Prints and Blush!!!!!

20140606-101713-37033875.jpg Hey Loves,
The warmer months are off to a great start , I am loving all the trends….perforation, prints, geometrical shapes, florals, brights, neons, gold jewelry, pastels, shorts, skirts, dresses, rompers, maxis, minis, hats, flats, heels, wide legged pants and jumpsuits it’s just endless ways to be fashionable and make a statement in everything, wherever you show up.

20140606-103010-37810199.jpg this particular week I visited with my mom in New York and showed up to church with my friend. After church I quickly snapped a few shots to show my mix of prints and blush being a quiet storm in the warm weather.




Simply Jyune’s blush and print ensemble:
Blush Belt and Pumps:- Breckelle’s by Kahdijiha Rowe
Printed skirt:-C Wonder
Off White silk blouse:- C Wonder
Black messenger style chain clutch:- Michael Kors
Makeup:- Mary Kay
Silver Cross necklace:- Thankful by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Bling it Ring and Fancy Bracelet Jewelry:- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

20140606-110752-40072325.jpg as always thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing my passion Prints and Blush!!!
Simply Jyune

Fashionably Fearful

Hey Loves,
As I stood below the Talmadge Memorial Bridge watching this lovely view on the Savannah Riverfront I saw the little tugboat pushing the big barge and it made me wonder, think deeply why am I fashionably fearful? I wonder and I ponder and then it hits me…..I am not fearful because of me; I am fashionably fearful because of the people who have crossed my path in life and the ways in which they have dealt with me. No, I am not astonished and should not be a bit amazed because I had learned earlier not to expect much of humans as they are and can be very unethical. Surprisingly not everyone is raised with morals and not everyone is willing to embrace ethics in their lifestyle or professional experiences. Point being if Judas could ride with Jesus as one of his disciples and then be a traitor to him….. who am I to expect different from humans? then realize I must let go of my fears, I must be confident, I must answer his call……because I am closer than I think and I am destined for greatness. With such thoughts I am glad I chose to walk on this path, leaning on God for strength in all my endeavors.

20131212-101309.jpg I reassure myself I am stronger than I think, my past is behind me and I am free to pursue happiness.

20131212-101616.jpg As the sun sets and I stroll by the river before dinner my mind is made up life happens and even more trials and adversaries will come my way but what matters is how I will cope so I must work on my coping mechanisms in a positive light not by pulling the covers over my head and ignoring everyone instead I will Believe, have FAITH and lean on God as my rock, my support, my hero my everything.

Simply Jyune riverfront ensemble
Red dress- Banana Republic Career Dress
Black wide belt- C Wonder
Black strappy sandals – Tory Burch
AB Traci Lynn jewelry- Thankful necklace, fancy bracelet, blingit ring, pebble earrings
Lip Gloss- Ooooh Baby by MAC

fashionably brave yet so timid creates being fashionably fearful

20131212-102759.jpg After a long day in seminars to achieve the simple elegant water front look I turned my buckled belt backwards (to avoid clashing with my jewelry), kicked off my work pumps slipped into sandals, let my hair down and went for a stroll before dinner.

20131212-103504.jpg There is a big beautiful world waiting for me…..I am glad that I answered the call to turn away from being fashionably fearful and to serve God willingly and happily.

Thanks for stopping by
Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

The cerise tote bag……vintage




20130112-210747.jpgHey Lovely People,
It’s a gorgeous day here in Atlanta, with a high of 75degrees, really nice in comparison to the bleaky day and all that rain we had yesterday. On such a gorgeous day there are so many attractions that we could go see, or better yet go see what’s going on in the mall as its too nice out to catch a movie. As I’m getting ready to go by myself as always. The phone rings and its one of my friends from NYC on a flight to the A so we are going to have some fun. I’m truly excited and surprised. So I quickly change into an outfit that can transform from day to night and grab a tote bag to fit my Ipad and a sweater just in case the temperature drops sooner than expected.

20130112-212049.jpg My vintage cerise tote bag from Louis Vuitton, use to be my carry all until it was replaced by the Never Full Tote. I recently decided on doing google search for a cerise tote bag and to my dismay the new cerise tote bags are brown with cherries all over them. Time certainly flies and fashion changes yet my style remains the same making my cerise tote bag a vintage piece. After all my cerise tote bag is about 10 years old
My simple Saturday ensemble:
cerise tote bag:~ Louis Vuitton
pink tousled neckline blouse:~ Diesel
black panel skirt:~H&M
black c belt:~C Wonder
black pumps/gold heel:~ Juicy Couture
little dress accessories:~ Betsey Johnson
animal print bangles:~ Forever 21
lip color:~ Cabana Crush by Clinique
Sunnies:~ Fendi
So on a gorgeous Saturday I’m rushing off with my vintage cerise tote to meet my friend at the airport and have some fun. Until I blog again toodles as adventure awaits.
Simply Jyune

Warm Winter Ruffles

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Temperatures have dropped once the Winter Soltice showed up. The absence of sunshine helps to suppress my mood, after all I’m a winter baby but also a tropical baby. Despite low temperatures I like to see the sun nudging the clouds. With the sun absent its fitting to stay warm in winter ruffles. My best attempt at layering lightly included wearing a ruffle neck blouse with a vneck vest, skirt, and toggle coat. When its this cold it’s best to keep the neck covered to maintain body temperatures, however I don’t enjoy wearing scarves all day on the go….a winter ruffle blouse is then best as it is high enough to cover the neck and has enough material to keep the neck and chest area warm.



warm winter ruffles
Black skirt~BCBG
Black vest~H&M
Ruffle Blouse~C Wonder
Penny Loafers~Tory Burch
Toggle Coat~Vintage
Silver Ring~T&CO
Lip gloss~Clinique
Oversize tote~Burberry

Warm winter ruffles a blouse that’s great for work or play and guaranteed to keep you warmer when layered. Thanks for stopping by hope my blog is inspirational.
Simply Jyune

Ooh So Vintage in the City…..

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Happy Thursday, I’ve been in New York for the holidays and the weather has been getting colder by the day. In an attempt to stay warm in such cold climates means dressing in layers, which is quite easy for me and should be just as easy for anyone else as its a means of staying warm. It’s a tad difficult to put aside my pumps and skirts wearing boots all the time. However, when i am in New York, I have to do as most New Yorkers do except wearing a pair of Uggs. Combatting the cold I chose to layer my clothing by wearing a turtle neck under a leather coat dress paired with warm leggings and boots, making me seem ooh so vintage in the city. To top off the winter colors I added my Bordeaux flap bag and some shine to my lips. I remember ordering this leather dress by Margaret Godfrey from Bloomingdales over 10 years ago and I’m truly astonished that it still fits me well….so now it has become one of my vintage leather pieces.




Ooh so Vintage in the City ensemble:
Black leather dress ~ Margaret Godfrey
Lip color ~ Volupte Rouge by YSL
Grey leggings ~ The Limited
Pearl earrings ~ Forever 21
Bordeaux bag ~ Chanel
Grey turtleneck ~ Diesel
Black belt ~ C Wonder
Black Boots ~ Prada
When I bought this dress I imagined wearing it the same time however due to delayed delivery it didn’t happen, instead it hung in my closet for years without making it into the I will never wear those pile for giveaway. I now appreciate this coat dress more than when I bought it oh so many years ago. I know I’m not the only one that hoards clothing so tell me how would you wear your vintage clothing in the city where everyone is dressed in fashionable trends?

Simply Jyune

Holiday Festivities

Hey Lovely Peeps,
I can hardly believe its December 18th already….it was such a long weekend, redundant conversations about the massacre @ Sandy Hook ES, I just couldn’t seem to escape. Devastated, yet I survived the first day back to work, with a patrol car in the parking lot and a noticeable officer in our school office. I also received a lengthy email from my sons’ school assuring me of their pre-cautious measures for safety and of course they had a police officer on duty at school as well. Life will never be the same however, I try to put such a sad situation to the back of my mind. This weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with a different crowd and experience a difference @ Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill, Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill. It was truly a nice atmosphere, wonderful ambiance, great crowd to hang out with, everyone was extremely amicable, excellent music, great food and lively music. We mingled, we sang & spoke in Spanish, we danced Salsa & Merengue. At the end of the night we vowed to meet there once each month.






20121218-003533.jpg My meal: Shrimp scampi, tostones and salad, was delicious with a special house drink (much like a Mai tai)…sooooo yummy.
The holiday festivities were awesome, so now I’m looking forward to more holiday festivities, living one day at a time with gratitude for life and its many possibilities.
My holiday festivities ensemble:
Cream lace dress with black collar ~ Monteau
Black belt with gold buckle ~ C Wonder
Black inside zipper boot~ Bally
Black open cardigan- Michelle’s NY
Makeup ~ MAC
Earrings~ multicolor stones by H&M
Whatever you all do, do it well and always share your love with others. Thanks for stopping by.
Simply Jyune

The exes

Hey Peeps,
How are you all doing today? I finally got a chance to mix pieces from the exes and I must say a little gaudy but I love them together. To get the exes together I paired a ruffled neck/front C Wonder buttoned down blouse and signature buckle belt with a black Tory Burch chain clutch (hint of the exes), h & m black zippered skirt and boots. The exes are just fabulous pieces, as they both accessorize with gold hardware creating a sophisticated look in a simple outfit for a super luncheon with two of my prospective clients.