WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!! She hearts God more than Polka Dots

Hey Loves

After weeks of being away from my blog and sharing with you, the consensus has been screaming I miss your blog. It’s truly amazing the different groups of people whom have come forward and spoken about what I considered just rambling and showing my life through pictures. Well, as the world grows louder, I will return to writing and sharing on the blog however it won’t be a fashion blog because I am more than Fashion. Yesterday when I woke up for work I paused to think how blessed I am each day I get to decide which role I want to play because I wear so many hats.

IMG_9121.JPG My favorite roles however are Mom and woman of God. . My son is my everything and God is at the forefront of everything that I do. As the world grows louder, we become more tech savvy and our minds are invaded by everything we see or partake in. As a woman of a God I have to ensure that the distractions of society does not separate me from quality time with God. Daily prayer and meditation with praise music helps to keep me focused and in wait to sense God’s will.

IMG_9122.JPG In writing this I just wanted to share that it is God’s will for me to share my pictures and words with the world. When you learn to trust God it makes a difference in your life and no matter when the world seems to be caving in, you will have an anchor, yes God will be your support. That’s right God’s love and support never changes. Turn to him for strength and support in all your endeavors.

IMG_9124.JPG So after work it was a birthday celebration for my high school friend Mourine and as women of God and business partners we all had a great time at the Mall and dinner. Being a woman of God is not boring. We all have fun looking our best and live full normal lives, we just made the choice to walk with God and surround ourselves with like minded people. We are women of God, we are created to Flourish, therefore we uplift each other because we Love God more than I love polka dots!! Welcome Back, I missed you also!!!

Love ya
Simply June ❀️

Exquisite fashion Jewelry for women by Traci Lynn Jewelry

Back in Work Mode……ugghh its fashion week!!!

Hey Loves,

20130911-045857.jpg After not working all summer, just taking care of responsibilities, passing time with friends and family and an extended summer month it dawned on me that I now have to be selective in what I wear daily. Ugghhh it’s Fashion Week in NYC and I can’t be there my presence is requested to help groom the minds of little children in preparation for a world of uncertainty. I am uncomfortable mentally as I feel as if I am currently in the wrong space, however after a 4-month hiatus its only natural to be back in work mode.. To do this I must retreat to clothes for work mode which is so boring I wish I could run away from a boring closet . Thank God for all the fall shopping and sample sales in NYC last week I don’t feel so much as an outcast though left out. I am getting ready for work mode and the diva in me pushes back the boring work clothes and reaches for a pop of color, my black and white skirt, sexy wedges and my favorite C Wonder belt. I then say I don’t want to look different at work but I have no choice I am different.



20130911-051429.jpg Royal blue is a bright yet soft easy to mix color that seems to always save the day, especially In my closet where black and white is still trending and often fused with bright hues to create quite a sensational statement. back in work mode I fused a royal blue career blouse with the favorite black and white skirt, and added a wide belt for definition on the waist line. The belt is worn backwards to not take the focus from the printed skirt yet add essence and definition to the back of the outfit. While I am missing Fashion week on my first day back I happily sneak my own style of dress in at work without creating a scene, my big black Fendi Sunnies makes me oblivious of my small town work space. Toned down on the jewels less is more I am wearing Orbit by Traci Lynn Jewelry a simple chain with a beautiful dangling studded cubic zirconia complimented by the silver heiress earrings and bunch of bling rings. Enough said back in work mode, missing fashion week in NYC but I am my own style, this is me……

Back in work Mode Ensemble:
Black and white linens printed skirt-Ann Taylor Loft
Royal Blue career blouse- NYC sample sales
Black ankle strap wedge heels- Ivanka Trump
Blue shopper/tote- Zara Woman
Black Sunnies- Fendi
Jewelry-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip gloss- Revlon Super Lustrious Gloss

My Favorite Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Pieces orbit necklace, heiress earrings and bunch of bling rings You too can own these lovely pieces by shopping Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry consultant # 13375


Until next time…..
Simply Jyune

Work Mode 14- the last day of school

Hey Loves,
After 180 school days the time has come to close the door on being the educator for the summer. For this last day in work mode I wore a colorful floral skirt contrasted with a solid green career button down work shirt paired with heels. Quite different from my regular work gear in ballet flats and slacks. I felt it was a special kind of day and I envisioned a glass of Riesling at the end of a long day to celebrate 2months of not waking up @6am for work.



20130529-163228.jpg the 15 year old speedy bag LV classic




Work Mode 14- last day ensemble
Butterfly stud pumps- D&G
Floral skirt- J. Crew
Green blouse- Esprit
Faux Pearls jewelry- Carolee
Speedy bag-Louis Vuitton
Sunnies- Tom Ford
Gold pin with pearl- Vintage from my 95-y-o Gran’ma

So at the end of the day I went home for a much needed nap and relaxation while dreaming of a chilled glass of Riesling. Thanks for stopping by enjoy your work mode or style of dress: it makes work more fun!!!!

Simply Jyune

Attention Thieves

Hey Loves….Do you ever get bombarded by attention thieves?



20130502-204912.jpgI do, I do, I do everyday…… Quite a bleakly day, the best day to work from home especially when I have loads to catch up on. Being an entrepreneur and an educator is often a task however being able to mutli-task is a gift in itself. I used to write a to do list everyday and it just seemed as if it made my OCD worse as i would panic when i didn’t accomplish a target on the list, so I started rebelling and staying away from the list but now it seems as if its a crutch that I’m in need of to stay focused and away from the attention thieves.. As each day I set out to have fulfilling, rewarding days and do my utmost to accomplish all my tasks and events yet I find myself working until 5am most days which is almost the start of another day. I replay my days and I realize the attention thieves are starting to take over…..the phone apps are always going off, the emails to be read and answered, writers block requiring an occasional game of Ruzzle to clear my head of research materials, peeping in on Instagram to see the world at my fingertips, keeping up with my family life and of course maintaining a social life when there is really no time for one. Of course these attention thieves get me all the time. I often feel like a fish out of water without my iPhone…….I pray for the day when I will go back to working in my away from home office full time and when I can leave the cell phone in the car therefore giving myself a true social life and quality family time. Get real who am I kidding when I go back to that stage of my dreams, then my clients might need support so that’s a dream….maybe I will have a phone that only receives calls or texts……..yeah that’s the vision away from the attention thieves. Until then I’m surviving on about 20hours of sleep….. Es lo que es, mi vida loca, es no bueno pero mi vida!!

20130502-211523.jpg My Run around ensemble:
Leopard Print Jewelry & Love ring-Betsey Johnson
Leopard print bangles-F21
Purple sweater-Ambiance apparel
Purple ballet shoes-Mossimo Supply Co for Target
Grey & black pleated dress-LUSH-Nordstrom Rack
Lip Color-Pink Plaid by MAC
Black envelope chin bag-Vieta (simple clutch, added chain strap, my almost favorite bag


So i’m curious, how do you handle attention thieves?

Simply Jyune

Work Mode 13…..the perfect grey blazer




20130326-183329.jpg Hey Lovelies, Happy Tuesday, today I’m taking a break from reading, it seems as if my eyes are weary so after work I’m taking a bit of a break. Well for starters the sun came out after work for these pics however the weather is still frigid. Truly horrible for my Spring 2013 expectations yet good as I have discovered my new favorite blazer……The Grey fitted blazer from Banana Republic!. It was 2months ago, my friend was visiting from London, I drove her to The Tanger Outlet Center and of course I fell in love with this blazer as it was discounted to almost being free savings of about $150. I attempted to pass it off on my friend but she was challenged as the sleeves were much too long for her arms. Mystified yet, I tried on and purchased the almost free blazer for about 20% of its original cost. The sexy perfect grey blazer is made of wool and polyester of a medium herring grain design with three buttons for closure. It’s detailed and fitted to the body as if it was tailored just for me. Two button less front pockets with flaps, that can be tucked in or worn out. This grey blazer has become my favorite blazer during the Spring of layers.. So on a spring day when it’s freezing out and I don’t want to appear too winter-like I opt for layering my grey blazer with a vest and a striped career shirt complimented by my wool pencil skirt and rubber soled boots.


The Grey Wool Blazer Ensemble:
Grey wool fitted blazer- Banana Republic
Green rippled vest- Club Monaco
Purple stripe career shirt- Ralph Lauren
Purple pencil wool skirt- J. Crew
Black back zipper rubber sole boots- Prada
Black double zip Aurore bag with Lock- Chloe
Jewelry- Cultured Pearl Earrings
Polarized Sunnies – Rampage
Lip Gloss- Funtabulous by MAC

I justified my purchase that day by saying its almost free plus my other grey blazers are different:- 1) has blue piping and cant be worn with everything 2) the other has a single button and its too dark of a grey and that’s just how the perfect grey fitted blazer moved into my closet as an integral apparel. Now I wear it almost everyday as its not too thin nor too heavy, perfect for the unlike Spring temperatures. Thanks for stopping by, layer it up and stay warm in these unusual Spring temperatures.

Simply Jyune

Work Mode 12 ….layering for Spring

Hey Lovelies,
Are you ready for spring 2013?
Well, Happy Spring ❀! Here in Atlanta we are faced with temperatures much unlike Spring weather. Severe storms and frigid temperatures. With such temperatures the sun peeps out daily before the heavy rains and thunderstorms. My spring closet is organized and ready for Spring however, I’m still cold in work mode so I’m layering for Spring until the weather is consistently warmer.

Right now its that fluctuating temperature in between type of weather, where you want to be dressed comfortably neither hot nor cold. Therefore in an attempt to stay warm in the colder morning temperatures I usually wear a wool blazer, a scarf, cardigan and blouse complimented by slim legged work pants. As the sun peeps out it gets much warmer and more like spring temperatures at which time I can remove my scarf and wool blazer. Easy layering complimented with a comfortable pair of rubber soled pumps or my run around ballet shoes (which have become my integral work mode spring footwear).



work mode ensemble
Hot Pink buttoned cardigan:GAP, pink floral buttoned career blouse: Banana Republic, Light Grey Career wool blazer: Banana Republic, black slim leg pants:The Limited, black run around ballerina shoes: Mossimo, lip color:juicy apple by Clinique.

Layer up in your Spring gear as you await the break in temperatures. As always thanks for stopping by and your loyalty while my blog continues to grow.

Simply JyuneπŸ’ƒ
β€πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘œπŸ’„πŸ“πŸ“–

Work Mode 10

Hey Lovelies,
Would you wear jeggings to work?
Well, Today it’s one of those days when I don’t want to get out of bed for anything, yet I must……so here I am writing to share with you. During the rain yesterday i moved my home office to the reading parlor and I must say its already quite productive. I actually sat at my IMAC, got caught up on reading lengthy emails and a tidbit of research, which is more than I have done in months. I have recognized that working from my IPAD is not in my best interest as i don’t sit at my desk, i tend to fall asleep in the bed with the books. This move is great I foresee everything headed in the right direction, saying yes to productivity. The only disadvantage to this productive move is that I will have to get up and go get my files or references…..not too bad though as I might sometimes need to stretch.

20130220-080439.jpg The New home office location
So its another work day, I’m sincerely excited as I haven’t been to work in a few days. Being in a casual work climate/setting i have learned to tone down the blazers and suits so I’m dressed in jeggings with a button down career blouse and an elbow sleeve sweater with boots. As I’m about to exit the house for some reason I have a conscience that says “jeggings is not for you to wear to work.” Oh boy, so I quickly grabbed a skirt and layered it over my jeggings. Hmmm….Quite cute I love the contrast of my simple style for work mode.

20130220-081855.jpg Casual work mode with jeggings

20130220-082012.jpgCasual work mode jeggings layered with tweed skirt

work mode 10 ensemble
Pink elbow sweater: Hollister
White career blouse: H&M
Black belted jeggings: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Grey, black and white tweed skirt: Merona
Green smoke toe boots: Lucky Brand
Pearl accessories: Lord & Taylor

That’s my simple work style, maybe had my sweater been longer I wouldn’t have reached for the skirt but I felt the need to cover my derriΓ¨re. This created a need for cardigans so yes this week time allotting I will get a few longer cardigans as they will become an integral part of my wardrobe. Until next time thanks for stopping by…..

Simply Jyune