Oh My it’s The Last Friday of 2013

20131227-190634.jpg Hey Loves, It is the last Friday of 2013; I woke up in sunny El Paso with friends, a break from the freezing cold I had to endure in New York over Christmas. No complains however as it was worth seeing my family and friends. Christmas Day with my family was filled with peace, joy and love…..just the way I wanted it. As I get more experienced in living I realize what’s most important to me and it’s no longer multiple properties, multiple bank accounts, shopping trips in exotic places, designer items or hanging out its mostly a quest for more knowledge and relaxation with a glass of wine.

20131227-191446.jpg Today on the very last Friday of 2013 I reflect on all the other 51 Fridays that passed me by and I sigh and I laugh thinking…..of those many Fridays how often was I evasive and stayed in, or how often did I go out and wished I was home instead. Last Friday on my birthday, I had so much fun, it awakened a deep hunger in me, so Today I want to live differently, I am hungry for adventure as I stare at the mountains in El Paso and think of the rich history embedded in this far western state it makes me realize, that I have been too cautious my entire life…..I will gamble with my money in taking chances but never with me

20131227-192401.jpg So with such thoughts I want to put the textbooks aside, I want to go outside and actually want to be outside having fun, to make my life an adventure while I let go of my past and live for tomorrow, chase my dreams, add meaning to my life with God’s guidance I will do so as it’s time to make me happy and live my dreams

20131227-193100.jpg I am ecstatic that I am spending this last Friday in El Paso, Texas….peaceful and filled with relaxation and meditation. I am thankful for the many experiences and the love of God who continuously blesses me with his divine intervention. As I celebrate this last Friday in 2013 with a glass or 2 of Riesling I know I will live a lot more than I have done in the last 5years and I will learn to do more for me.
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