the diversity of today’s society will even afford you a mental health counselor of the same skin or online counseling service without face to face interaction.
10 Ways to Boost Mental Health and Relieve Stress
1. Be open and accepting that things will not always be perfect.
2. Create an awesome team of people as your friends/source of support.
3. Maintain healthy loving relationships-everyone needs love.
4. Talk about issues or situations which are bothersome.
5. Know and understand the limitations of your fears.
6. Eat foods which promote health and wellness.
7. Incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise in your day (walk is good).
8. Get enough sleep- believe it or not insufficient sleep impacts functioning.
9. Create balance in your life and work.
10. Be aware and avoid stressful situations, seek help at the time of the onset or shortly afterwards.

Ensemble:-looking good means feeling good
Jersey sweater dress~ BCBG Generation
Blue faux fur vest~ Designer Consigns Atlanta
Blue pointed heel boots~ Charles David
Blue bow purse~ Kate Spade
Silver San Tropez jewelry~ Traci Lynn Fashion jewelry
Lip gloss~ Lip gloss by MAC
It is certainly true that when you are feeling good then you are going to look good as good mental health is wealth so create healthy friendships and remember having a friend means being a friend.

Spotted at Footprints Cafe in Lawrenceville GA, Sunday Evening Jazz with Radio Dj Rene Miller
Let’s focus on increasing mental health awareness in our communities…….thanks for stopping by

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Work mode 3

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Happy Thursday, its the 6th day of December, almost the weekend and I’m looking forward to having some fun. Every week I try to do a post in work attire, titled work mode where I show my work attire. As an educator I work with small children which often requires me to partake in all that they do, so work mode styles will always be comfortable flexible clothing and rarely in heels. The weather has been extremely good this week and as a result I can get dressed without stockings or socks which is beautiful. For this weeks work mode post, I chose a simplistic outfit in which I can go to work or a meeting and then possibly meet up with friends after work. The climate at work is really casual however, I find that I’m always wearing a blazer out of habit so now I’m trying to wear less blazers. With that in mind for work mode I chose to layer a 3/4 sleeved cardigan with a multicolor blouse, slim belted slacks, put my hair in a bun, add a clutch, lip gloss and some pearls. Quite simple,Voila I’m in work mode!





Work mode 3 ensemble:
Navy Blue 3/4sleeve cardigan~ Hollister
Navy Blue slim belted slacks~ Forever 21
Multicolor blouse~ Ann Taylor Loft
Navy Blue 2″ pumps~ Chinese Laundry
Neon Yellow Clutch~Charles David
Multilayer Pearls~ Lord & Taylor collection
Lip Color~ Ooh Baby by MAC

What is your work climate? Eagerly awaiting your comments……

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Vamp it up

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Happy Sunday…..another 70 degree day, so beautiful outside, I truly love this weather. I can vamp it up for winter/fall all in one week depending on the temperature. Pumps have always been my favorite foot wear of choice, however I love difference or creativity in a shoe. This season there is a great selection of pumps with creative difference to choose from. Some designs are so different and unusual you might get quite a stare or two many, but the differences make them unique in your closet and sets you apart from other fashionistas. I love changing things up a bit so lets vamp it up, on this particular pumps, its like a Mary Jane and pump rolled into one pair of sexy heels. The wooden heel contrasts the patent leather making it such a sexy Mary Jane pumps.





I’m loving this good weather as I can play around in my closet, wear my legs bare without stockings and a poncho instead of a coat over a simple belted dress. With a vamped up pumps and a high neck poncho much accessories is not needed. Therefore I vamped it up a bit with a black bracelet, multi color chandelier earring and a neon yellow fish scale clutch.
Vamp it up ensemble:
Black patent leather Mary Jane Pumps~ BCBG
Black high neck button poncho~GAP
Grey patent leather belted dress~Calvin Klein
Black cat bracelet~Betsey Johnson
Multi color chandelier earrings~ H & M
Neon Yellow Fish Scale clutch~Charles David
Lip color~ Juicy Apple by Clinique

Thanks for stopping by on a sassy Sunday remember to vamp it up.
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