The virtue of Patience….blessed is she

Hey Loves,

“And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” Luke 1:45

As I sat in devotion this morning I chose to focus on this particular scripture that I had received from a friend. I found it fitting as everyone seems to be living rather spontaneously. We live in a society which makes everything available at our fingertips so we have lost the virtue of patience. The few of us whom still enjoy shopping away from our computers, When we walk into a store we don’t expect to encounter a line or have someone wait on us. We are microwaving most of our experiences and as a result the relationships we form are in quantity however not of high quality.

We often need to stop and think do we need 5000 friends on social media or do we need friends whom we actually know and can relate to? Friends whom are supportive of us should be the only ones we need in our circles. It is good to have a global connection and relationships with others but it’s even greater when we have a personal relationship with God. The word of God promises to bless us and pour into us, God gave his only begotten son for us. Yet we often wonder why we experience the struggles that we do and think all is against us. As believers we ought to encourage and nourish our faith so that we can hear the voice of God. Know that while we are being impatient God is working diligently for us, it may not be when we expect things to happen for us but in the time that God deems it right for us. Think about it without a test we would have no testimony and without being a victim we would not be a victor. God loves victories and that’s why we encounter struggles so that by overcoming them we are able to share our victories and make a believer of the non-believer.

Simply June Ensemble:
Cute, trendy, pink in effect for breast cancer awareness easy to recreate
Best friend ripped denim, pink cropped elbow neon blazer, black top paired with black pumps accessorized with gold Her majesty jewelry necklace and gold buckle up bracelet.

Have a great day!!!
Simply June❀️

Culture, customs and Easter

Hey Loves,
It’s Easter, my second favorite time of year……the luxury of being born and raised in Jamaica therefore Easter is culturally different for me it brings an end to the season of lent and sacrifices….its several days of celebration and a holiday to celebrate the fact that Christ is risen, the resurrection of The Lord, a time for family and friends to get together and worship The Lord. It starts out with Palm Sunday, A must go to church to count down the resurrection of Christ and receive your palms. Holy Thursday everyone does their shopping early as the markets and businesses are closed by noon. People go home or journey to their families to minimize travel and prepare their traditional foods. Good Friday, people eat dry foods and attend church to glorify God, most wear white for the resurrection of Christ as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice for mankind.

20140418-113910.jpg loads of Bun and cheese are consumed which are filled with raisins and spices. There is a Easter Saturday market day and shopping for parties…..Easter Sunday for praises Christ is Risen. Easter Monday all the children are nicely dressed and off to some type of an event for children. I am sitting here on a Good Friday, I have my worship and then I will visit my family and reminisce about Easter. However no matter how I try its just not the same here, yet I keep my traditions I don’t work during the Easter holidays except for being the best Mom in the World, my most difficult yet favorite job.

20140418-114545.jpgAdter the dark winter hues with it being Spring its best to get dolled up in Easter hues of pastel and look glamorous as well as colorful as the beautiful flowers. For Palm Sunday I kept it simple comfortable pair of black pumps with a green midi skirt, orange silk blouse and cropped capped sleeve sweater with a contrast of orange lips green makeup. Nice array if colors and a simple mix for color block at Easter.



Easter Ensemble:
White cropped sweater- Tommy Hilfiger
Green silk Midi skirt- WD NY
Orange silk blouse-Sample sale in NYC
Black Hsyteria pumps- Gucci
Debutante Messenger bag – Henri Bendel
Lip Color-MAC
Eye makeup-Mary Kay at play collection
Green jewelry & watch-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Easter is more than just a Christian belief for me its a cultural belief and I would never wear red on Easter that’s just taboo after all Jesus made a sacrifice for mankind.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Thanks for stopping by enjoy Easter the best way you know how or start a new just don’t spend it alone.

Simply Jyune

Oh My it’s The Last Friday of 2013

20131227-190634.jpg Hey Loves, It is the last Friday of 2013; I woke up in sunny El Paso with friends, a break from the freezing cold I had to endure in New York over Christmas. No complains however as it was worth seeing my family and friends. Christmas Day with my family was filled with peace, joy and love…..just the way I wanted it. As I get more experienced in living I realize what’s most important to me and it’s no longer multiple properties, multiple bank accounts, shopping trips in exotic places, designer items or hanging out its mostly a quest for more knowledge and relaxation with a glass of wine.

20131227-191446.jpg Today on the very last Friday of 2013 I reflect on all the other 51 Fridays that passed me by and I sigh and I laugh thinking…..of those many Fridays how often was I evasive and stayed in, or how often did I go out and wished I was home instead. Last Friday on my birthday, I had so much fun, it awakened a deep hunger in me, so Today I want to live differently, I am hungry for adventure as I stare at the mountains in El Paso and think of the rich history embedded in this far western state it makes me realize, that I have been too cautious my entire life…..I will gamble with my money in taking chances but never with me

20131227-192401.jpg So with such thoughts I want to put the textbooks aside, I want to go outside and actually want to be outside having fun, to make my life an adventure while I let go of my past and live for tomorrow, chase my dreams, add meaning to my life with God’s guidance I will do so as it’s time to make me happy and live my dreams

20131227-193100.jpg I am ecstatic that I am spending this last Friday in El Paso, Texas….peaceful and filled with relaxation and meditation. I am thankful for the many experiences and the love of God who continuously blesses me with his divine intervention. As I celebrate this last Friday in 2013 with a glass or 2 of Riesling I know I will live a lot more than I have done in the last 5years and I will learn to do more for me.
oh my necklace, gold pebble earring & pebble pearl jewelry by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Never……rejoice over the failure of others

Hey Loves,

Never: I would never write about the failures of another for personal gratification. As humans we all need positive relations and thrive on positivity. Whether or not we believe it we are all ego driven we all have an alter ego. To belittle others or to rejoice over the failures of others is a poor coping technique. Failures or shortcomings creates the alter ego and the motivation to go forward and chase success. Think about it without failures would we know success?

20130605-105848.jpg AlterEgo ~ Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Never, never rejoice in the failures of others.

Simply Jyune

Spring break

Do you have a favorite past time?


Sunrise over South Carolina


Enamored by the beauty of the sunrise

Enchanted by the beauty of the trees.
Hey Lovelies,
I am ecstatic that Spring Break is finally here, I am off for an early morning drive off to South Carolina, before the sunrise. One of my favorite past times.

πŸ’ƒSimply Jyune
β€πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘œ

The honest fashionista!!!!





20130406-083221.jpg Hey Lovelies, Hope you are all ready for a great weekend, I wish I was too!!! I had been praying for Spring Break for awhile and now that it is here I realize I have loads of work to do around me. This morning as i left a comment for a fellow blogger Harsh Reality i thought it would be great to share it on my page. As individuals in society we have to understand that we are a part of the whole and that’s what makes us individuals. As the honest fashionista i strive for free flow of information, interesting fashionable outfits, blogging at its best. On the other hand I sometimes feel restricted as there is that little kid in me that wants to please even though the mass will never be satisfied until like a leech they have sucked you dry.

20130406-085243.jpg The honest fashionista ensemble cheetah print leggings-Betsey Johnson, emerald peplum blouse-Michelle’s NY, black open front cardigan- GAP, statement necklace and earrings-F21, gold sparkle belt- F21, gold large cuff- Nordstrom Rack, black bag- Aurore by Chloe, emerald smoked boots- Lucky Brand

One thing fashionable I have learned about myself since I started this blog a few months ago is that I love cheetah print. The cheetah animal represents everything that defines me life, nature, freedom, speed, focus and accomplishments. So being the honest fashionista, I now know the reason for loving cheetah print. I will blog about that which i feel strongly, how i feel, wear what i like and aim to please me as the masses will never be satisfied anyway. Needless to say I used to laugh at the little old ladies wearing cheetah prints. Now i am the one loving cheetah print. Have a happy, honest overall great weekend all.

Simply Jyune

Love the life you live

Do you have a favorite Bob Marley quote?

20130206-210951.jpg Hey Lovelies,
Today marks the 68th birthday of Bob Marley. Though he has been long dead his life and music is still celebrated all over the world. Here in Atlanta tonight there is a celebration @ Vinyl….I can imagine its quite a tribute to his life and music. Unfortunately I had an extremely long day and an early day tomorrow so hanging out got cut from my schedule tonight.

20130206-211442.jpg Often times when I face difficulties or I’m going through life’s many lessons I often think of famous quotes by Bob Marley, which often changes my perspective on the situation at hand. Last summer I had so many decisions to make in trying to do what’s best vs. what’s expected of me and in my head I could only hear echoes of Bob Marley’s voice saying, “love the life you live, live the life you love. At the end of the day it gave me the opportunity to reason with myself, balance my life, elevate my mind and bring harmony to me.

20130206-212137.jpg I love the life you I live.
Summer 2012 pictured in Jamaica in harmony with me, relaxing and enjoying nature the life i Love.
I’m wearing:
Asymmetrical Aztec print dress– Impulse
blue chain bag– Tory Burch
sunnies– Louis Vuitton
dangling gold earrings– Nordstrom
Gold bracelet– Forever 21
shades of blue sandals-Report
lip gloss-Starlet Kiss (Heatherette for MAC)

Thanks for stopping by I would love to hear your favorite Bob Marley quote?
Simply Jyune