The virtue of Patience….blessed is she

Hey Loves,

“And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” Luke 1:45

As I sat in devotion this morning I chose to focus on this particular scripture that I had received from a friend. I found it fitting as everyone seems to be living rather spontaneously. We live in a society which makes everything available at our fingertips so we have lost the virtue of patience. The few of us whom still enjoy shopping away from our computers, When we walk into a store we don’t expect to encounter a line or have someone wait on us. We are microwaving most of our experiences and as a result the relationships we form are in quantity however not of high quality.

We often need to stop and think do we need 5000 friends on social media or do we need friends whom we actually know and can relate to? Friends whom are supportive of us should be the only ones we need in our circles. It is good to have a global connection and relationships with others but it’s even greater when we have a personal relationship with God. The word of God promises to bless us and pour into us, God gave his only begotten son for us. Yet we often wonder why we experience the struggles that we do and think all is against us. As believers we ought to encourage and nourish our faith so that we can hear the voice of God. Know that while we are being impatient God is working diligently for us, it may not be when we expect things to happen for us but in the time that God deems it right for us. Think about it without a test we would have no testimony and without being a victim we would not be a victor. God loves victories and that’s why we encounter struggles so that by overcoming them we are able to share our victories and make a believer of the non-believer.

Simply June Ensemble:
Cute, trendy, pink in effect for breast cancer awareness easy to recreate
Best friend ripped denim, pink cropped elbow neon blazer, black top paired with black pumps accessorized with gold Her majesty jewelry necklace and gold buckle up bracelet.

Have a great day!!!
Simply June❀️

Catastrophic Wintry Mix in Atlanta

Hey Loves,
The most significant ice and snow storm in 20 years is currently taking over the south, freezing temperatures, snow, rain, ice and sleet in a catastrophic wintry mix . In Atlanta at the moment there are over 200,000 people experiencing power outages and semi trapped in their homes. The supermarket and convenience store shelves are empty, schools are closed and the roadways are empty. Everywhere is covered in snow and ice, the brave hearts whom venture out are just rather unsafe because though Atlanta is somewhat prepared with loaner salt trucks and snow mobiles from other States it’s just not enough for Atlanta!!!! After the madness and name blame and pointing fingers during and after the last snow storm the mayor has guarded himself of and from all the political blaming, by declaring it a state of emergency.

20140212-174909.jpg This is all good stay off the roads if you are able to however Georgia is an “At Will State” meaning if you are expected to show up for work then you should try and get there safely as there is no protection against being fired nor being hurt in increment weather. Being a winter baby from the north my vehicle is equipped to handle winter weather I love snow and winter . I love to dress up and go out in the snow…too bad I would be the only one outside as it’s like ghost town.


20140212-180955.jpg Its like ghost town, no one going to work, no one at play, about an inch of snow on the ground and it’s raining on and off quite a disturbance in suburbia. This nature girl grabbed her winter wares and headed out doors for a walk to appreciate the beauty of nature before it’s disturbed .


20140212-182608.jpg Of course I have my purse I am a lady it’s packed with beautiful jewelry pieces to motivate, inspire and change the lives of people I meet that’s why!!!!
Snowed in catastrophic wintry ensemble :
Navy riding rain boots- Hunter rain gear
Grey leggings –Express
Denim mini skirt- 7 for all mankind
Navy wool printed sweater- French Connection
Pocketed Grey/navy blazer- Ann Taylor Loft
Navy gold stringed beret- Miss Tina
Navy gold stringed glove- Miss Tina
French Navy bean Park Avenue bow bag- Kate Spade
Navy/silver necklace set-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Pink lip Color- Candy yum yum by MAC

20140212-184558.jpg love my beret and matching gloves gifted to me by my fashionista bestie from NY, she thought it was so my style, unique and bloggable .




20140212-190647.jpg I am such a lover of navy and grey, contrasted with the snow it’s such a beauty, I could walk for hours however, I have more writing and work to do, so while others are off because they are snowed in, it will be most productive for me and my home based jewelry business where you can purchase beautiful fashion jewelry all year 24 hours a day.

love you all….
πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune:-)

Blogging: sharing is caring, 10 ways to show you care.

Hey Loves,
In reflecting on the reasons which made me start blogging and the few people who said they would support my endeavor I realize sometimes it’s best to leave the memories of a promise where it belongs ……in a frame.

20140203-192940.jpg Before I started blogging, I met all these wonderful bloggers and they would take pictures of me because they liked my style and they would always ask why are you not a blogger? then they would say come on do it I will help you, here’s my card with my number and email, contact me. I must say almost 2years later I have not received a return phone call nor an email. As a result I laugh however it disturbs me deeply….why must we treat each other the way we do? As bloggers we need each other’s support for so many reasons as we all blog for various reasons. sharing is caring and that’s one of the reasons we blog.

20140203-194450.jpg a beach stays beautiful not because no one visits or cares for it but because people are willing to share and care for the beauty which everyone would love to enjoy.


20140203-194811.jpg no one wants to feel alone in their endeavors, people love to know they are supported which makes them thrive instead of feeling as they are the outsider in a clique.
<em10 Ways To Show You Care:
1) follow up when you say you will
2) respect other people so that they may respect you in return
3) hold true on your promises
4) make members of your social groups feel like members not as if they are an outsider in a clique
5) share sales and events with your fellow bloggers
6) speak to a fellow blogger when you see them at an event
7) support and follow a fellow blogger
8) collaborate with fellow bloggers on projects
9) encourage and congratulate a fellow blogger
10) offer constructive criticism to a fellow blogger

As we go through life no matter our circumstances it is often great to know that someone in your circle believes that you are awesome and is willing to help you get to the next level or just check on you to say I recognize what you are doing.

Ensemble: painted shorts~Victoria Secret, yellow racer back~ Delia’s, black cris cross sandal~ Tory Burch, black envelop bag~ Vieta black Sunnies~ Fendi Beach scenery~ Riu Hotel Montego Bay, Jamaica

after all life is journey, sharing is caring indeed Thanks for stopping by and checking into my world.
πŸ™‚ Simply Jyune
xoxo πŸ™‚