A splash of Polka Dot……..

Hey Loves,

Do you love Polka Dots? Well polka dots should be every girls best friend, they are made of various size dots and you can dress them up or dress them down. Overall polka dots are fun designs. They blend well with almost any color and will transform a basic outfit into a glamorous fashionista outfit. This week I was home all day on Wednesday working then I remembered I had a dinner date with my son and his friend. School had been out and their extracurricular activities had ended so I had to hurriedly throw an outfit together. I reached for a polka dot skirt, a polka dot dress, a polka dot sweater, and a polka dot blouse, which means I was in a polka dot mood ahhhhhhh yes!!!!! this lady loves polka dots. I had to wear something polka dot with but a few minutes to spare I threw together a splash of polka dot put my hair in a ballerina bunand ran off to spend quality time with the teens.

20140118-110751.jpg A simple yet quick meal, Thai coconut shrimp and bang bang shrimp for appetizers then Blackened Tilapia with mango salsa served up with grilled vegetables for a meal complete with water. Yes, I skipped dessert and I passed on the wine. Afterwards I dropped the teens to youth church and went off to an online conference in a splash of polka dot feeling confident and pretty!!!!

Simply Jyune’s splash of polka dot ensemble:

Pearl & Bling Fashion jewelry- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Black platform zipped bootie- Steve Madden
Black leggings- Michael Kors
Polka dot blouse- Fancy Qube
Black layered vest – h&m
Fuchsia blazer- f21
Herring fuchsia clutch- Steven
Hair-ballerina bun
Lip color- MAC

Simply styling a polka dot layer with your winter layers can transform your entire outfit with a splash of polka dot.



Happiness can be a splash of polka dot to brighten your day.

Thanks for stopping by stay tuned for more ways to style your polka dot .

πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

Mothers Day 2013

Hey Loves

A heck of a day it was, went to bed exhausted, got up went to church…… Awesome service for all women and a present for every woman after church so we are all made to feel special

20130512-212051.jpg i am eager to get my hands on the hershey kisses but it is wrapped so cute!

20130512-212612.jpg Omg the cutest sneaker key chain!!! I quickly added it to my keys a reminder that I am never alone, as long as I am God focused he will see me through everything. Thank you Lord.

20130512-213309.jpg My Mother’s Day Jewelry from Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
then I drove an hour to spend the afternoon with my Gran’ma…..fun times with my 95 y-o Gran’ma

20130512-214152.jpg the joys derived from sitting and talking with my Gran’ma made my day and lifted the gloom which had set in before Bed last night ….I’m smiling again despite the headache.

20130512-215135.jpg Simply dressed in my Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry a white blouse and a leather bolero from Arden B. a maxi skirt and Christian Dior Lip Color .
Happy Mother’s Day AllπŸ’ƒπŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘œπŸ’‹

Simply Jyune

2012 reflections

Hey Lovely Peeps,
2012 is over and done with giving me a new year to reflect on all that I did or didn’t get to do in 2012. I blogged for 4months, in which I met wonderful people and engaged in reading their blogs and enjoying their pictures. Here is a reflection of 2012, thanks to you my Lovely Peeps for all your views and comments.













2012 Reflections a time of detachable collars, lace, peplum, oxblood, black on black, denim, chambray, tweed, clutches, pumps, sculpted heels…..glitz and glam.
Simply Jyune

Heart’s aglow….


20121222-080853.jpg Hey Lovely Peeps,
Happy Saturday morning……I am finally laying in bed on a Saturday reflecting on my life. Some things are good, some are bad and yes as you guess there are those that are in between. I find myself almost at a cross road wherein the simplest things make me happy and the big to dos make me sigh. In my head I am hearing Christmas carols, picturing my mother baking, making sorrel (traditional Jamaican drink at Christmas), planning with the helpers, changing out all the draperies and bed sets, getting the house painted, and planning fun activities for us during the lengthy Christmas season……such warm thoughts and my heart’s aglow. With such thoughts I’m nostalgic, I miss my family. With bouts of nostalgia I try to cheer myself up by not wearing all black today as I’ve noticed black clothing is becoming my favorite, I must go for a walk to clear my head while enjoying Christmas carols and festive crowds.
Heart’s aglow ensemble:
Pink sequin sleeved top~ Fun & Flirt
Black leather/ sheer panel leggings~ Michelle’s NY
Black zipper back boots with flap~ Prada
Bird cage earrings~ Betsey Johnson
Black zippered duffle bag~ Chloe

My heart’s aglow from wearing this pink sequin sleeved top, all season I wanted something sequin, and this one blouse found at TJ Maxx satisfied my want. Happy blogging and shopping with your hearts aglow with 3 2 more days before Christmas Day.

Simply Jyune

The birthday hairdo

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Quick blog of the birthday hairdo done by Michelle @ Sassyz Gifted Hands





I love getting my hair styled by Michelle at Sassyz Gifted Hands Bronx, NY always feeling rejuvenated and looking renewed afterwards. I love this birthday hairdo ….. loc rolls I’m Just glowing. A great way to end Fall 2012 and switch over to Winter 2012.

Simply Jyune

Mixed feelings…..world ending

Hey Lovely Peeps,
Happy December 21st, I’m excited to be here in this rain storm blogging to y’all. So yesterday 12/20/2012 was suppose to be the end of the world, doomsday, Mayan Apocalypse yet it was my birthday. I didn’t plan for my birthday because I have been preparing for the end of the world since I was a little girl. With mixed feelings, instead of celebrating I slept for most of the day, then washed my car, got my hair done and back to bed I will celebrate another time, yet it felt fulfilling for the now grown and sexy me…..

20121221-054122.jpg I’m awake and its storming yet everything seems to be normal in this world except for the winter solstice. I am ok with the weather though as its the holidays there will be loads of time to celebrate in my holiday dresses. Mixed Feelings ensemble:
Black belted Jeggings~ Marc Jacobs
Black detachable collar~ H&M
Black long sleeve tee ~ Marshalls
Skinny belt~ Ann Taylor Loft
Black pumps~ Fendi
Jewelry~ Movado
Lip color~ Christian Dior
Once again the world didn’t end and I’m just fine with that, despite the many predictions and preparations for the end of the world. We experienced the end of a long count period on the Mayan Calendar so just like a regular calendar ends and restarts the same should be happening with the Mayan calendar. What do you think?
Simply Jyune


Hey lovely Peeps,
Just wanted to share with you that fashion is indeed temporary. Fashion tells of an era, keeps the world a buzz, shows creativity. Fashion magazines can work twofold depending on who is reading it. Yes of course it may sometimes belittle someone or offer feelings of insecurity as well as it could boost self esteem or stroke someone’s ego. Fashion like Living is not for the faint of heart as everything affects someone. Love reading fashion magazines, shopping for statement & investment pieces just as much as I shop for thrifted pieces. Fashion repeats itself and quality clothing holds up between eras.


Fashion depicted vintage leather skirts 11years old, white poet blouse thrifted find, shoes 6years old….Chanel flap bag a classic worn every year. Investment pieces are like staples in a fashionistas closet. Fashion changes daily just as ones moods change. Love the creativity in fashion.
Simply Jyune