Actions not words……Sammy D’s Atlantic City!!!

Hey Lovely Peeps,
It seems like just yesterday it was the holidays, yet here we are 10days into the new year already. While I was out in Atlantic City with the girls right after Christmas we dined out at Sammy D’s located in the Harrahs resort. I must say the ambience was awesome and the staff friendly, however our particular server seemed to be having a bad day. Which makes me say ” Action not words……“. She however did not believe she was providing service with an attitude, even after she was pulled to the side by another patron whom I overheard telling her there was no need for her to be acting out on her job. We all have bad days yet when we serve the public we ought to remember to smile and be hospitable to the patrons as they do have choices and our body language should reflect tone and manner.




20130110-230452.jpg Despite the poor service our lunch choices were excellent. My lobster roll sandwich was delicious and left me feeling quite stuffed yet overjoyed knowing that my meal compensated for the service of the lousy server.




20130110-232726.jpg It’s all in actions not words, as body language often reveals more than we sometimes want to show others. Yes of course we shared our experience with management to hopefully save other patrons from lousy service. My bestie said a tip was unwarranted so for a change my tip got stuffed back in my purse. Thank goodness for the great kitchen staff whom saved the day by preparing our delicious meals and having us wanting to patronize Sammy D’s in the future.
I’m wearing:
embellished collar vest~ Juicy Couture
green leather mini skirt~ Aqua(Bloomingdales)
white long sleeve tee~ Hanes wear
black boots~ Prada
black bag~ Chloe
lip gloss~ Cabana Crush by Clinique
faux pearl earrings~ Forever 21
black pea coat~ Miss Sixty

Thanks for stopping by and remember its in the action not words…..
Simply Jyune

Skirt it is…..

Hey Peeps,
Happy Sunday! I know it’s rather disturbing right now with the super storm Sandy reaching further in land, so many states have declared a State of Emergency. Even if we have to stay in doors we can still be fashionable or if venturing out we can be fabulous and fashionably safe…lol! The weather has changed drastically because of the storm winds, however for me it’s skirt season. Yes it’s colder yet Fall is significant of skirt wearing and beautiful tights or leggings with boots/booties. You can choose your skirt style this season no matter what length, style or sale your skirt is acceptable from the ballerina tutu to the maxi skirt it is all in season. You can add bold opulent prints to your wardrobe and blend them well to create a chic look with classic pumps or booties as they are always trending.






Skirts are so feminine they show off our best boots and shoes. Therefore select your best skirts: pleats, denim, corduroys, A-line, pencil to lace to be savvy and fashionable.
Stay warm be safe just remember skirt it is…..

My ensemble:
Lavender skirt~ French connection
Lavender sweater~ Ann Taylor Loft
Black chain belt~ Gianfranco Ferrer
Black quilted zipper bootie~ Sam Edelman
Quilted mini duffle bag~ Chanel
Black Rouched Leather Jacket~ Aqua
Glazed Purple Lip gloss~ Lancôme
Purple Ring~ Forever 21

Hope you enjoy my simple fashion sense as skirt it is inspite of the weather.
Simply Jyune