Sometimes you have to Detoxify your body and your relationships

20140618-075834-28714866.jpg Hey Loves,
Lately, I have been thinking about relationships, I have been counseling others, reading about relationships and basically surveying the relationships I share with others. Despite the type of relationship I have determined that not all relationships are deemed healthy. A) Though we may have to be in a relationship with someone we may not personally like them, however based on the context of the relationship you may have to deal with them. So how to deal with that person at work with whom you can’t get along? Understand that it is ok to have single relationships with someone though you work well together you don’t have to be friends. The moment you know this and understand this it will detoxify your mind and body of unhealthy relationships

20140618-081003-29403558.jpg B)So you grew up with someone or you were the closest of friends with someone and overtime you realize the relationship is changing, you don’t see much of each other and when you do then there are disagreements about everything or almost everything. You are trying to save your friendship because you have history together, you try to hash it out however, it’s more arguing and hurting of each other’s feelings than ever, then guess what despite the years or time invested in this relationship understand that you will sometimes have to let go of some people that are familiar by giving them the latitude they need. Yes it may be very emotional as we are humans and we love familiarity yet everyone that starts with you will not finish with you some people become toxic you then have to detoxify that relationship.

C) Sometimes you have your family members and you love them so much however, every time you get together at family functions it turns into rage, anger and family feuds. They always have something negative or hurtful to say to someone and it’s just always upsetting to one or more other family members. They sometimes do activities which are not acceptable by the family which makes them look for negativity to highlight at family events or just talk about unnecessary things which are likely to hurt the feelings of some family members. Ooh yes you need to detoxify yourself of this relationship, observe the activities of your family member overtime to ensure that it is truly a toxic relationship. Review the relationship to see why the family member is always acting out and inflicting emotional pain. Reason with yourself : is there a way you can reach this person, in getting them to understand the repercussions of their behaviors? If not then guess what, act slowly but surely remove yourself by telling your family member that being family is not a choice but maintaining a toxic relationship is a choice so unless they can curve or change their behaviors then by all means you will need to dissociate from their company.

20140618-084741-31661554.jpg While working on detoxifying your relationships it is also super awesome for you to do an emotional self evaluation to ensure that you have not become toxic as well. Sometimes it’s easier to recognize the toxins in others unlike those within yourself. Be honest when you critique yourself as you too can become toxic and vulnerable based on situations. If you are content with the person you are and the way you treat your friend, family, coworkers and every relationship then by all means congratulations you are engaging in success relationships. If you are not content then reexamine you and your relationships its time to detoxify.

Simply Jyune Ensemble and Detox drink:
Black career suit-BCBG
Ocean Green career Blouse-The Limited
Ocean Green open toes pumps- BCBG generation
Black and White envelope clutch- BCBG generation
Black retro readers-Ray Ban
Ocean a Green and Black belt-gifted
Faux pearl jewelry-pearl rock by Traci Lynn Jewelry
Lip color-beach bum by Mary Kay

๐Ÿน๐ŸนDetox Drink๐Ÿน๐Ÿน
2organic Granny Smith apples
1bunch of kale
2stalks celery
1 small piece of ginger
1 cucumber
1 lemon
****Be prepared for the detox process of your body when you make this drink. As the season changes we should detox our bodies from all the remaining toxins from the foods we eat on a daily basis.

๐Ÿ˜„Detoxify your relationships, your mind and your body for a healthier life ๐Ÿ˜œ

Thanks for stopping by and loving on me.

Simply Jyune

Whoever said dating gets easier as you get older!!!!

Hey Loves

20140610-204238-74558870.jpg At a certain age it’s as if the dictators of society expect you to have jumped the broom or settled cozily into a lifestyle, compromising as best or settling just to make it work. Unfortunately for some of us (yes myself included) there comes a time when enough is enough and you have to let go of the familiar and head for the unknown. After healing and breaking free from all that seemed to drag you down and create bittersweet memories for you its time to start dating again. This time around it is supposed to be much easier because you know what you want and what you are not willing to tolerate. It’s like you have been given a sixth sense to weed out the undesirables of dating . This maybe because you are thinking just about yourself and your needs but what about the person who is interested in you; do you just shut them down coldly or do you give them a chance? . Well the majority of my single and dating mature friends are of the consensus that they should just be frank and say no this won’t work after one date and are quick to withdraw into their cocoon . Lol…as for me I will date someone as long as they have great conversation and similar interests because I know everyone needs someone to talk with about life. To my surprise dating doesn’t get any easier, the timeframe or the span on dating does get shorter as you get older however some people mature and develop better relationships based on past experiences as well as others are still not sure how to maintain dating, baggage and friendship. Dating at a mature age should mean that you have unpacked your baggage and you know how much you are willing to compromise for great companionship. To all my lovely mature singles: just remember dating is a 2way event so the other party might not be too thrilled with some things about you either! stay tuned for more on mature dating…….



Simply a Jyune Ensemble :
Neon print dress-Favori
Black Stiletto heels-Fendi
Black clutch-Gucci
Jigsaw jewelry-Traci Lynn. Fashion Jewelry
Red Lip color-Mary Kay cosmetics
Loves mature dating will get better based on your investment…..think wisely and honestly.
Simply Jyune

No to the lemon cake… are what you eat!!!!

Hey Loves,
Each and everyday I promise myself to do better at eating and exercise, somehow it’s not happening. I know mainly because when I am studying I snack more, I get less sleep, I miss meals and I don’t get to exercise. Plus it doesn’t help going on a cruise where the processed meals are prepared for you after being sick for 2weeks. Well I have noticed the difference so since I am out of classes for 2weeks I am back at it again, reaching for a healthier lifestyle and saying no to the lemon cake and cocktails. I am going to try my best and change my eating and exercise patterns to incorporate them into my lifestyle and make them a habit. So all this week I exercised at least an hour per day and have been conditioning my mind not to eat the sweets I crave. I have been drinking more water and staying out of the sun. Despite how much I love being outdoors the doctors order says “avoid the sun” so I am trying to protect my extremely sensitive skin.

20140523-074405-27845541.jpg with time freedom At the break of dawn I rise, get ready and walk to the pool, swimming this morning before the sunrise as I shouldn’t stay in the sun too much. A chance to reflect on the peacefulness of everything as everyone around me is still sleeping and all my neighbors are indoors.

20140523-074654-28014148.jpg it’s not dark out the beauty of almost summer weather not too dark, not too hot and not too cold in the mornings. At first the water feels cold and I want to get back out bundle up in my towel and run back to my bed but I am disciplined, though I am only being accountable to myself. So for today my activity includes swimming and water aerobics, then I must wash my hair and afterwards reward myself by sipping on some fresh cut mint tea with a teaspoon of honey. No I won’t have pastry for breakfast this morning and hopefully no other morning. It’s a work in progress that will become my lifestyle.

20140523-080112-28872181.jpg I am ready for this change I just have to remember reduce the sugar and sodium intake, drink more fluids especially water, exercise and live a little more than I do now…….

20140523-080330-29010418.jpg On that note the sun is rising its time to get up and head to my garden cut a piece of mint and set it on to boil while I wash my hair.

20140523-081013-29413708.jpg Stay tuned for my more updates on the change to a healthier lifestyle …..psst maybe you should challenge yourself also, strength is in numbers.

Until next time ………..thanks for stopping by its always a pleasure.
Simply Jyune

Not from around Here!!!

Hey Loves,

20140518-182020.jpg As I get ready for church in the rain, I am thinking of what to wear as I rarely ever know what to wear. I am reminded I live in the suburbs and my church is accepting of one’s garments so almost anything will do. Yet As simple as I am I am different, anything won’t do. I often feeling as if I am Not From Around Here!!! so I try to be as plain as possible with a simple black and white dress paired with matching cap toed black and white shoes. it takes time to find a purse because it’s raining out and I want to cheer myself up. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and so I need a pop of color to brighten up a gloomy, rainy day. I reached for my perforated summer bag and I feel alive and confident to walk in the rain.

20140518-183211.jpg The Church sermon was so great reminding me of the power of God and his chastisement because he loves me. The ability to understand that when you love someone you tell them the truth not because you want to hurt them but because you love them so you maintain trust and honesty. That no matter what I am going through the love of a God surrounds me and prayer, yes praying boldly will get me through all the strong holds in my life. With tears pouring from my eyes I am praying and thanking The Lord for loving me despite my shortcomings. I am thankful for everyday despite looking as if I am not from around here I feel like this is home and where I belong I will just look different because I am different and I have a purpose, the love of a God will let me go through storms to show me how strong I really am, what I should live without, what I should give less attention to, how the devil will use my child to distract me from God, and to show me what is worth living for as well as what is worth dying for. I am thankful that I can remain strong through it all and when I am temporarily weak God forgives me and restores me the power of God is beautiful, truly amazing and with God in my life I may seem different, because walking with God has shown me that I don’t miss the people that I thought I couldn’t live without. That I don’t miss doing the things I used to do nor do I miss hanging out with some people. When people are confrontational and have done me wrong or speak ill of me I pray for them because I know I am not from around here…..I am a woman of God.


Black and White Ensemble with a pop of color:

Black and white dress ~ International Concepts
White crop sweater ~ Tommy Hilfiger
Leggings~ Ralph Lauren
Black & White Cap Toe Mary Jane ~ Stuart Weitzman
Teal perforated Tote Bag ~ Zara woman
Purple Lips~ Christian Dior
Watch & Jewelry ~Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
So though opposites attract I thought it fitting to add a pop of color to make this outfit outstanding! and to top it off I jazzed it up with my personality by adding in my favorite color purple, hence the purple lips!!!!!


though I am not from around here I am comfortable holding my own, walking with God.

Simply Jyune
xoxo ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’ƒ

A Reflection on Mother’s Day Love

Hey Loves,

Like every Mother’s Day this one was no different everyone reached out to someone who played an important or motherly role in their life, or their biological mothers and females in their families, everyone went berserk trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift and show up for dinner with Mom. Churches all over were jam packed with people spending the day with Mothers and the sermons were just imaginably awesome. I often wonder do these same people honor these mothers all year or is it just for that one day? Personally I think its hypocrisy, and commercialized as love should be everyday. Why can’t people recognize their loved ones all year or without the rest of the universe doing it. I admire women that make a difference in the lives of children and others whom they come in contact with because that’s love its unconditional which helps to overcome hurts and release strongholds.

20140513-235911.jpg So on this Mother’s Day I call my Mom and talk with her like I do everyday then tell her how much I love and miss her. It’s like any other day except I add happy Mother’s Day Mom. There are many people whom don’t have their mothers around to celebrate because of so many reasons which can cause a bunch of mixed feelings however no matter what they can overcome whatever is blocking the love as long as they are ready for a change. After talking to my Mom I went to church with my son and my Dad. My co-Pastor preached a lovely sermon on overcoming, being the overcomer and strengthening ones life with God, using the bible as a shield from whatever hurts you. I left church feeling free and purposeful with my single beautiful lavender flower.

20140514-000643.jpg After 8 days on a ship I just wanted to relax and heal from my sunburns but I had to attend church it’s not a choice it’s a ritual for me. Nice and easy I dressed in a simple chevron nude dress with platform Mary Jane heels paired with a nude bag I picked up on the ship…..yeah it has become my new favorite bag!

Simple Mother’s Day ensemble:
Chevron dress: Abi Ferrin
Patent leather Mary Jane shoes: BCBG
Nude oversize bag: Steve Madden
Gold and black jewelry: Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

I celebrate all Mothers every day, I salute those whom are doing a great job and I extend help to those who are in need to make them better mothers, after all life didn’t come with a set of instructions Mothers aren’t always perfect. I can say I thank my Mom for being there since my birth and for the unconditional love she taught me. As a result my level of resilience is better than others which lets me cope with all the disappointments and failures in this world with love unconditionally as I understand not everyone had a loving mother in their path which is a testament to attachment theory.

20140514-002939.jpg I love my Mom and admire her strength all day everyday, with her I can chat and laugh about anything even when she gets mad at me bothering her too much I know she is being honest when she tells me off because that’s what love does, it gives honesty not hypocrisy. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, I pray I have my Mommy forever, so say a prayer for my Mom to keep good health. Thank you in advance just remember Love heals all wounds.

Thanks for stopping by
Simply Jyune๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŒน

Have Faith, DIY fruit infused water!!!!!

Hey Loves,
It has been a minute since I posted any or shared with you all. The last few weeks have been rather difficult….seasonal allergies, hay fever, outbreaks, food allergies you name it and its like I have experienced more than I ever want to relive. On top of it I had to attend seminars and classroom sessions at Residency. Just a burdensome time within a 7week period. I must say being a believer my faith, helped me during these trials in my life. It would have been easy to seek comfort in all the available comfort foods and talk to whomever would listen. Unfortunately with growth comes changes.

20140501-063250.jpg At the beginning of my ordeal I had just joined a Small Bible Study group of women to study Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free. I must say sharing and studying this book totally freed me of the pain and fears from my past. I learned how God created my past to help me get through life now and I clearly see the direction and the life that’s ahead for me. Overall I have developed a relationship, an intimacy with The Lord, no more bondage, I have learned to say no. In keeping my mind healthy I have also taken the extra step to keep my body healthy so my eating habits have also changed. I have decreased my sugar and carb intake and started eating more salads and protein. Yikes, yuck but it it’s getting better. As a result I am loving DIY Fruit Infused Water daily


20140501-064111.jpg For years I have loved spa water that’s right the water with the slices of fruit when you go the spa but I never tried it at home. Well finally this year on my quest to being healthier and to consume more water I added a few packets of liquid or powdered fruits however my taste buds did not like the after taste from those additives.
If you are like me and experiencing the same then you should try this:-
Grab some fresh fruit, small berries Or Slice some vegetables and make it a way of life because fresh fruits, vegetables and water infused together actually helps to improve concentration and keeps your body hydrated………..

on the quest of good health and improved concentration for the hot months approaching buy less pastries or use the fruits before they go bad get a pitcher, water bottle and water preferably natural artesian or alkaline water to get your pH levels where they need to be:

strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cucumber, ginger, mint leaves, lemon basically add a handful of these fruits or vegetables to a large pitcher or water bottle keep them refrigerated and you can sip all day. If you are on the go like me most of the day then an/a fruit infused water bottle would be ideal for you. Drop your fruits or vegetables into a infuser insert with perforation so that the fruit/vegetable can properly infuse. This can be done overnight or right before you are headed out. There you go fresh healthy water on the go, tasting so good and refreshing which reduces your intake of sugar filled juices and carbonated beverages.

20140501-065246.jpg Give it a try do it yourself today, stay hydrated and healthily avoid the juices with improper labeling for corporate and commercial benefits which offers no substance to your body. drink more infused water and less sugar filled juices and you will discover a difference in your body, mind and health. for the next 21 days I will be challenging my mind and body to go against carbs and sugar, will you join the challenge? it will be a struggle but you can do it too and guess what if you forget momentarily because we all get cravings don’t fight or beat up yourself. Just toss the rest of the uneaten foods and get something healthier and better for you in the long run.

It’s all Mind Over Matter anyway so have infused water everyday.

Much Love
Simply Jyuneโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Culture, customs and Easter

Hey Loves,
It’s Easter, my second favorite time of year……the luxury of being born and raised in Jamaica therefore Easter is culturally different for me it brings an end to the season of lent and sacrifices….its several days of celebration and a holiday to celebrate the fact that Christ is risen, the resurrection of The Lord, a time for family and friends to get together and worship The Lord. It starts out with Palm Sunday, A must go to church to count down the resurrection of Christ and receive your palms. Holy Thursday everyone does their shopping early as the markets and businesses are closed by noon. People go home or journey to their families to minimize travel and prepare their traditional foods. Good Friday, people eat dry foods and attend church to glorify God, most wear white for the resurrection of Christ as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice for mankind.

20140418-113910.jpg loads of Bun and cheese are consumed which are filled with raisins and spices. There is a Easter Saturday market day and shopping for parties…..Easter Sunday for praises Christ is Risen. Easter Monday all the children are nicely dressed and off to some type of an event for children. I am sitting here on a Good Friday, I have my worship and then I will visit my family and reminisce about Easter. However no matter how I try its just not the same here, yet I keep my traditions I don’t work during the Easter holidays except for being the best Mom in the World, my most difficult yet favorite job.

20140418-114545.jpgAdter the dark winter hues with it being Spring its best to get dolled up in Easter hues of pastel and look glamorous as well as colorful as the beautiful flowers. For Palm Sunday I kept it simple comfortable pair of black pumps with a green midi skirt, orange silk blouse and cropped capped sleeve sweater with a contrast of orange lips green makeup. Nice array if colors and a simple mix for color block at Easter.



Easter Ensemble:
White cropped sweater- Tommy Hilfiger
Green silk Midi skirt- WD NY
Orange silk blouse-Sample sale in NYC
Black Hsyteria pumps- Gucci
Debutante Messenger bag – Henri Bendel
Lip Color-MAC
Eye makeup-Mary Kay at play collection
Green jewelry & watch-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Easter is more than just a Christian belief for me its a cultural belief and I would never wear red on Easter that’s just taboo after all Jesus made a sacrifice for mankind.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Thanks for stopping by enjoy Easter the best way you know how or start a new just don’t spend it alone.

Simply Jyune