Fashionably Fearful

Hey Loves,
As I stood below the Talmadge Memorial Bridge watching this lovely view on the Savannah Riverfront I saw the little tugboat pushing the big barge and it made me wonder, think deeply why am I fashionably fearful? I wonder and I ponder and then it hits me…..I am not fearful because of me; I am fashionably fearful because of the people who have crossed my path in life and the ways in which they have dealt with me. No, I am not astonished and should not be a bit amazed because I had learned earlier not to expect much of humans as they are and can be very unethical. Surprisingly not everyone is raised with morals and not everyone is willing to embrace ethics in their lifestyle or professional experiences. Point being if Judas could ride with Jesus as one of his disciples and then be a traitor to him….. who am I to expect different from humans? then realize I must let go of my fears, I must be confident, I must answer his call……because I am closer than I think and I am destined for greatness. With such thoughts I am glad I chose to walk on this path, leaning on God for strength in all my endeavors.

20131212-101309.jpg I reassure myself I am stronger than I think, my past is behind me and I am free to pursue happiness.

20131212-101616.jpg As the sun sets and I stroll by the river before dinner my mind is made up life happens and even more trials and adversaries will come my way but what matters is how I will cope so I must work on my coping mechanisms in a positive light not by pulling the covers over my head and ignoring everyone instead I will Believe, have FAITH and lean on God as my rock, my support, my hero my everything.

Simply Jyune riverfront ensemble
Red dress- Banana Republic Career Dress
Black wide belt- C Wonder
Black strappy sandals – Tory Burch
AB Traci Lynn jewelry- Thankful necklace, fancy bracelet, blingit ring, pebble earrings
Lip Gloss- Ooooh Baby by MAC

fashionably brave yet so timid creates being fashionably fearful

20131212-102759.jpg After a long day in seminars to achieve the simple elegant water front look I turned my buckled belt backwards (to avoid clashing with my jewelry), kicked off my work pumps slipped into sandals, let my hair down and went for a stroll before dinner.

20131212-103504.jpg There is a big beautiful world waiting for me…..I am glad that I answered the call to turn away from being fashionably fearful and to serve God willingly and happily.

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Simply Jyune πŸ™‚

Life is a Smile

Hey Loves,
As the days go by, I realize the reasons for my smile, Life is a smile.. Simply each day that I arise is a blessing in disguise, I am granted the opportunity by God to accomplish all that I didn’t do the day before. Every procrastinated thought or idea surfaces and I smile knowing I might only get to it based on my associated level of priority. In life there are occurrences designed to take me off track, to allow me to face adversary, to challenge myself, to discourage me from my dreams. I am human so I will pray knowing God answers prayers, I will cry because I am woman and yes I do have emotions, I will stress because I don’t like deadlines I love leisure but through it all I know life is a smile. Life happens and I must strategize and deal with adversaries as best as possible, when I pray I must wait for an answer as well as I must be able to discern the answer and be thankful in prayer. The outcomes may not always lead to instant gratification however I must always remember life is a smile.. No matter what I am going through some one else has a story and their story is more significant than mine. Who am I to not absorb while I observe my environment. Every challenge has been experienced by someone else, therefore its not inhuman so I must climb uphill to press on and reach for the stars, surpass every rejection, every failure, every learned experience, every failed relationship, every forgotten friendship, every refusal to help and every denial. In the end life is a smile so I will keep on smiling through the tears, the storms and the sleepless nights, because I am self made and God stands beside me.

20131127-033706.jpg The many expressions of me because when its all said and done i believe therefore Life is a smile, my optimism provides me with endurance, before I know it I will have stories and experiences to share with everyone.

Life is a Smile ensemble:
Pearl & diamond jewels- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Multicolored patchwork coat- Lulu H thrifted from Designer Consigns
Black belted jeggings- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Black sheer sweater- Guess by Marciano
Black marble buckle belt- Fendi
Grey GG scarf- Gucci
Green boots- Lucky brand
Papillon bag- Louis Vuitton
Lip Color-

I absolutely love the details of this coat, I appreciate the hands that made all the tiny details, the intricate stitch, the detailed buttons it reminds me of the bible story about Josephs coats and its many colors, the fact that it matches my green everyday boot its becoming my favorite also. I consider this jacket my integral apparel…
Faith, Hope and Love in abundance life is a smile. As you get ready for Thanksgiving just be thankful and filled with praise knowing that life is a smile. there are loads for which we should be thankful.

Simply Jyune
πŸ™‚ xoxo πŸ™‚

Giving up What you’ve Got, to get what you Want…..

Hey Loves
I have become an Occasional Blogger!!! without planning it became totally unplanned and I’m not happy about it however I just might change up my style to hopefully be able to blog more often, get some Me time and share my knowledge and expertise with my followers as well as attract new followers. So as we all know the weather is changing so now I have to add hose/leggings to my outfits yet I will still rock my skirt and dresses.

As I delve deeper into my studies, I am totally amazed at the friends that have walked away as my time lessened, the poor relationships that had to be dissolutioned, at my love of learning, the contributions I have made and the sacrifices I’m willing to continuously make. Each day with every paper I write it seems more rigorous yet I persevere knowing that I am a step closer than I was a few hours before to achieving the highest level of academic achievement. I had a self-defining moment this week and I summed it up as sometimes you have to give up what you’ve got, to get what you want…. Therefore being sleep deprived and constant fatigue is a part of my journey to being a philosopher and moving into the millionaire club and I’m not giving up despite the rigor, weight gain, sleep deprivation, fatigue, loss of friends, broken promises, and countless other activities. I would rather give up every material thing that I own for the opportunity to achieve my goals.

20131119-075702.jpg So when I ran out to church a few Sundays ago I reached for an outfit that I had been longing to wear, 2 gold fashion jewelry necklaces a choker and a long necklace to recreate an ’80s hip hop look, the denim top is a repeater however this time its incorporated with a black mullet pleated skirt, a bold gold elephant belt and a simple pumps, as it has gotten cooler just add a pair of leggings or hose for warmth and you can achieve the same look.

Simply Jyune Ensemble:
Beige camisole- Forever 21
Fitted denim shirt blouse- True Religion jeans
Black mullet pleated skirt- American Eagle Outfitters
Gold Elephant buckle belt- thrifted in Atlanta
Black pumps with gold design- Hysteria collection by Gucci
Black bowling bag- Azzure by Chloe
Gold Jewelry- Go Gaa Ga by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip color- Yves Saint Laurent


Life Happens, there will be hurdles to overcome and there will be bumps in the road…..what matters is how we cope!!! be willing to Give up what you’ve got, to get what you want, the end result is often greater. As we all know financial freedom and good mental health is equal to a lifetime of wealth.

Stay tuned

πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune

Best Man Holiday Screening….Atlanta



Hey Loves,
Quite an eventful and exciting weekend here in Atlanta, thanks to Bronze Lens Film Festival for hosting the screening of Best Man Holiday. Quite eventful indeed for an all Black cast to screen in Atlanta our own little Black Mecca.Β  Fifteen years later a sequel to the Best Man however better late than never yet right on time. The movie was not hackneyed as most movies are nowadays yet it touched on an array of topics and issues that needs to be addressed or of concern in our communities. This movie is a must see as it will strengthen your bonds with friends, family and loved ones.



Thanks to the new on the scene to the Atlanta talent scene playwright and novelist Cynthia Stokes the writer who invited me to the screening.


Of course we ran into Khadhajiah Rowe of Big Rich Atlanta and Boutique owner of Platform Addicts, her lovely mom Sharlinda Rowe-Parker and Auntie Sabrina Brie Rowe (novelist) celebrity nail techs of Tu La 2 nail Salon and the cast of Big Rich Atlanta


The ladies looked stunning there makeup was impeccable.




Best Man Holiday is a must see movie….much better than the first guaranteed to have you watching it repeatedly and being the topic of conversation with everyone. The boundaries and topics that are brought to surface will reduce you to tears and motivate you to being a better person, a better friend, a better family member and increase your faith in the Lord. So many things happen in our lives daily and we don’t take the time to reflect based on the rat race but this movie pushes us to do so…at the end of the day you will be laughing through the tears and strengthened. A big shout out to Bronze Lens Atl , mayor Kasim Reed, K. Bertrand of Bronze Lens and Regal Cinemas for making this event possible in Atlanta hope to see more screenings in Atlanta.



For a quick evening out a quick skirt and boots was perfect. For some reason I am feeling the color burgundy, berry or Bordeaux with a mix of stripes so that was my quick and simple ensemble. The most effort went into which necklace to wear….so it was narrowed down to my galore necklace set Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry.


Gorgeously sexy set to jazz up any outfit. You too can own one today from rep #13375 Traci Lynn fashion jewelry site

Simply Jyune ensemble
Stripe blouse – The Limited
Skirt- Twelve by Twelve LA
Wedge Boots- Balenciaga
Classic flap bag- Chanel
Lip gloss- juicy apple by Clinique

As always thanks for stopping by and please support the movie Best Man Holiday in theaters this coming weekend.

πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune

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Go Red For Women

Hey Loves, Is it the truth or myth that red wine is good for your heart if consumed on a daily basis? Well the majority says yes but what about alcohol consumption…….hmmm!!!! Well the color of the day is RED!!!

20131021-051307.jpg Go Red For Women is an organization for women to support and teach us to take care of our heart. Unknowing to most Heart disease is the number one killer of women. That’s right one in every 3 women are likely to battle heart disease and age does not discriminate. At least once per month I wear red in support of women battling heart disease, unfortunately heart disease is not as recognized as breast cancer to borrow support from others for an entire month however we would just love for all women to take care of their heart on a daily basis. All it means is maintaining healthier relationships, making better food choices and reduce the risk of heart attack.

20131021-053114.jpg Do you know the signs of a heart attack? when you Know the signs to look out for then you may save a life or your very own. The signs of a heart disease are: fatigue, back pain, chest pains. Do not let these pains go as they can be more serious than you are thinking. Trace your family genealogy, avoid heart disease.


20131021-053658.jpg Exercise, eat healthy, learn relaxing techniques and enjoy the choice of a healthier lifestyle as we have the power to change heart disease statistic and save each others lives

Go Red For Women Ensemble:
Red Fitted Blazer with Gold buttons- H&M
Blue natural tropical print dress- DKNY
Red strappy Sandal- Louis Vuitton
Shoulder bag-Eden bag by Louis Vuitton
Jewelry – Galore by Traci Lynn

20131021-054639.jpg That’s right show your support, start with a change in your self then join the fight to help others. Become a volunteer, become an advocate, turn over a new leaf for your family, make protecting your heart a lifestyle a family tradition.

The antioxidants found in red wine are good properties for your heart however alcohol consumption unless done in moderation is bad for one’s health.


Simply Jyune

Pictures courtesy of Go Red for Women

40 & Fearless

Hey Loves Finally a Birthday Night of Fun BET Weekend in ATL

20131012-135048.jpg Sometimes we meet people and we don’t know the purpose for them coming into our lives yet we smile and go along with God’s intervention. Over the last two years I have been reconstructing my life and surrounding myself with like minded people, similar goals and those interested in growth. Being a psychologist I’m quick to analyze, and withdraw from unhealthy or draining situations. When God directed me to Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Emerald Director Danetta, I thought she would just sell me a piece of jewelry but I must say the bracelet I bought for my friend’s birthday was The best $28 I ever spent. Reason being a few days later I became a jewelry partner and friend of a team of women who have Motivated, Inspired and Changed my life. They have lifted me unto a pedestal so much more than I ever imagined. So on Danetta’s 40th birthday we had to celebrate her being 40 & Fearless after life’s many twists, turns & bumps along the way.


20131012-135752.jpg The evening started with me picking Danetta up and heading to hang out in the city; we were on the guest list for Garner PR Circle BET Weekend Red Carpet Event at Halo Lounge. First we stopped at Prickly Pears on Peachtree St for great Mexican food and Margaritas. As always the service was immaculate, the food was as tasty and as good as the flavored margaritas.

20131012-140337.jpg Danetta is Fearless & Fabulous at 40~



20131014-163859.jpg Halo Lounge conveniently located downtown Atlanta on west Peachtree boasted a lounge with a nice ambiance and jam packed with a mature crowd. We networked and greeted whom we knew while dancing and enjoying the night away….it was Fun, Fabulous & Fearless at 40!!!

My ensemble:
Black jumpsuit~ Michelle’s Boutique, NY
Silver ankle strap sandal ~Gucci
Silver aviator clutch~ Gucci
Freestyle jewelry~ Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry



20131014-165359.jpg This wide legged all in one zippered jumpsuit was perfect for a casual night out. It was simply comfortable and not too sexy because I always choose elegance over sexy, perhaps My confidence rules when selecting my clothes. Overall I had fun when my friend turned 40 & Fearless!!

Thank you for stopping by.
Simply Jyune

Motivate, inspire and change your life…..

20130930-070114.jpgGood Morning Loves!!!
Happy Monday! What a hectic weekend of partying!!!! As I sit here enjoying my view I’m thinking I enjoy my days they are fulfilling and rewarding because I am doing what I love and I’m making money at the same time……promoting Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, while motivating, inspiring and changing the lives of others without any interruption in my career. I must say I m truly ecstatic being the Style Psyche because I love fashion and Psychology. Everyone has goals with a vision of the expected end result for success however they often lack the path to achieve those goals. With the 24year old Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry founded by Dr. Traci Lynn, CEO, evangelist, motivational speaker I can show you the path to success with a business option for a small investment you can become your own boss, enjoy financial freedom, have flexibility in your schedule, and yes the benefits and the perks are great. No matter what walk of life you are from you too can become a partner and join in the fun of hosting parties, making women beautiful with wonderful Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry.

20130930-072834.jpg Traci Lynn Jewelry pieces are made from man made materials, Austrian crystals and cubic zirconia which are reasonably priced from as little as $14 to about $64 each piece. As a Psychologist I find it fun to be a part of a team of motivated partners who all have goals of success financial security and financial freedom without feeling as if we are working for it….after all every day we host jewelry parties.

20130930-073837.jpg Call me today 914-806-8554and become a STAR amongst the STARS.

If you can wear Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry then you can promote Traci Lynn Jewelry.

Have a fabulous week at work or play, because good mental health is wealth


Simply Jyune