Street Style look Elevated for the Black Celebrity Giving Award Ceremony

Hey Loves,
It seems like yesterday that I was introduced to the lovely Miss Jasmine Crowe at an award show honoring Toya Wright for her philanthropic work in the Black Community. I can’t believe it was a year ago I vowed to work with Jasmine in giving of my time and services as a parent liaison or mental health counselor to children. Unfortunately, I had just started my PhD classes and my time was limited with my other volunteer activities with the American Red Cross and Dress for Success Atlanta. However as time would have it Jasmine is hosting her award show again and this time she is honoring Tamika Raymond and other philanthropists and organizations for their diligent work and support in our community.

20140704-041611-15371215.jpg Posed with the lovely Philanthropist Miss Jasmine Crowe
Unfortunately I missed out on most of the award ceremony (flat tire) but I still showed up and better yet I now have my schedule worked out wherein I can start giving back to our community and pouring into children who can and will grow up to be like me or achieve more than me.

20140704-041907-15547216.jpg Jasmine and some of the powerful moments of the night. I was quite impressed that Marley is also a philanthropist I can only say well done again Jasmine and congratulations to Marley.

20140704-042107-15667193.jpg Jasmine’s beautiful dress by BCBG Simply Jyune outfit from Francescas boutique- black sheer laser cut skirt and neon orange crop top belted for an elevated look away from the street style>


20140704-042904-16144865.jpg Well if haven’t learned anything the most valuable thing I pride myself on knowing is Philanthropy~the art of giving back and pouring into others is a blessing! a feeling of accomplishment in itself.
At the end of the night I was glad I came out to support and solidify my promise to give back.
❤️Simply Jyune❤️

The Healthy Heart Series


Hey Loves!
With so many people focusing on health and fitness I wanted to take it a step further and focus on the “heart”….yes the major muscular organ which pumps blood throughout the blood vessels to various parts of our body.  To do so I teamed up with Heart Health coach and relationship expert “Sharon Reid” to network and teach heart health.


To kick off the first event we focused on the heart as an organ of spiritual, emotional and physical aspects and how to protect or guard your heart because the three parts can be affected by heart disease and other ailments.


The spiritual heart is non physical it is your inner treasure the center of your feelings, which is located to the right side of your physical heart.


The emotional heart is the deep emotions that you feel for or towards others. It is the center of wmotion and is located to the left of the physical heart. Being receptive to your emotional state it experience s many feelings from joy to grief. So any kind of disappointment,  death of a loved one, rejection is stressful on the emotional heart.


The physical heart is our actual heart which pumps the blood throughout our body and is affected by every spiritual or emotional feelings that the body experiences. When you are excited the heartbeat pumps more forcefully and when we are stressed or disappointed it wreaks havoc by stunning the heart with extreme shock. 


We ought to take care of our hearts by ensuring that we are balancing our emotions, eating healthy and exercising.  It takes maintenance to keep your heart healthy.  A happy heart keeps you happy and keeps your heart healthy.

How healthy is your heart?  
♡♡♡Simply Jyune♡♡♡

♡Simply Jyune♡

Daily Prompt: Never……rejoice over the failure of others

Hey Loves,

Never: I would never write about the failures of another for personal gratification. As humans we all need positive relations and thrive on positivity. Whether or not we believe it we are all ego driven we all have an alter ego. To belittle others or to rejoice over the failures of others is a poor coping technique. Failures or shortcomings creates the alter ego and the motivation to go forward and chase success. Think about it without failures would we know success?

20130605-105848.jpg AlterEgo ~ Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Never, never rejoice in the failures of others.

Simply Jyune

Attention Thieves

Hey Loves….Do you ever get bombarded by attention thieves?



20130502-204912.jpgI do, I do, I do everyday…… Quite a bleakly day, the best day to work from home especially when I have loads to catch up on. Being an entrepreneur and an educator is often a task however being able to mutli-task is a gift in itself. I used to write a to do list everyday and it just seemed as if it made my OCD worse as i would panic when i didn’t accomplish a target on the list, so I started rebelling and staying away from the list but now it seems as if its a crutch that I’m in need of to stay focused and away from the attention thieves.. As each day I set out to have fulfilling, rewarding days and do my utmost to accomplish all my tasks and events yet I find myself working until 5am most days which is almost the start of another day. I replay my days and I realize the attention thieves are starting to take over…..the phone apps are always going off, the emails to be read and answered, writers block requiring an occasional game of Ruzzle to clear my head of research materials, peeping in on Instagram to see the world at my fingertips, keeping up with my family life and of course maintaining a social life when there is really no time for one. Of course these attention thieves get me all the time. I often feel like a fish out of water without my iPhone…….I pray for the day when I will go back to working in my away from home office full time and when I can leave the cell phone in the car therefore giving myself a true social life and quality family time. Get real who am I kidding when I go back to that stage of my dreams, then my clients might need support so that’s a dream….maybe I will have a phone that only receives calls or texts……..yeah that’s the vision away from the attention thieves. Until then I’m surviving on about 20hours of sleep….. Es lo que es, mi vida loca, es no bueno pero mi vida!!

20130502-211523.jpg My Run around ensemble:
Leopard Print Jewelry & Love ring-Betsey Johnson
Leopard print bangles-F21
Purple sweater-Ambiance apparel
Purple ballet shoes-Mossimo Supply Co for Target
Grey & black pleated dress-LUSH-Nordstrom Rack
Lip Color-Pink Plaid by MAC
Black envelope chin bag-Vieta (simple clutch, added chain strap, my almost favorite bag


So i’m curious, how do you handle attention thieves?

Simply Jyune