15 Days of the 30 Day Written Prayer Challenge

Hey a Loves,
Today is the 15th day of the prayer challenge, I must say it is becoming a ritual. At some point during the day, I just stop whatever I’m doing and just make the time to write my prayer. My days are rather jam packed and filled with loads of reading and writing, yet I try my best to stay on target with my prayer challenge. At first I thought I would forget and I perhaps wouldn’t have enough to pray about however I believe that whatever I ask God for in prayer he will deliver one day and I’d better be ready when he delivers.

20140115-122749.jpg I have always prayed for others however I had never been challenged to just pray for a single person for 30days. I must say I am thankful for this challenge, the ability to pray, the power to believe and the direction in which things are going right now. After a quiet afternoon at work, I step out to enjoy the winter sunshine and enjoy calm serene beauty of a mini man made waterfall. Shades of grey are my fashion choices as its light and bright out I try to keep the colors winter like and not too bright while avoiding my favorite clothing color…..black. I am wearing my favorite grey blazer and green boot…..I love the contrast of grey leggings against my smoke green boots

20140115-124621.jpg A simple career outfit for work with vintage pearl necklace, diamond and pearls bangles (faux)
Shades of grey career outfit
Grey blazer~Banana Republic
Grey turtle neck~Diesel
Grey leggings~Express
Nude & grey textured skirt~Ann Taylor Loft
Smoked Green Boots~Lucky Brand
Vintage (faux) pearl drop necklace~Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Diamond & (faux) pearl bangles~Traci a Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Gloss~Starlet Kiss by MAC Heatherette collection

While enjoying my 30 day written prayer challenge I realize there is more focus while praying for only one person instead of a prayer where I recite all the names of all my family members and friends while asking for guidance and protection or reciting their needs and wants to God. On bended knees I will continue this written prayer challenge with prayer for a different person with different needs each month. I am even more excited that I will be steadfast in prayer and bible study this year while avoiding all the negativity and toxins which are quick to consume. Extremely Thankful to Saunyaafor this written prayer challenge. I am already seeing God at work…..Won’t you please join this prayer challenge?

πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

Growth changes your Circle

Hey Loves,
2014 is off to a start and plans are in motion for a better year than last year. Yes I want it to be a year filled with growth, adventure, new horizons, that will be boundless/limitless. As I am growing mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, I realize that my circle has changed, it’s as if I’m not even sure if its a circle anymore. All I know is that I have created my very own you are awesome team. Yes, a group of individuals who are supportive of me in my endeavors, a group of people who respect me enough to speak objectively and without bias. I am often considered an extrovert, yet I am such an introvert, however I know how to adapt to my environment and act according to my interests. With personal growth you have to decide on the types of personalities, the characters, the people you want to associate it with as people will hinder or encourage you. People are great pretenders especially when they have their own motives and will think they love you while you are able to help them accomplish their goals but what about when you need some type of assistance; will they be there for you?

20140107-081859.jpg Well that’s a question you must ponder….Personally I can say yes there are a few people that will be there for me. Like the plane soaring to new heights until it reaches its peak of elevation that’s how long some people will ride with you then as soon as the plane dips downward its as if they have fallen out of the plane because you no longer hear from them.The question then changes to how much do you need that person who will leave you hanging, that person who doesn’t have your best interest at heart…..only you can decide. With growth comes changes, it may widen your circle as well as it may shrink your circle..The greatest accomplishment will be knowing that you are experiencing growth and moving in the direction that you have planned your life. Some people that started with you won’t be able to finish with you and some who actually introduced you to some others will wonder why you are closer to those whom they introduced you. At that time You have to be strong and understand some people are vessels or vehicles to get you to where you need to be they don’t need to be a permanent part of your circle, just remember to say thank you. So they may be left out of your circle while you are up in the sky soaring and you may have a lot of explaining or soaking up the negativity that may attack you however its your lifeline that you are building….why should it be built with toxicity???

20140107-083918.jpgThink about your dreams, your hopes, your accomplishments, your circle, have you experienced growth? Will you be able to increase your horizons based on your growth? Has you growth increased or decreased the size of your circle?

Simply Jyune Navy & Black ensemble worn to networking event at Whiskey Blue Lounge, Atlanta
Navy career dress- Banana Republic
Navy Mary Jane pumps- BCBGeneration
Navy Stockings- DKNY
Black faux leather crop jacket- Michelle’s
Blue boutique jewelry- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Black bowling bag- Azzure by Chloe
Makeup –MAC

20140107-084900.jpg These were my thoughts last week as I meditated in the clouds while flying back from Texas…….it’s okay when your circle changes as long as it is in sync with your goals.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, much appreciated!!!!!

πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune-:)

Fashionably Fearful

Hey Loves,
As I stood below the Talmadge Memorial Bridge watching this lovely view on the Savannah Riverfront I saw the little tugboat pushing the big barge and it made me wonder, think deeply why am I fashionably fearful? I wonder and I ponder and then it hits me…..I am not fearful because of me; I am fashionably fearful because of the people who have crossed my path in life and the ways in which they have dealt with me. No, I am not astonished and should not be a bit amazed because I had learned earlier not to expect much of humans as they are and can be very unethical. Surprisingly not everyone is raised with morals and not everyone is willing to embrace ethics in their lifestyle or professional experiences. Point being if Judas could ride with Jesus as one of his disciples and then be a traitor to him….. who am I to expect different from humans? then realize I must let go of my fears, I must be confident, I must answer his call……because I am closer than I think and I am destined for greatness. With such thoughts I am glad I chose to walk on this path, leaning on God for strength in all my endeavors.

20131212-101309.jpg I reassure myself I am stronger than I think, my past is behind me and I am free to pursue happiness.

20131212-101616.jpg As the sun sets and I stroll by the river before dinner my mind is made up life happens and even more trials and adversaries will come my way but what matters is how I will cope so I must work on my coping mechanisms in a positive light not by pulling the covers over my head and ignoring everyone instead I will Believe, have FAITH and lean on God as my rock, my support, my hero my everything.

Simply Jyune riverfront ensemble
Red dress- Banana Republic Career Dress
Black wide belt- C Wonder
Black strappy sandals – Tory Burch
AB Traci Lynn jewelry- Thankful necklace, fancy bracelet, blingit ring, pebble earrings
Lip Gloss- Ooooh Baby by MAC

fashionably brave yet so timid creates being fashionably fearful

20131212-102759.jpg After a long day in seminars to achieve the simple elegant water front look I turned my buckled belt backwards (to avoid clashing with my jewelry), kicked off my work pumps slipped into sandals, let my hair down and went for a stroll before dinner.

20131212-103504.jpg There is a big beautiful world waiting for me…..I am glad that I answered the call to turn away from being fashionably fearful and to serve God willingly and happily.

Thanks for stopping by
Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

Sometimes you have to express yourself

Hey Loves

20130922-113138.jpg This past week my maternal grandmother turned 96 and I must say it gave me joy to celebrate her birthday. I see the favor in her life and I wish to have the same favor to serve God and live a long life. Sometimes you have to express yourself take a stand and do the things you believe in, ignore the little voice of doubt , learn to separate right from wrong and know that you don’t have to be like everyone else. Accept that not everyone will like you as it is written Mark 5:36 Ignoring what they said Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

20130922-115301.jpg Expressing myself in a new way, not just believing God but holding on to my faith and showing that I believe. My friend, know that it doesn’t matter if others think you are different or that you have changed just hold onto your faith and believe do not allow the faith of others to make you fail in your faith.

20130922-120200.jpg Being grateful that expressing yourself is meaningful and strengthens you.

Multi color silk dress~ Banana Republic
Wide buckle belt~ French Connection
Cone heel ankle strap shoes~ Sergio Rossi
Pearl Rock Necklace set, bracelet & watch~Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Color~ YSL


20130922-121857.jpg You can order your Pearl Rock Necklace set today online at http://www.tracilynnjewelry.net/mjcoke

Sometimes you just have to express yourself, and strengthen your faith and you will be blessed and highly favored.

Simply Jyune

All Aboard

20130422-085941.jpgThe Ship Clutch by Kate Spade


20130422-090124.jpgHey Loves, All aboard with this lovely clutch by Kate Spade with its beautiful blue patent leather, red clasps for steamer closure and nautical interior colors with a single zipper pocket. I don’t know about you all however I just can’t get enough of Kate Spade; from polka dots, stripes, paisleys, checkered, bird prints, bright hues… I just love Kate Spade designs . Nautical themes are always an inspiration for me as navy is one of my favorite colors (almost black) it is very neutral and red happens to make everything pop. When I saw the All aboard clutch in NY last Spring I just couldn’t return home without it and it has traveled with me since its purchase. This Sunday I took a break from reading to visit my Gran’ma and I just had to accessorize with my All Aboard Clutch.


All Aboard Ensemble:
All Aboard Clutch ~ Kate Spade
Navy 3/4sleeve blazer~ Love…..Ady
Color Block over the knee dress~ Banana Republic
Navy Comfort Pumps~ Chinese Laundry
Red cuff~ Fendi
Rose Gold Bangles~ Vince Camuto
Rose Gold Love Belt & earrings~ Forever 21
Rose Gold Heart Necklace~ Marc by Marc Jacobs
Red Lip color~ Mac Red by MAC


As always Loves, I appreciate you all stopping by, have a great week and all the best in all your endeavors.

Simply Jyune

Work Mode 13…..the perfect grey blazer




20130326-183329.jpg Hey Lovelies, Happy Tuesday, today I’m taking a break from reading, it seems as if my eyes are weary so after work I’m taking a bit of a break. Well for starters the sun came out after work for these pics however the weather is still frigid. Truly horrible for my Spring 2013 expectations yet good as I have discovered my new favorite blazer……The Grey fitted blazer from Banana Republic!. It was 2months ago, my friend was visiting from London, I drove her to The Tanger Outlet Center and of course I fell in love with this blazer as it was discounted to almost being free savings of about $150. I attempted to pass it off on my friend but she was challenged as the sleeves were much too long for her arms. Mystified yet, I tried on and purchased the almost free blazer for about 20% of its original cost. The sexy perfect grey blazer is made of wool and polyester of a medium herring grain design with three buttons for closure. It’s detailed and fitted to the body as if it was tailored just for me. Two button less front pockets with flaps, that can be tucked in or worn out. This grey blazer has become my favorite blazer during the Spring of layers.. So on a spring day when it’s freezing out and I don’t want to appear too winter-like I opt for layering my grey blazer with a vest and a striped career shirt complimented by my wool pencil skirt and rubber soled boots.


The Grey Wool Blazer Ensemble:
Grey wool fitted blazer- Banana Republic
Green rippled vest- Club Monaco
Purple stripe career shirt- Ralph Lauren
Purple pencil wool skirt- J. Crew
Black back zipper rubber sole boots- Prada
Black double zip Aurore bag with Lock- Chloe
Jewelry- Cultured Pearl Earrings
Polarized Sunnies – Rampage
Lip Gloss- Funtabulous by MAC

I justified my purchase that day by saying its almost free plus my other grey blazers are different:- 1) has blue piping and cant be worn with everything 2) the other has a single button and its too dark of a grey and that’s just how the perfect grey fitted blazer moved into my closet as an integral apparel. Now I wear it almost everyday as its not too thin nor too heavy, perfect for the unlike Spring temperatures. Thanks for stopping by, layer it up and stay warm in these unusual Spring temperatures.

Simply Jyune

Work Mode 12 ….layering for Spring

Hey Lovelies,
Are you ready for spring 2013?
Well, Happy Spring ❀! Here in Atlanta we are faced with temperatures much unlike Spring weather. Severe storms and frigid temperatures. With such temperatures the sun peeps out daily before the heavy rains and thunderstorms. My spring closet is organized and ready for Spring however, I’m still cold in work mode so I’m layering for Spring until the weather is consistently warmer.

Right now its that fluctuating temperature in between type of weather, where you want to be dressed comfortably neither hot nor cold. Therefore in an attempt to stay warm in the colder morning temperatures I usually wear a wool blazer, a scarf, cardigan and blouse complimented by slim legged work pants. As the sun peeps out it gets much warmer and more like spring temperatures at which time I can remove my scarf and wool blazer. Easy layering complimented with a comfortable pair of rubber soled pumps or my run around ballet shoes (which have become my integral work mode spring footwear).



work mode ensemble
Hot Pink buttoned cardigan:GAP, pink floral buttoned career blouse: Banana Republic, Light Grey Career wool blazer: Banana Republic, black slim leg pants:The Limited, black run around ballerina shoes: Mossimo, lip color:juicy apple by Clinique.

Layer up in your Spring gear as you await the break in temperatures. As always thanks for stopping by and your loyalty while my blog continues to grow.

Simply JyuneπŸ’ƒ
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