WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!! She hearts God more than Polka Dots

Hey Loves

After weeks of being away from my blog and sharing with you, the consensus has been screaming I miss your blog. It’s truly amazing the different groups of people whom have come forward and spoken about what I considered just rambling and showing my life through pictures. Well, as the world grows louder, I will return to writing and sharing on the blog however it won’t be a fashion blog because I am more than Fashion. Yesterday when I woke up for work I paused to think how blessed I am each day I get to decide which role I want to play because I wear so many hats.

IMG_9121.JPG My favorite roles however are Mom and woman of God. . My son is my everything and God is at the forefront of everything that I do. As the world grows louder, we become more tech savvy and our minds are invaded by everything we see or partake in. As a woman of a God I have to ensure that the distractions of society does not separate me from quality time with God. Daily prayer and meditation with praise music helps to keep me focused and in wait to sense God’s will.

IMG_9122.JPG In writing this I just wanted to share that it is God’s will for me to share my pictures and words with the world. When you learn to trust God it makes a difference in your life and no matter when the world seems to be caving in, you will have an anchor, yes God will be your support. That’s right God’s love and support never changes. Turn to him for strength and support in all your endeavors.

IMG_9124.JPG So after work it was a birthday celebration for my high school friend Mourine and as women of God and business partners we all had a great time at the Mall and dinner. Being a woman of God is not boring. We all have fun looking our best and live full normal lives, we just made the choice to walk with God and surround ourselves with like minded people. We are women of God, we are created to Flourish, therefore we uplift each other because we Love God more than I love polka dots!! Welcome Back, I missed you also!!!

Love ya
Simply June ❀️

Exquisite fashion Jewelry for women by Traci Lynn Jewelry

Prints and Blush!!!!!

20140606-101713-37033875.jpg Hey Loves,
The warmer months are off to a great start , I am loving all the trends….perforation, prints, geometrical shapes, florals, brights, neons, gold jewelry, pastels, shorts, skirts, dresses, rompers, maxis, minis, hats, flats, heels, wide legged pants and jumpsuits it’s just endless ways to be fashionable and make a statement in everything, wherever you show up.

20140606-103010-37810199.jpg this particular week I visited with my mom in New York and showed up to church with my friend. After church I quickly snapped a few shots to show my mix of prints and blush being a quiet storm in the warm weather.




Simply Jyune’s blush and print ensemble:
Blush Belt and Pumps:- Breckelle’s by Kahdijiha Rowe
Printed skirt:-C Wonder
Off White silk blouse:- C Wonder
Black messenger style chain clutch:- Michael Kors
Makeup:- Mary Kay
Silver Cross necklace:- Thankful by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Bling it Ring and Fancy Bracelet Jewelry:- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

20140606-110752-40072325.jpg as always thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing my passion Prints and Blush!!!
Simply Jyune

Introducing the Glitz & Glam Prom Project in Atlanta

Hey Loves,
Tonight in Atlanta Kahdijia Rowe of The Reality Show “Big Rich Atlanta” and the fashionable boutique owner of Platform Addicts will introduce the Glitz & Glam Prom Project . This venture will be hosted at Piece of Cake 1299 Collier Road, Atlanta GAcollect donations of prom clothing, accessories ( jewelry, clutches) to benefit Say Yes to Dress in Partnership with Clark Atlanta University’s Upward Bound Program.

20140404-090533.jpg Please come out and lend your support to this philanthropic event and network with like minded people as well as the lovely hosts and co-hosts

20140404-090859.jpg The Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry dynamic duo —— Platinum Executive Director I Danetta Hicks and Myself Emerald Director Madia J. Coke will be your co-hosts and representing the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry brand .

Always Red Carpet Ready!!!

Hey Loves,

Since living below the Mason-Dixon Line I sometimes find it difficult to get dressed because when I show up somewhere I look different from others, everybody is dressed in trends, so much so that they all look alike …they all wear the same hair, same hairstyles, same dress different color and same shoes. It’s as if I can just look at them and spot which boutiques they shopped for the events. There is nothing wrong with being trendy but a personal touch or an edge of creativity adds flavor to any style.

20140307-055927.jpg A woman’s outfit should be 75% accessories and 25% clothing…. Go figure I spend more time picking out my accessories than my clothing. On my way to network a Bridal Show at Elaborate Events in Duluth, GA after church I’m like I know I’m expected to look normal but what is normal…..I have to feed my mood and stress accordingly to be comfortable.. with such thoughts I paired a red zippered blazer with a mullet style green chiffon dress, complete with red pumps, belt, crystal and silver jewelry. After getting dressed I realize that my simple outfit looks more as if I am dolled up for more than networking with Brides.
The simple red carpet ready ensemble:
Fire Red zippered blazer – GAP
Green mullet dress- Forever 21
Red leather belt –Zara woman
Crystal jewelry –Fairytale by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Anklet/foot jewelry-Barefoot by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Fire Red pumps- Jessica Simpson

20140307-061653.jpg I then realize no matter how simple or inexpensive the outfit…….I will always be Red Carpet Ready and stand out apart from the crowd.


20140307-062131.jpg The Barefoot anklet is designed to wear while being barefoot, however I slipped it on with my pumps and it was comfortable to walk around so I just kept it on which gave a twist to my pump and style but I enjoyed the look and of course showcased my barefoot anklet to everyone. I was dressed so simple yet I felt overdressed so I took off my necklace and tossed the matching Zara clutch bag opting to use my blazer pockets for my keys, lip gloss and card. My simple lifestyle Keeps me Red Carpet Ready and turned up for every occasion…….I love my Simple Style!!!
Thanks for stopping by, with your blessings and sharing my fraction of the world.

😍😍Simply Jyune😍😍

Wrapped in Hope at the 2014 Oscars Award Ceremony


Wrapped in hope and loads of confidence as the red carpet was laid out and the numerous well dressed celebrities, actors, actresses, directors, producers just about everyone in the film industry gathered to celebrate the year of music and movies in review. So many were sure they had outperformed others and winning would have been the only possible. To the dismay of some the 31 year old Mexican born of Kenyan descent- Lupita Nyong’o and the 12 Years A Slave stole the entire Show at the 2014 Oscars. Lupita owned the show with her actions and acceptance of her award Best Supporting Actress……From the glow on her dark skin, her thick accent to the beautiful Cinderella like gown she wore the night was clearly hers finalized with her simple speech β€œWhen I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child, that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” A simple yet powerful speech, showing to the world her style and grace.



20140303-113733.jpg such a beauty with brains and humility could easily be an ambassador. even more exciting when 12 Years a Slave was awarded best picture of the year. Together these wins have added to our historical content so much that can be shared with our children and their children and grandchildren.

20140303-114103.jpg Stay wrapped in hope and keep your dream alive because if you give it your best shot then its a clear win!

Lupita’s light blue silk gown designed by Prada
Makeup by Nick Barose
bag and platform shoes by Prada
head piece and jewels by Fred Leighton

If you are like all the hopefuls and need a reminder that dreams do come true then get wrapped in hope today. You can get wrapped in hope by clicking and ordering on the link or by hosting a jewelry party with your girlfriends, sorors, co workers, family or whomever you choose and get your bracelet along with other jewelry free while they shop. Contact me for a party today maydiajyune@gmail.com , remain hopeful while you are working on your dreams.

20140303-115608.jpg πŸΈπŸΈπŸ†πŸ† beautiful well dressed Lupita Nyong’o🌈🌈


As always thanks for stopping by you make my day!!!!
πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜ Simply Jyune 😍😘

Best Man Holiday Screening….Atlanta



Hey Loves,
Quite an eventful and exciting weekend here in Atlanta, thanks to Bronze Lens Film Festival for hosting the screening of Best Man Holiday. Quite eventful indeed for an all Black cast to screen in Atlanta our own little Black Mecca.Β  Fifteen years later a sequel to the Best Man however better late than never yet right on time. The movie was not hackneyed as most movies are nowadays yet it touched on an array of topics and issues that needs to be addressed or of concern in our communities. This movie is a must see as it will strengthen your bonds with friends, family and loved ones.



Thanks to the new on the scene to the Atlanta talent scene playwright and novelist Cynthia Stokes the writer who invited me to the screening.


Of course we ran into Khadhajiah Rowe of Big Rich Atlanta and Boutique owner of Platform Addicts, her lovely mom Sharlinda Rowe-Parker and Auntie Sabrina Brie Rowe (novelist) celebrity nail techs of Tu La 2 nail Salon and the cast of Big Rich Atlanta


The ladies looked stunning there makeup was impeccable.




Best Man Holiday is a must see movie….much better than the first guaranteed to have you watching it repeatedly and being the topic of conversation with everyone. The boundaries and topics that are brought to surface will reduce you to tears and motivate you to being a better person, a better friend, a better family member and increase your faith in the Lord. So many things happen in our lives daily and we don’t take the time to reflect based on the rat race but this movie pushes us to do so…at the end of the day you will be laughing through the tears and strengthened. A big shout out to Bronze Lens Atl , mayor Kasim Reed, K. Bertrand of Bronze Lens and Regal Cinemas for making this event possible in Atlanta hope to see more screenings in Atlanta.



For a quick evening out a quick skirt and boots was perfect. For some reason I am feeling the color burgundy, berry or Bordeaux with a mix of stripes so that was my quick and simple ensemble. The most effort went into which necklace to wear….so it was narrowed down to my galore necklace set Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry.


Gorgeously sexy set to jazz up any outfit. You too can own one today from rep #13375 Traci Lynn fashion jewelry site

Simply Jyune ensemble
Stripe blouse – The Limited
Skirt- Twelve by Twelve LA
Wedge Boots- Balenciaga
Classic flap bag- Chanel
Lip gloss- juicy apple by Clinique

As always thanks for stopping by and please support the movie Best Man Holiday in theaters this coming weekend.

πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune

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Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Trunk Show at Demure Boutique

Hey Loves,
This past weekend I had the opportunity to shop at Demure Boutique where the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Diva Ms. Danetta hosted a trunk show of fabulous jewelry. Of course retail therapy is always awesome and just what a diva needs to wake her up on a Saturday morning so I did just that.





20130919-085903.jpg Located in Atlantic Station, whatever your shopping needs are you can find it at Demure Boutique accessories, apparel, footwear, jackets….they are guaranteed to have unique trendy boutique items which are reasonably priced for a boutique.



20130919-090656.jpgDanetta Hicks Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Diva and Emerald Director sporting some of the Fashionable & trendy Demure Boutique Clothing and open toe studded booties from Platform Addicts Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

20130919-091210.jpg The oversized clutch on the top shelf appeared so lonely for less than $40 I just had to give it a good home.

20130919-091324.jpg The trunk show was awesome better than cappuccino on a Saturday morning…..I look forward to wearing my romper and I used my clutch the same and I absolutely love my silver pave secret earrings from Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry


20130919-092158.jpgFriendly, stylish and efficient Boutique Manager and stylist- Laura sporting the Galore necklace and earrings feel free to stop in the Atlantic Station store at 1380 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta GA



20130919-093218.jpg So any morning you are looking for something to do or get you focused or in the mood to shop do stop in and check out Demure Boutique which now has 2locations Atlantic Drive and Caroline Street. I guarantee you will find adorable boutique clothing at a great value and on Saturday the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Diva might be right there with a trunk show of fabulous Traci Lynn Jewelry and a business opportunity that will absolutely motivate, inspire and change your life.

Simply Jyune’s simple attire:
Blue asymmetrical fitted dress~Max and Cleo
T-strap sandals~ Tory Burch
Oversize multi-colored clutch~ Demure Boutique
Blue/purple Floral boutique Jewelry~ Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip color~ Juicy by LancΓ΄me
Black Sunnies~ Fendi

Thanks for stopping by until next time happy blogging……

Simply Jyune