Freedom from strongholds…….fear unleashed

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We all have things, or habits that we like to do but sometimes they consume so much of our time that they become unhealthy. Does that sound like you? well you can stop being a hostage to those habits or things. Anything done in exCess can become a stronghold…..

20140626-124124-45684707.jpgas the days go by I am surrounded with people whom all have so much to say or do. My days seem to stay the same or sometimes get busier than ever though My phone rings much less than it used to as I realize there is a freedom all over me! Yes, I feel free, freedom from everything that held me back. Just being fearful of everyone and everything…..those fears don’t live here anymore. I have unleashed those fears and I am ready to walk in my purpose. Think about it, don’t you sometimes wish you could just be free and do that which makes you happy . of course you can do so but in order to do so you have to focus on what is holding you back. Being able to recognize the strongholds in your life will help you to let them go. After all think about it if you don’t know something is a bother then of course you won’t be bothered by it. Late post from last week’s movie outing.


20140626-125849-46729700.jpg Though it may take much meditation for acceptance of the strongholds in your life just remember denial is always the first step so if you are denying what it is that’s holding you back from your purpose then that’s it. You see if it isn’t pushing you forward then its a stronghold which creates excuses for you to stay the same.

Be strong enough to recognize the strongholds, to be able to boot them out of your life, and stop being a hostage from whatever is holding you back. Reclaim you today…..unleash!!!

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Mental Health Awareness- 10 Ways to Boost Mental Health and Relieve Stress

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It’s the end to the week and a start to the weekend. Was it a great week? Or is it the start to a great weekend? well it depends on your mental health status!! The way we do things and our behaviors are shaped by our mental health status. Healthy minds create healthy thoughts and shapes our behaviors accordingly. Therefore if you are mentally well then by all means you will feel better physically, contribute more to society and maintain healthy behaviors. It is important to acknowledge or recognize when someone around us has a mental health problem as early detection and treatment can save them from further treacherous behaviors. The simplest of things or events may push someone to the edge or so close that they develop anxiety attacks, panic attacks, sleeplessness, sweat, irregular body temperature, withdrawal from others, incoherent speech, salad talk, attraction to dangerous behaviors. Mental health education and awareness should be taught in school to everyone, as well as posters should be everywhere to encourage maintaining good mental health. After all it is vital to our success in life so many shortcomings can be attributed to a break down or shift in routine without any source of support.

20140221-053312.jpg Picture courtesy of InstaRepost

Mental health and Counseling knows no color so no matter what your ethnicity there is counseling available for you. Even more so the diversity of today’s society will even afford you a mental health counselor of the same skin or online counseling service without face to face interaction.
10 Ways to Boost Mental Health and Relieve Stress
1. Be open and accepting that things will not always be perfect.
2. Create an awesome team of people as your friends/source of support.
3. Maintain healthy loving relationships-everyone needs love.
4. Talk about issues or situations which are bothersome.
5. Know and understand the limitations of your fears.
6. Eat foods which promote health and wellness.
7. Incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise in your day (walk is good).
8. Get enough sleep- believe it or not insufficient sleep impacts functioning.
9. Create balance in your life and work.
10. Be aware and avoid stressful situations, seek help at the time of the onset or shortly afterwards.

Ensemble:-looking good means feeling good
Jersey sweater dress~ BCBG Generation
Blue faux fur vest~ Designer Consigns Atlanta
Blue pointed heel boots~ Charles David
Blue bow purse~ Kate Spade
Silver San Tropez jewelry~ Traci Lynn Fashion jewelry
Lip gloss~ Lip gloss by MAC
It is certainly true that when you are feeling good then you are going to look good as good mental health is wealth so create healthy friendships and remember having a friend means being a friend.

Spotted at Footprints Cafe in Lawrenceville GA, Sunday Evening Jazz with Radio Dj Rene Miller
Let’s focus on increasing mental health awareness in our communities…….thanks for stopping by

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2014 It Snowed in Atlanta …..I loved it, they hated it!!!!

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I returned from Florida and went into my routine without turning the TV on or checking out weather forecasts. On Tuesday my Bestie from NYC said “lets get some comfort foods for the snow” and I’m like what snow this is Georgia… last snowed 3years ago on Christmas while the children played outdoors in the snow. Anyway I dropped my books and headed to the supermarket with her and loaded up on more fruits for juicing as well as chips, and lemon cake. Upon coming out of Publix it was already snowing geez Louise……what a treat and a surprise at noon.

20140202-162719.jpg This is so awesome, I am beyond ecstatic… a kid in a candy store, I grab my rain boots and head out doors to play.


20140202-163407.jpg I want to make an angel however I’m hesitant they are already shaking their heads at me playing outdoors so I settle for throwing snowballs at my photographer.


20140202-164055.jpg this was history in the making God was at the control for all the non believers and naysayers, he showed up and declared boss over everything as the city of Atlanta experienced a million people trying to get out yet people were unprepared and as a result spent up to 24hours trapped in their cars or having to abandon their cars

20140202-164748.jpg Being a New Yorker it was fun and reflective of my younger years playing in the snow while business & commute continued as usual unlike Atlanta even children were stuck in schools overnight……. Being unable to do anything more than bringing home one child that was stuck at school until his Mom could get him on her way home from work.


Simply Jyune’s simple snow Ensemble:
Navy barn jacket –Burberry
Navy knitted hat-Lacoste
Nova check wool scarf- Burberry
Yellow long sleeve tee- Papaya
Black leggings- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Navy Rain Boots- Hunter women’s Rain boots

I was ecstatic I finally got the opportunity to wear my Fabulous Hunter rain boots and play in the snow……quite eventful.

20140202-170506.jpg As much as I love the snow and it having no bearing on me living out in the suburbs with no reason to be in the city that day I empathize with all those whom were affected and apologize to all the parents who lost sleep being worried over their children spending the night at school. As a school psychologist and a humanitarian that broke my heart and made me cry for all the children improperly dressed and parents walking miles to pick up their children. So as much as I loved the snow I hated that people faced so many difficulties and the Mayor Kasim Reed got blamed for it all…sadI. Hopefully we will be better prepared next time.

Thanks for stopping by as your visits keep me writing, hope you are all inspired to dress for the weather or just enjoy whatever weather God brings forth in your lives.

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Up Close and Personal with Jazz extraordinaire Joey Somerville in Lawrenceville, GA

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Last night after church when I walked into Footprints cafe I had no idea the treat and the good time I was about to experience. I thought since I already have reservations I am going for 30minutes. I took my pictures to share with you all before I even sat down because I knew I wasn’t staying, I had no clue about Joey Somerville.

20140120-143326.jpg so after my pics I sat down with my meet up group and one of my associates. did a quick scan of the room while my body went into relax mood. here comes the struggle the waitress wants to take my drink order but I’m juicing I can’t have liquor right now. I managed to squeeze out a polite no thank you though I really wanted a glass of Riesling and a shrimp platter. After a few songs there was intermission and I moved around and got comfortable with the folks performing. I met the host for the night Rene Miller and she was super awesome in letting me use her charger because my phone was on the blink.

20140120-150728.jpg I met the jazz extraordinaire Joey Somerville up close and personal my self a breath taking moment.

20140120-151206.jpg shared my new found appreciation of his music and picked up a copy of his latest album The Get Down Club which he personally signed/autographed for me.


20140120-151750.jpg The intermission ended and now I’m starving because I had no dinner, basically no food all day but 2cups of Organo gold Mocha latte. I scanned the menu and found something pleading that wouldn’t mess up my attempt at vegetables and fruits diet this week. a salad, gosh I don’t like salads, I like warm comfort foods, anyway I ordered with a glass of water with lemon, made a face and proceeded to enjoy the music while waiting.




20140120-152701.jpg Joey Somerville Serenaded the audience with a new demo “Rebecca” which he is currently working on as a tribute to his grandmother and a local talent Xavier Lewis of Lawrenceville had the crowd rocking with his R&B tune “a woman has got to have it”

20140120-153155.jpgMy Caribbean salad was quite enticing and tasty, cubes of mango, pineapple & belle peppers mixed in with greens makes me want to eat salads on the regular so now I know where to grab a good salad locally. my 30 minutes turned into 2 1/2 hours of jazz, great ambiance and good company promising to return on February 16th for the Valentine’s night of Jazz at Footprintscafe


20140120-154036.jpg and then the night ended I was back to my reality 15 minutes later to write a 15 page paper in a few hours.

Simply Jyune πŸ™‚