Prints and Blush!!!!!

20140606-101713-37033875.jpg Hey Loves,
The warmer months are off to a great start , I am loving all the trends….perforation, prints, geometrical shapes, florals, brights, neons, gold jewelry, pastels, shorts, skirts, dresses, rompers, maxis, minis, hats, flats, heels, wide legged pants and jumpsuits it’s just endless ways to be fashionable and make a statement in everything, wherever you show up.

20140606-103010-37810199.jpg this particular week I visited with my mom in New York and showed up to church with my friend. After church I quickly snapped a few shots to show my mix of prints and blush being a quiet storm in the warm weather.




Simply Jyune’s blush and print ensemble:
Blush Belt and Pumps:- Breckelle’s by Kahdijiha Rowe
Printed skirt:-C Wonder
Off White silk blouse:- C Wonder
Black messenger style chain clutch:- Michael Kors
Makeup:- Mary Kay
Silver Cross necklace:- Thankful by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Bling it Ring and Fancy Bracelet Jewelry:- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

20140606-110752-40072325.jpg as always thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing my passion Prints and Blush!!!
Simply Jyune

2014 It Snowed in Atlanta …..I loved it, they hated it!!!!

Hey Loves,
I returned from Florida and went into my routine without turning the TV on or checking out weather forecasts. On Tuesday my Bestie from NYC said “lets get some comfort foods for the snow” and I’m like what snow this is Georgia… last snowed 3years ago on Christmas while the children played outdoors in the snow. Anyway I dropped my books and headed to the supermarket with her and loaded up on more fruits for juicing as well as chips, and lemon cake. Upon coming out of Publix it was already snowing geez Louise……what a treat and a surprise at noon.

20140202-162719.jpg This is so awesome, I am beyond ecstatic… a kid in a candy store, I grab my rain boots and head out doors to play.


20140202-163407.jpg I want to make an angel however I’m hesitant they are already shaking their heads at me playing outdoors so I settle for throwing snowballs at my photographer.


20140202-164055.jpg this was history in the making God was at the control for all the non believers and naysayers, he showed up and declared boss over everything as the city of Atlanta experienced a million people trying to get out yet people were unprepared and as a result spent up to 24hours trapped in their cars or having to abandon their cars

20140202-164748.jpg Being a New Yorker it was fun and reflective of my younger years playing in the snow while business & commute continued as usual unlike Atlanta even children were stuck in schools overnight……. Being unable to do anything more than bringing home one child that was stuck at school until his Mom could get him on her way home from work.


Simply Jyune’s simple snow Ensemble:
Navy barn jacket –Burberry
Navy knitted hat-Lacoste
Nova check wool scarf- Burberry
Yellow long sleeve tee- Papaya
Black leggings- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Navy Rain Boots- Hunter women’s Rain boots

I was ecstatic I finally got the opportunity to wear my Fabulous Hunter rain boots and play in the snow……quite eventful.

20140202-170506.jpg As much as I love the snow and it having no bearing on me living out in the suburbs with no reason to be in the city that day I empathize with all those whom were affected and apologize to all the parents who lost sleep being worried over their children spending the night at school. As a school psychologist and a humanitarian that broke my heart and made me cry for all the children improperly dressed and parents walking miles to pick up their children. So as much as I loved the snow I hated that people faced so many difficulties and the Mayor Kasim Reed got blamed for it all…sadI. Hopefully we will be better prepared next time.

Thanks for stopping by as your visits keep me writing, hope you are all inspired to dress for the weather or just enjoy whatever weather God brings forth in your lives.

:-)Simply Jyune:-)

Reflections on his birthday….donate your unwanted gifts.

Hey Loves,
It is Christmas day, and yes it is his birthday, he gives us a reason to celebrate and have a grand time with friends, families and loved ones. This beautiful day requires so much preparation and then in one day it all comes to a stand still people get together, eat, exchange gifts and observe how much the children has grown.


Christmas has always been pretty much the same for me except that it has been getting quieter each year. It used to be a day of double celebrations in my household a birthday and Christmas day.Β  When life happens sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but either way it may be stressful.


On a day when everyone is supposed to be excited and celebrating there is someone out there (a) who is cold and hungry, (b) without family (c) sad (d) homeless (e) alone (f) dying (g) terminally ill and (h) working outdoors in unpleasant and frigid temperatures. We should all take the time to pray for those people and all that they must endure and encounter during such a festive season. Instead of being miserable because you didn’t get the gift you wanted think of those who didn’t get a gift, those who are in need of basic necessaries and have nothing. Perhaps you should consider recycling or donating the items you won’t ever use to those who will use them.Β 


I am truly appreciative of this day I look forward to it as a period of rest, much like all the other holidays I rest and get caught up on my thoughts and plans. For me this time of reflection is truly easy because I have a small circle which makes it easier to manage my time. It’s great to know a lot of people but not everyone is worthy of becoming our family or friends nor produce healthy relationships.Β 


So instead of being unappreciative and sulking over a gift, think of those who are truly in need and would love to smile for one minute and just donate your unwanted items to the charities, women’s shelters and not for profit organizations who would love to have those items. Afterall, why not spread some love on Christmas day, it is the season of giving which is why God gave his only son Christ so that we may remember the joys of receiving and the benefits of sharing…Christ is one half of Christmas.


The simple riding ensemble,
Chestnut riding boots- dolce vita
Navy seamed tights- Zara
Swing illusion back blouse- Lush
Up sweep hair –
Michelle at Sassy Gifted Hands
Silver fashion jewelry- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Another Christmas sharing my simple but inspirational and useful thoughts.


Friends make it worthwhile, especially when you know their love is genuine…..Merry Christmas one and all

Much Love
Simply June πŸ™‚

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How to rock the Cozy Coral asymmetrical BCBG Reese dresses…

Hey Loves,
This spring I came across lovely asymmetrically three quarter designed Eddie dresses by BCBG and of course i couldn’t resist purchasing or deciding on a single color so i bought btred which is like crimson red and the blue navy which is like midnight blue. A month later I see the asymmetrically designed dresses sleeveless in coral, ivory and mint….. and they were having a sale. Being a glutton for good prices and the lady that loves being in a dress I found myself at home with two more of these BBCG dresses and yes they are different because the newest ones are titled Reese dresses while the sleeved ones are Eddie…. I had fallen in love with Eddie and Reese dresses by BCBG because of their shape, design, the softness of the material, the ability to go from day to night in them as they can be casual or dressy depending on the event and they can be worn belted for a closer fit or unbelted as it was intended for a loose fit and overall the colors look great……they are just so fabulous.

The coral Reese dress and the navy Eddie dress

When Belted the coral Reese dress looks more like a mullet dress than an asymmetrical dress making it appear transformable. These dresses are amazing and have become an integral part of my wardrobe though I am yet to wear them all I know they will be worn eventually and will stay in my closet forever. This past Sunday I got the opportunity to wear the coral Reese sleeveless dress to church where in i belted it so here are a few pics.




Paired with a dark wine/burgundy belt and shoes spiced up with gold accessories for contrast this simple dress became a hot little number and could have gone to another event after church.

Cozy Coral BCBG Reese Dress Ensemble:
Coral Reese Dress- BCBG DRESSES
Amarante Wide Band Burgundy belt- Louis Vuitton
Burgundy strappy heels- Guiseppe Zannotti shoes
Juicy lip gloss – Clinique
Gold jewelry –Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Thats just one of the many ways to wear the asymmetrical Coral BCBG Reese dress
simple yet transformed into elegance simply by adding a belt.

Until next time thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog, and for my faithful followers forgive me on the days when I am unable to share. This Fall season I hope to blog at least 3times per week.

Simply Jyune

Black & White Maxi trends

Hey Loves!!!
I love wearing Maxi dresses in the summer. though long they actually protect my skin from sun burn and are made from breathable cotton materials. They also transform from day to evening to night easily. It has been a while since I had the time to post a pic or read a blog. Both my parents have been sick and of course I was the designated care taker for most of the month of July. As a result there was no time for my hobbies and minimal time to write. I like producing quality work so even though I’m not a perfectionist I don’t like doing anything when I am unable to do my best.


20130801-111330.jpg On my way to pick Mom up from the treatment center. I am sporting an off the shoulder black & white striped maxi, with a splash of pink on my lips yum yum and my favorite pink bag on my arm. I love this maxi most because the stripes are not one dimensional, the adjoining of the materials from black to white is just phenomenal in the way stripes flow from different angles. An attempt to staying cool during the NYC heat wave.

My Black & White Ensemble:
Black & White Maxi-INC for Bloomingdales
Luminous Pink Bag- Kate Spade
Hematite Jewelry- Traci Lynn Jewelry
Black Flip Flops- Gifted
Lip Color- Candy Yum Yum by MAC
Sunnies-Louis Vuitton




20130801-114146.jpg I will be wearing this black & white maxi dressnumerous times, Right now I am happy to be back home in my own element, I can relax, focus, and write well. I missed you all and will try to catch up on the blogs of my fellow bloggers. To all my newfollowers welcome…… I’m back.

Simply Jyune
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I love Dresses






20130418-173506.jpgHey Lovelies,
However, lately I have been so busy with my scholarly writing, appreciating what’s left of my scholarly voice that I haven’t much time to write my blog, so these pics and thoughts are long overdue. Shame on me as I still love dresses, I just don’t get the time to wear them as much anymore. My amplified schedule has me enjoying one day off and I try my best to have as much fun as possible. So my new fashionable trend is the Maxi Dress…… Yes I have always loved them and watched them go in and out of style, wearing them whenever I please. This season I am delighted with the maxi dresses in stores, magazines, fashionably on bodies everywhere. Wearing a maxi is perfect with loafers, flats, sandals, wedges and pumps , it is sometimes a bit difficult in stilettos if your time wearing a maxi dress involves going up and down stairs. Therefore i prefer wedges or loafers and on occasion pumps for a dressier event. This asymmetrical floral maxi was bought 2years ago in NY at a small boutique Dids Fashion Inc. When I bought this dress my friend laughed at me and asked why did I need that dress, and when did I plan on wearing it as he pictured me wearing high end labels. Lol…I love dresses, labels or not as I wear the dresses, the dresses don’t wear me!!!

I love dresses ensemble:
Green Floral Assymetrical dress: Dids Fashion, NY
Blue criss cross wedge heel: Chloe
Bone metal handle leather bag: Yves Saint Laurent
Blue 3/4 sleeve sweater: Hollister
Gold abstract Jewelry: African Street Market, NYC

20130418-175324.jpg So whatever your style pull out that maxi dress hidden in the back of your closet or dash out and grab one of the new pastels with a belt….hmmm

20130418-180534.jpg Thanks for stopping by.

Simply Jyune

The Piano Player




20130415-093846.jpgHey Lovelies, Happy Monday!!!! Black and White trends are fashionably everywhere geometrically! Skirts, pants, shorts, leggings, swimsuits every stitch of clothing. This trending mix is beautiful when mixed with bright colors except yellow. Hmmmmm….yeah the yellow mix reminds me of a penguin. To sport my black and white piano player leggings I mixed it with pink and citron to create a smashing yet Nice contrast with the black 3/4 leather sleeve blazer. I must say I love the combination, just fabulous for the leggings lover and the black and white trends. The geometrical shape on these leggings from Michelle’s Boutique NY reminds me of piano keys and for that I have dubbed them my piano player leggings.

The Piano Player ensemble:
leggings~Michelle’s NY
3/4 sleeve leather blazer~The Limited
pink camisole~ Forever 21
pink smoking shoes~ Nine West
citron scarf~ Forever 21
collar necklace & earring~ Forever 21
gold plated bangles~ Bebe

In a nutshell, that’s the fabulous ensemble of black and white trends and geometry—–the piano player. Enjoy your black and white trends with a hint of color.

Simply Jyune