The Healthy Heart Series


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With so many people focusing on health and fitness I wanted to take it a step further and focus on the “heart”….yes the major muscular organ which pumps blood throughout the blood vessels to various parts of our body.  To do so I teamed up with Heart Health coach and relationship expert “Sharon Reid” to network and teach heart health.


To kick off the first event we focused on the heart as an organ of spiritual, emotional and physical aspects and how to protect or guard your heart because the three parts can be affected by heart disease and other ailments.


The spiritual heart is non physical it is your inner treasure the center of your feelings, which is located to the right side of your physical heart.


The emotional heart is the deep emotions that you feel for or towards others. It is the center of wmotion and is located to the left of the physical heart. Being receptive to your emotional state it experience s many feelings from joy to grief. So any kind of disappointment,  death of a loved one, rejection is stressful on the emotional heart.


The physical heart is our actual heart which pumps the blood throughout our body and is affected by every spiritual or emotional feelings that the body experiences. When you are excited the heartbeat pumps more forcefully and when we are stressed or disappointed it wreaks havoc by stunning the heart with extreme shock. 


We ought to take care of our hearts by ensuring that we are balancing our emotions, eating healthy and exercising.  It takes maintenance to keep your heart healthy.  A happy heart keeps you happy and keeps your heart healthy.

How healthy is your heart?  
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♡Simply Jyune♡

A Reflection on Mother’s Day Love

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Like every Mother’s Day this one was no different everyone reached out to someone who played an important or motherly role in their life, or their biological mothers and females in their families, everyone went berserk trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift and show up for dinner with Mom. Churches all over were jam packed with people spending the day with Mothers and the sermons were just imaginably awesome. I often wonder do these same people honor these mothers all year or is it just for that one day? Personally I think its hypocrisy, and commercialized as love should be everyday. Why can’t people recognize their loved ones all year or without the rest of the universe doing it. I admire women that make a difference in the lives of children and others whom they come in contact with because that’s love its unconditional which helps to overcome hurts and release strongholds.

20140513-235911.jpg So on this Mother’s Day I call my Mom and talk with her like I do everyday then tell her how much I love and miss her. It’s like any other day except I add happy Mother’s Day Mom. There are many people whom don’t have their mothers around to celebrate because of so many reasons which can cause a bunch of mixed feelings however no matter what they can overcome whatever is blocking the love as long as they are ready for a change. After talking to my Mom I went to church with my son and my Dad. My co-Pastor preached a lovely sermon on overcoming, being the overcomer and strengthening ones life with God, using the bible as a shield from whatever hurts you. I left church feeling free and purposeful with my single beautiful lavender flower.

20140514-000643.jpg After 8 days on a ship I just wanted to relax and heal from my sunburns but I had to attend church it’s not a choice it’s a ritual for me. Nice and easy I dressed in a simple chevron nude dress with platform Mary Jane heels paired with a nude bag I picked up on the ship…..yeah it has become my new favorite bag!

Simple Mother’s Day ensemble:
Chevron dress: Abi Ferrin
Patent leather Mary Jane shoes: BCBG
Nude oversize bag: Steve Madden
Gold and black jewelry: Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

I celebrate all Mothers every day, I salute those whom are doing a great job and I extend help to those who are in need to make them better mothers, after all life didn’t come with a set of instructions Mothers aren’t always perfect. I can say I thank my Mom for being there since my birth and for the unconditional love she taught me. As a result my level of resilience is better than others which lets me cope with all the disappointments and failures in this world with love unconditionally as I understand not everyone had a loving mother in their path which is a testament to attachment theory.

20140514-002939.jpg I love my Mom and admire her strength all day everyday, with her I can chat and laugh about anything even when she gets mad at me bothering her too much I know she is being honest when she tells me off because that’s what love does, it gives honesty not hypocrisy. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, I pray I have my Mommy forever, so say a prayer for my Mom to keep good health. Thank you in advance just remember Love heals all wounds.

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Culture, customs and Easter

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It’s Easter, my second favorite time of year……the luxury of being born and raised in Jamaica therefore Easter is culturally different for me it brings an end to the season of lent and sacrifices….its several days of celebration and a holiday to celebrate the fact that Christ is risen, the resurrection of The Lord, a time for family and friends to get together and worship The Lord. It starts out with Palm Sunday, A must go to church to count down the resurrection of Christ and receive your palms. Holy Thursday everyone does their shopping early as the markets and businesses are closed by noon. People go home or journey to their families to minimize travel and prepare their traditional foods. Good Friday, people eat dry foods and attend church to glorify God, most wear white for the resurrection of Christ as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice for mankind.

20140418-113910.jpg loads of Bun and cheese are consumed which are filled with raisins and spices. There is a Easter Saturday market day and shopping for parties…..Easter Sunday for praises Christ is Risen. Easter Monday all the children are nicely dressed and off to some type of an event for children. I am sitting here on a Good Friday, I have my worship and then I will visit my family and reminisce about Easter. However no matter how I try its just not the same here, yet I keep my traditions I don’t work during the Easter holidays except for being the best Mom in the World, my most difficult yet favorite job.

20140418-114545.jpgAdter the dark winter hues with it being Spring its best to get dolled up in Easter hues of pastel and look glamorous as well as colorful as the beautiful flowers. For Palm Sunday I kept it simple comfortable pair of black pumps with a green midi skirt, orange silk blouse and cropped capped sleeve sweater with a contrast of orange lips green makeup. Nice array if colors and a simple mix for color block at Easter.



Easter Ensemble:
White cropped sweater- Tommy Hilfiger
Green silk Midi skirt- WD NY
Orange silk blouse-Sample sale in NYC
Black Hsyteria pumps- Gucci
Debutante Messenger bag – Henri Bendel
Lip Color-MAC
Eye makeup-Mary Kay at play collection
Green jewelry & watch-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Easter is more than just a Christian belief for me its a cultural belief and I would never wear red on Easter that’s just taboo after all Jesus made a sacrifice for mankind.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Thanks for stopping by enjoy Easter the best way you know how or start a new just don’t spend it alone.

Simply Jyune

Introducing the Glitz & Glam Prom Project in Atlanta

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Tonight in Atlanta Kahdijia Rowe of The Reality Show “Big Rich Atlanta” and the fashionable boutique owner of Platform Addicts will introduce the Glitz & Glam Prom Project . This venture will be hosted at Piece of Cake 1299 Collier Road, Atlanta GAcollect donations of prom clothing, accessories ( jewelry, clutches) to benefit Say Yes to Dress in Partnership with Clark Atlanta University’s Upward Bound Program.

20140404-090533.jpg Please come out and lend your support to this philanthropic event and network with like minded people as well as the lovely hosts and co-hosts

20140404-090859.jpg The Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry dynamic duo —— Platinum Executive Director I Danetta Hicks and Myself Emerald Director Madia J. Coke will be your co-hosts and representing the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry brand .

Wrapped in Hope at the 2014 Oscars Award Ceremony


Wrapped in hope and loads of confidence as the red carpet was laid out and the numerous well dressed celebrities, actors, actresses, directors, producers just about everyone in the film industry gathered to celebrate the year of music and movies in review. So many were sure they had outperformed others and winning would have been the only possible. To the dismay of some the 31 year old Mexican born of Kenyan descent- Lupita Nyong’o and the 12 Years A Slave stole the entire Show at the 2014 Oscars. Lupita owned the show with her actions and acceptance of her award Best Supporting Actress……From the glow on her dark skin, her thick accent to the beautiful Cinderella like gown she wore the night was clearly hers finalized with her simple speech “When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child, that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” A simple yet powerful speech, showing to the world her style and grace.



20140303-113733.jpg such a beauty with brains and humility could easily be an ambassador. even more exciting when 12 Years a Slave was awarded best picture of the year. Together these wins have added to our historical content so much that can be shared with our children and their children and grandchildren.

20140303-114103.jpg Stay wrapped in hope and keep your dream alive because if you give it your best shot then its a clear win!

Lupita’s light blue silk gown designed by Prada
Makeup by Nick Barose
bag and platform shoes by Prada
head piece and jewels by Fred Leighton

If you are like all the hopefuls and need a reminder that dreams do come true then get wrapped in hope today. You can get wrapped in hope by clicking and ordering on the link or by hosting a jewelry party with your girlfriends, sorors, co workers, family or whomever you choose and get your bracelet along with other jewelry free while they shop. Contact me for a party today , remain hopeful while you are working on your dreams.

20140303-115608.jpg 🍸🍸🏆🏆 beautiful well dressed Lupita Nyong’o🌈🌈


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Catastrophic Wintry Mix in Atlanta

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The most significant ice and snow storm in 20 years is currently taking over the south, freezing temperatures, snow, rain, ice and sleet in a catastrophic wintry mix . In Atlanta at the moment there are over 200,000 people experiencing power outages and semi trapped in their homes. The supermarket and convenience store shelves are empty, schools are closed and the roadways are empty. Everywhere is covered in snow and ice, the brave hearts whom venture out are just rather unsafe because though Atlanta is somewhat prepared with loaner salt trucks and snow mobiles from other States it’s just not enough for Atlanta!!!! After the madness and name blame and pointing fingers during and after the last snow storm the mayor has guarded himself of and from all the political blaming, by declaring it a state of emergency.

20140212-174909.jpg This is all good stay off the roads if you are able to however Georgia is an “At Will State” meaning if you are expected to show up for work then you should try and get there safely as there is no protection against being fired nor being hurt in increment weather. Being a winter baby from the north my vehicle is equipped to handle winter weather I love snow and winter . I love to dress up and go out in the snow…too bad I would be the only one outside as it’s like ghost town.


20140212-180955.jpg Its like ghost town, no one going to work, no one at play, about an inch of snow on the ground and it’s raining on and off quite a disturbance in suburbia. This nature girl grabbed her winter wares and headed out doors for a walk to appreciate the beauty of nature before it’s disturbed .


20140212-182608.jpg Of course I have my purse I am a lady it’s packed with beautiful jewelry pieces to motivate, inspire and change the lives of people I meet that’s why!!!!
Snowed in catastrophic wintry ensemble :
Navy riding rain boots- Hunter rain gear
Grey leggings –Express
Denim mini skirt- 7 for all mankind
Navy wool printed sweater- French Connection
Pocketed Grey/navy blazer- Ann Taylor Loft
Navy gold stringed beret- Miss Tina
Navy gold stringed glove- Miss Tina
French Navy bean Park Avenue bow bag- Kate Spade
Navy/silver necklace set-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Pink lip Color- Candy yum yum by MAC

20140212-184558.jpg love my beret and matching gloves gifted to me by my fashionista bestie from NY, she thought it was so my style, unique and bloggable .




20140212-190647.jpg I am such a lover of navy and grey, contrasted with the snow it’s such a beauty, I could walk for hours however, I have more writing and work to do, so while others are off because they are snowed in, it will be most productive for me and my home based jewelry business where you can purchase beautiful fashion jewelry all year 24 hours a day.

love you all….
🙂 Simply Jyune:-)

National Wear Red Day

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People everywhere today should be wearing red in significance of our support for women living longer, stronger lives and the fight against heart disease. As we all know heart disease is the number one killer among women.. Once per month we wish that everyone would wear red, in recognition of Heart disease and even volunteer services to benefit the American Heart Association. Wearing red encourages others to live healthier lives and promote the fight against heart disease which has no value on color, age, race, nor gender. Knowing the signs of a heart attack can save your life or some one else.


20140207-122110.jpg The Awareness of heart disease has increased the fight against heart disease, increased research and the support for heart disease, resulting in a 50 year celebration.

20140207-123317.jpg We all know people whom suffer from heart disease as there are millions of Americans living with heart disease, strokes and cardiovascular conditions. Education, yes knowledge of the signs, treatment and care can improve someone’s life. My dad had Congestive Heart failure (CHF) about 10 years ago his heart worked at only 10% from severe damages today his heart works at almost 40% because knowledge of heart disease has taught me how to care for him. Thanks to research I still have my Dad (72 years old) with me, he is living with heart disease but he is here with me.

20140207-125108.jpg As a result I plead
with everyone take care of your heart, live a healthy life style, make smart food choices, have healthy relationships and exercise.

Thanks for stopping by hope you will join in the fight against heart disease and support the American Heart Association. (Pictures courtesy of the American Heart Association website).

Simply Jyune 🙂