WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!! She hearts God more than Polka Dots

Hey Loves

After weeks of being away from my blog and sharing with you, the consensus has been screaming I miss your blog. It’s truly amazing the different groups of people whom have come forward and spoken about what I considered just rambling and showing my life through pictures. Well, as the world grows louder, I will return to writing and sharing on the blog however it won’t be a fashion blog because I am more than Fashion. Yesterday when I woke up for work I paused to think how blessed I am each day I get to decide which role I want to play because I wear so many hats.

IMG_9121.JPG My favorite roles however are Mom and woman of God. . My son is my everything and God is at the forefront of everything that I do. As the world grows louder, we become more tech savvy and our minds are invaded by everything we see or partake in. As a woman of a God I have to ensure that the distractions of society does not separate me from quality time with God. Daily prayer and meditation with praise music helps to keep me focused and in wait to sense God’s will.

IMG_9122.JPG In writing this I just wanted to share that it is God’s will for me to share my pictures and words with the world. When you learn to trust God it makes a difference in your life and no matter when the world seems to be caving in, you will have an anchor, yes God will be your support. That’s right God’s love and support never changes. Turn to him for strength and support in all your endeavors.

IMG_9124.JPG So after work it was a birthday celebration for my high school friend Mourine and as women of God and business partners we all had a great time at the Mall and dinner. Being a woman of God is not boring. We all have fun looking our best and live full normal lives, we just made the choice to walk with God and surround ourselves with like minded people. We are women of God, we are created to Flourish, therefore we uplift each other because we Love God more than I love polka dots!! Welcome Back, I missed you also!!!

Love ya
Simply June ❤️

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Street Style look Elevated for the Black Celebrity Giving Award Ceremony

Hey Loves,
It seems like yesterday that I was introduced to the lovely Miss Jasmine Crowe at an award show honoring Toya Wright for her philanthropic work in the Black Community. I can’t believe it was a year ago I vowed to work with Jasmine in giving of my time and services as a parent liaison or mental health counselor to children. Unfortunately, I had just started my PhD classes and my time was limited with my other volunteer activities with the American Red Cross and Dress for Success Atlanta. However as time would have it Jasmine is hosting her award show again and this time she is honoring Tamika Raymond and other philanthropists and organizations for their diligent work and support in our community.

20140704-041611-15371215.jpg Posed with the lovely Philanthropist Miss Jasmine Crowe
Unfortunately I missed out on most of the award ceremony (flat tire) but I still showed up and better yet I now have my schedule worked out wherein I can start giving back to our community and pouring into children who can and will grow up to be like me or achieve more than me.

20140704-041907-15547216.jpg Jasmine and some of the powerful moments of the night. I was quite impressed that Marley is also a philanthropist I can only say well done again Jasmine and congratulations to Marley.

20140704-042107-15667193.jpg Jasmine’s beautiful dress by BCBG Simply Jyune outfit from Francescas boutique- black sheer laser cut skirt and neon orange crop top belted for an elevated look away from the street style>


20140704-042904-16144865.jpg Well if haven’t learned anything the most valuable thing I pride myself on knowing is Philanthropy~the art of giving back and pouring into others is a blessing! a feeling of accomplishment in itself.
At the end of the night I was glad I came out to support and solidify my promise to give back.
❤️Simply Jyune❤️

God’s Unfailing Love sets us Free!!!

Hey Loves,
The weather has broken I am enjoying the 80 degree weather daily in Atlanta, a bit warmer than I like for Spring but it’s better than frigid temperatures so I won’t complain. In my attempt to move forward and build a better relationship with Christ I have come to realize that his unfailing love makes me healthier and provides me with a brighter outlook. Can you imagine I am even more optimistic???? Yes I’m free….God’s unfailing love has set me free from my past, free from drama, free from, pain, free from hurt. I’m not ashamed of my past, I’m not afraid to face rejection, I can look fear in the eye and know I can conquer everything. Yes I have been broken however my past helps to shape my future, my life experiences makes a believer out of others. I love the spiritual relationship and intimacy that I have developed with God which has taught me about his unfailing love and reignited passion in me, yes I am healed, I am set free, I am no longer broken.>

Simply Jyune’s ensemble:
Black leggings- BCBG
Pink mullet blouse-Wilt
Black bag-Chloe
Black platform pumps- Fendi
Candy yum yum lips – MAC
Silver accessories-
Traci Lynn fashion jewelry A simple outfit totally not over the top to hang out with my homie at the Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls game. I am not a sports buff so this was totally out of my element however I got to eat junk food, and truly enjoyed the game. Maybe this might just become a hobby…..season tickets????>

Life is a Smile

Hey Loves,
As the days go by, I realize the reasons for my smile, Life is a smile.. Simply each day that I arise is a blessing in disguise, I am granted the opportunity by God to accomplish all that I didn’t do the day before. Every procrastinated thought or idea surfaces and I smile knowing I might only get to it based on my associated level of priority. In life there are occurrences designed to take me off track, to allow me to face adversary, to challenge myself, to discourage me from my dreams. I am human so I will pray knowing God answers prayers, I will cry because I am woman and yes I do have emotions, I will stress because I don’t like deadlines I love leisure but through it all I know life is a smile. Life happens and I must strategize and deal with adversaries as best as possible, when I pray I must wait for an answer as well as I must be able to discern the answer and be thankful in prayer. The outcomes may not always lead to instant gratification however I must always remember life is a smile.. No matter what I am going through some one else has a story and their story is more significant than mine. Who am I to not absorb while I observe my environment. Every challenge has been experienced by someone else, therefore its not inhuman so I must climb uphill to press on and reach for the stars, surpass every rejection, every failure, every learned experience, every failed relationship, every forgotten friendship, every refusal to help and every denial. In the end life is a smile so I will keep on smiling through the tears, the storms and the sleepless nights, because I am self made and God stands beside me.

20131127-033706.jpg The many expressions of me because when its all said and done i believe therefore Life is a smile, my optimism provides me with endurance, before I know it I will have stories and experiences to share with everyone.

Life is a Smile ensemble:
Pearl & diamond jewels- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Multicolored patchwork coat- Lulu H thrifted from Designer Consigns
Black belted jeggings- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Black sheer sweater- Guess by Marciano
Black marble buckle belt- Fendi
Grey GG scarf- Gucci
Green boots- Lucky brand
Papillon bag- Louis Vuitton
Lip Color-

I absolutely love the details of this coat, I appreciate the hands that made all the tiny details, the intricate stitch, the detailed buttons it reminds me of the bible story about Josephs coats and its many colors, the fact that it matches my green everyday boot its becoming my favorite also. I consider this jacket my integral apparel…
Faith, Hope and Love in abundance life is a smile. As you get ready for Thanksgiving just be thankful and filled with praise knowing that life is a smile. there are loads for which we should be thankful.

Simply Jyune
🙂 xoxo 🙂

Single in the City…my passport to Boaz.

Hey Loves!!!!
This week was rather exciting, In the  comfortable aura and beautiful ambiance of the Aurum Lounge, I attended a book signing for Sabrina Brie Rowe (twin sister to Sharlinda Rowe-Parker) a cute little novel about the missing piece to her puzzle.  Titled “Single in the City….my passport to Boaz” she shares with her audience the story of an accomplished god fearing  life without her Boaz and not being willing to settle for less than a god fearing man. 


Boaz from the chapter of Ruth in the bible allows us to revisit a bible story and compare modern day relationships with those of the past.  Sabrina shares stories about past relationships and what led her to God, celibacy, being single and waiting for her Boaz.  While doing so she is preparing herself for Boaz with a mental list of all the qualities that she wants in her Boaz and recommends that everyone should maintain a list of
the qualities; a realistic list of the qualities that one would want in their  mate.




Panel discussion about relationships
The Q & A panel was quite informative as the audience was able to ask questions in regards to relationships not necessarily for advice but to understand another person’s point of view. Males and females alike asked realistic questions and communicated respectfully.  It was much better than listening to relationship experts telling you what you should do. As stated by Sabrina “Every woman is different so we all want different things.” Therefore no one should ever be told what to do


Danetta Hicks soror, socialite and Emerald Director of Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry


Vegetarian Quesadilla (more like a cheese, tomatoes and onion quesadilla).


The food was great, what an assortment of cupcakes
The Who is who of Atlanta came out to show their support for Sabrina “Brie” Rowe the celebrity nail tech twin and network while she signed her books.  


SABRINA greeting her guests


Quick stop on the red carpet with twin sister Sharlinda Rowe-Parker and Danetta Hicks


Sabrina signing my book yes I am supportive of people as I believe if I support you then you are likely to support me in my endeavors.


(Essence magazine relationship expert) & Danetta Hicks


It is what it is Single in the City for myself and many other women….awaiting Boaz, the missing piece to the puzzle without having to settle for less than we know we deserve.


My outfit for this event was as always simple yet stunning. I loved this look more than most others because it also seemed fun and chic.  A simple little black dress and wedge heeled calf high boots to show my appreciation for the change in the weather and a classic flap purse with beautiful fashionable jewelry. My little dress It’s just the skater dress with three quarter sleeves, loving it with the stylish side peephole, a forever dress.


Single in the City Ensemble:
Black Skater dress- Favori
Black/maroon boots- Balenciaga
Maroon calf hair classic bag with flap- Chanel
Fashion jewelry-Traci Lynn fashion jewelry

Overall the book signing was quite eventful another successful event by Garner PR. We are wishing Sabrina much success with her book and hopefully a sequel when she finds Boaz shows up…


This is Where you can purchase your copy to make sure you are encouraged, passport ready to meet your Boaz.
Clip courtesy of Sabrina’s instagram

Thanks for stopping by…

Simply Jyune

Lady in the Printed Tube Dress

20130906-092910.jpgHey Loves As the summer comes to a halt, I look forward to the change in fashion, the coolness of the weather and spending less time indoors. I love the warmth of summer however Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. This week went by so fast, I truly wish I had time to wear all my summer dresses. Anyway I guess they might get worn on vacation or put away for next year. Labor Day shopping with my bestie and nieces who picked out this dress today took a minute to show what I’m wearing. This cute mini floral print tube dress barely made it out if the closet but its a keeper so it will be worn again as its a versatile dress, and as we all know my wardrobe consists of mostly dresses….I am the Lady in a dress.


Printed tube dress-Mandee Shops
Wide band wedge heel shoes- See by Chloe
Mini Eden bag- Louis Vuitton
Jewelry-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

20130906-094822.jpg As always have a fashionable event filled weekend and please do check out the fabulous fashion jewelry by Traci Lynn Jewelry for the latest in fall Jewelry.

Simply Jyune

Fun on a Saturday Night

20130210-184409.jpgHey Lovelies, Last night I went to see the stage play Blackman-o-logues at the 14thstreet playhouse in Atlanta. I must say this play was quite touching to hear the voices of black men and what goes on in their head based on love. The shared thoughts on love has given me a different perspective on the black man or men in general and a different outlook on relationships. After all I always knew relationships are not perfect and one has to work hard like hell to maintain a relationship or else they will end before starting and constantly restarting as baggage moves from one relationship to another.

20130210-193239.jpg“What runs through the mind of a Black man when he is confronted with the subject of love? In this smart and funny production, you’ll meet several different characters who will give you their views on Black love, whether between men and women, parents and their children, siblings, best friends or the love found in tight knit communities. An informative and entertaining montage of commentary, humor and insight, Jacquay Waller’s Black Man-O-Logues gives interpretations of love by the men that feel it.”

20130210-193351.jpg Got a chance to meet the playwright Jacquay Waller after the play.

20130210-195342.jpgThe cast and playwright

20130210-200448.jpgBlack and white ensemble with green wedge heel boots

20130210-200637.jpg love this mullet top

My Ensemble:
black leggings: Michelle’s NY
white mullet blouse: American Eagle Outfitters
black double breasted crop jacket: BCBG
green suede-leather wedge heel boots: Balenciaga
chandelier earrings: F21
black top handle bag: Aurore by Chloe
lip gloss: YSL

Thanks for stopping by, look out for the book Blackman-o-logues just released February 2013 or you never know it may be on a stage near you soon. Please listen or try to understand the thoughts or actions of the man in your relationship because he has feelings also.

Simply Jyune