One day multiple events in a single dress…..

20140401-074649.jpg On one particular Saturday I realized I had quite a few events in which I was expected to show up….that’s a bit much but Its my best to be in demand and stay visible in this lucrative market. So after being sick all week I dragged myself out and about. The best part was being able to drag my friend Danetta with me all day. For this event filled day with the weather breaking into beautiful Spring weather I wore a Peter Pan style collar dress made of jersey material in a soft grey hue with an off white collar. To dress it up I added a wide gold metal belt , paired it with a safe black pumps and added a colorful golf bag for a splash of color….

20140401-075439.jpg At church: women’s ministry brunch, got some goodies and some nuggets to help in my spiritual walk

20140401-080146.jpg The 2nd event: the grand opening of FLYCHIXboutique in the Edgewood area of Atlanta. Spotted with Danetta and Ebonie Ward (boutique owner) received a bag of goodies and just had to purchase a new black skirt. >


20140401-090723.jpg</a Early dinner at my favorite Mexican Restaurant El Azteca, Buckhead >

20140401-092740.jpg</a So much fun in one dress going from event to event.
Simply Jyune multi event ensemble
Jersey Peter Pan collar dress- J. crew
Gold metal belt- Bebe
Black pumps- Fendi>
Mona Lisa Pearl Jewelry
Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Golf Bag- Christian Dior
My last event included shoe shopping from Platform Addicts by Khadijiha Rowe as if I need another pair of pink shoes but who can resist a sale? To justify this is a blush pump it is not pink and its a bit lighter than the others as well as its suede while the others are patent leather.


What I can say is I had a blast……. After being sick all week it was great to be out and finally enjoy a meal. Though having multiple events in one day can be extremely exhausting, I have learned that being comfortable in your attire will definitely make your events more pleasant So when you are dressed for any event make sure you are comfortably dressed so that you can make the most out of your event. Until next time just remember you can transform a simple outfit with your accessories add a belt or fashion jewelry

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Simply Jyune β€οΈπŸ’ƒy>

Pastel winter glow





20130209-173424.jpgHey Lovelies, Beautiful Saturday, thought i would lay in bed all day and make it a lazy day. Instead i’m awakened by the phone so i started out my day doing some voluntary activities-helping out at a fire scene. I’m overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for all my blessings as I don’t know what it’s like to lose everything and I pray that I will never experience such a catastrophe. The weather is warming up nicely i’m feeling the warmth of the suns rays giving me a pastel winter glow. I’m truly excited as the school year will be out in a few months and I will be able to travel. Now that i’m done wearing black on black, color has become an integral part of my wardrobe. As a result I’m being adventurous with all the colors and odd materials. Last year I would have never dreamed of wearing this herring bone career skirt so casually nor to pair it with my peach elbow patch boucle blazer and turtle neck. Decluttering my closet has excited me and I’m falling in love with all my old pieces again.
Pastel winter glow ensemble:
peach elbow patch boucle blazer– Bebe
orange turtle neck blouse– French Connection
pistachio layer blouse– F21
beige herring bone skirt– Tommy Hilfiger
boot socks– GAP
wedge heel lace up boots– Miss Sixty
faux pearl necklace– F21
papillon bag– Louis Vuitton
Sunnies– Tom Ford

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, off to have some fun.

Simply Jyune

Black it is……

Hey Peeps,
I must say TGIF! I had a really tiresome week, I’m so exhausted. I’m getting ready to visit my family for the holidays in New York and most of my clothes that I pack are black. It seems last month I couldn’t get enough of wearing oxblood now black it is. The holiday season is up on us and in the fashion world it’s a fun time we can wear all the glitz, glam, rock and shine. It’s fun to pair them all with black as black leather, lace, shine, glitz….. when paired together creates glamorous outfits. The mullet skirt (with a longer back than front) is still a hit this season especially beautiful in black leather with studs…..



This beautiful black flair mullet leather skirt with studs can be found at Bebe. Quite a beautiful piece of accent for every closet this season. I can actually forecast it as a vintage piece a few years from now. Black it is for great mixing and matching fabrics this holiday season just add lip color and fabulous accessories for a unique and fashionable pizzaz.

Have a great weekend!
Simply Jyune

Quick & easy fall fashion

Hey Peeps,
This week has been a really hectic one for me. I am consumed with paperwork, trying to get caught up with friends and family as well as keeping you posted on my simple fashion sense.
I have been decluttering my closet and I must say that’s quite a lot of work. It has been beneficial though as I have been able to find clothes that I haven’t seen in years and create quick and easy fall fashion. I have been able to trade pieces with my friends and consign some pieces that I know I won’t wear anymore. As for hanging out with friends and family this week my quick and easy fall fashion is simple yet fashionable. Today I was able to wear my new favorite blouse (it’s cheddar in color and very feminine) with my multi strand necklace of gold and pearls. This necklace transformed my cheddar blouse making me appear dressy enough to wear heels. With the cool weather low 60’s I add a heather grey leather to tone down the cheddar blouse and rock the outfit with multi colored shoes therefore simplyquick and easy fall fashion.







My ensemble
Black ankle zip pants~ INC (Macy’s)
Cheddar blouse~ gifted
Heather grey leather~ Bebe
Multi color shoes~ Gucci
Multi color bag~ Gucci
Jewelry~ lord & Taylor multi strand & gold pearls

I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend of quick and easy fall fashion.
Have a great rest of your day.
Simply Jyune

Married to heels…..

Hey Peeps,
What’s in a pair of heels? Sexy, sexy, hot designs, There are women who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of heels and there are women who can’t live without wearing heels. As for me, I fit in the latter….i’m married to heels, they are my first choice in shoes. As a little girl whenever my Mom wasn’t at work she would get dressed up in her high heels and I’d look at her longingly, knowing that some day that would be me. Unfortunately, I’m not as tall as Mom but I do have the ability to rock heels night and day. Heels accentuates a woman’s legs, defines her posture and gives poise while walking. A woman has to have the right fit when wearing heels or else she will experience excruciating pain and discomfort. The right fit is important as discomfort leads to imbalance, crooked shoe heels and messing up one’s feet. I often wear heels as I don’t feel dressed up when I’m wearing flats. In my opinion flats are significant of long work days, spending time with small children, running errands or traveling great distance.



Two of the fashionable pairs this season from Bakers($99) and Guiseppe Zannotti($810). These shoes are absolutely gorgeous and two of the hottest pairs this season. Every woman should own at least 2pairs of heels, a black pair and a nude pair. These colors are usually versatile and should work any color outfit or occasion. Being married to heels, means always wearing them whether its wedges, platforms, or stilettos as long as they serve as accentuators of the female anatomy. A wonderful pair of heels is always a head turner, a muse and a hot ticket item for every true fashionista. Today, I’m wearing my nude heels with jeans, sheer nude blouse and oxblood jacket. I feel extremely warm as its 76 degrees out here, keeping in line with me wanting to dress in more fall clothing. I love my nude heels, married to heels.



My ensemble:
Jacket~Yag Couture
Jeans~ Hollister
Top~ Bebe
Shoes~ Marciano
Glasses~ Louis Vuitton
Bag~ Louis Vuitton
Jewelry~ Moe Lee Ny, Nordstrom

Ladies always seek comfort over style when buying heels, its often best to buy heels at the end of the day when your feet are tired. If they are not comfortable then they wont ever be, you shouldn’t have to break your shoes in to enjoy wearing them. Married to heels means having and maintaining a great relationship with all my heels.

Until next time strike a pose in your heels, like me get married to heels.
Simply Jyune