Freedom from strongholds…….fear unleashed

Hey Loves,
We all have things, or habits that we like to do but sometimes they consume so much of our time that they become unhealthy. Does that sound like you? well you can stop being a hostage to those habits or things. Anything done in exCess can become a stronghold…..

20140626-124124-45684707.jpgas the days go by I am surrounded with people whom all have so much to say or do. My days seem to stay the same or sometimes get busier than ever though My phone rings much less than it used to as I realize there is a freedom all over me! Yes, I feel free, freedom from everything that held me back. Just being fearful of everyone and everything…..those fears don’t live here anymore. I have unleashed those fears and I am ready to walk in my purpose. Think about it, don’t you sometimes wish you could just be free and do that which makes you happy . of course you can do so but in order to do so you have to focus on what is holding you back. Being able to recognize the strongholds in your life will help you to let them go. After all think about it if you don’t know something is a bother then of course you won’t be bothered by it. Late post from last week’s movie outing.


20140626-125849-46729700.jpg Though it may take much meditation for acceptance of the strongholds in your life just remember denial is always the first step so if you are denying what it is that’s holding you back from your purpose then that’s it. You see if it isn’t pushing you forward then its a stronghold which creates excuses for you to stay the same.

Be strong enough to recognize the strongholds, to be able to boot them out of your life, and stop being a hostage from whatever is holding you back. Reclaim you today…..unleash!!!

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Simply Jyune

Have Faith, DIY fruit infused water!!!!!

Hey Loves,
It has been a minute since I posted any or shared with you all. The last few weeks have been rather difficult….seasonal allergies, hay fever, outbreaks, food allergies you name it and its like I have experienced more than I ever want to relive. On top of it I had to attend seminars and classroom sessions at Residency. Just a burdensome time within a 7week period. I must say being a believer my faith, helped me during these trials in my life. It would have been easy to seek comfort in all the available comfort foods and talk to whomever would listen. Unfortunately with growth comes changes.

20140501-063250.jpg At the beginning of my ordeal I had just joined a Small Bible Study group of women to study Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free. I must say sharing and studying this book totally freed me of the pain and fears from my past. I learned how God created my past to help me get through life now and I clearly see the direction and the life that’s ahead for me. Overall I have developed a relationship, an intimacy with The Lord, no more bondage, I have learned to say no. In keeping my mind healthy I have also taken the extra step to keep my body healthy so my eating habits have also changed. I have decreased my sugar and carb intake and started eating more salads and protein. Yikes, yuck but it it’s getting better. As a result I am loving DIY Fruit Infused Water daily


20140501-064111.jpg For years I have loved spa water that’s right the water with the slices of fruit when you go the spa but I never tried it at home. Well finally this year on my quest to being healthier and to consume more water I added a few packets of liquid or powdered fruits however my taste buds did not like the after taste from those additives.
If you are like me and experiencing the same then you should try this:-
Grab some fresh fruit, small berries Or Slice some vegetables and make it a way of life because fresh fruits, vegetables and water infused together actually helps to improve concentration and keeps your body hydrated………..

on the quest of good health and improved concentration for the hot months approaching buy less pastries or use the fruits before they go bad get a pitcher, water bottle and water preferably natural artesian or alkaline water to get your pH levels where they need to be:

strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cucumber, ginger, mint leaves, lemon basically add a handful of these fruits or vegetables to a large pitcher or water bottle keep them refrigerated and you can sip all day. If you are on the go like me most of the day then an/a fruit infused water bottle would be ideal for you. Drop your fruits or vegetables into a infuser insert with perforation so that the fruit/vegetable can properly infuse. This can be done overnight or right before you are headed out. There you go fresh healthy water on the go, tasting so good and refreshing which reduces your intake of sugar filled juices and carbonated beverages.

20140501-065246.jpg Give it a try do it yourself today, stay hydrated and healthily avoid the juices with improper labeling for corporate and commercial benefits which offers no substance to your body. drink more infused water and less sugar filled juices and you will discover a difference in your body, mind and health. for the next 21 days I will be challenging my mind and body to go against carbs and sugar, will you join the challenge? it will be a struggle but you can do it too and guess what if you forget momentarily because we all get cravings don’t fight or beat up yourself. Just toss the rest of the uneaten foods and get something healthier and better for you in the long run.

It’s all Mind Over Matter anyway so have infused water everyday.

Much Love
Simply Jyuneβ€οΈπŸ’ƒ

God’s Unfailing Love sets us Free!!!

Hey Loves,
The weather has broken I am enjoying the 80 degree weather daily in Atlanta, a bit warmer than I like for Spring but it’s better than frigid temperatures so I won’t complain. In my attempt to move forward and build a better relationship with Christ I have come to realize that his unfailing love makes me healthier and provides me with a brighter outlook. Can you imagine I am even more optimistic???? Yes I’m free….God’s unfailing love has set me free from my past, free from drama, free from, pain, free from hurt. I’m not ashamed of my past, I’m not afraid to face rejection, I can look fear in the eye and know I can conquer everything. Yes I have been broken however my past helps to shape my future, my life experiences makes a believer out of others. I love the spiritual relationship and intimacy that I have developed with God which has taught me about his unfailing love and reignited passion in me, yes I am healed, I am set free, I am no longer broken.>

Simply Jyune’s ensemble:
Black leggings- BCBG
Pink mullet blouse-Wilt
Black bag-Chloe
Black platform pumps- Fendi
Candy yum yum lips – MAC
Silver accessories-
Traci Lynn fashion jewelry A simple outfit totally not over the top to hang out with my homie at the Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls game. I am not a sports buff so this was totally out of my element however I got to eat junk food, and truly enjoyed the game. Maybe this might just become a hobby…..season tickets????>