October is the month of awareness: get educated

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October is often significant of changes as the leaves turn into beautiful colors and then color the lawn. Women slip into a different mode if dress as they embrace cooler temperatures. October however, is also a month of awareness: yes this one month is shared by Breast a Cancer awareness and Domestic Violence awareness as well as Mental Illness awareness week. oh yeah and these are all important as they all impact each other based on the psychosocial stressors which are likely to be experienced with occurrences. Get educated on what we can do to fight breast cancer, end domestic violence abuse, diagnose and treat mental illness

IMG_8825.JPG Take the time to educate yourself, support a cause, share with someone because sharing is caring.

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Street Style look Elevated for the Black Celebrity Giving Award Ceremony

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It seems like yesterday that I was introduced to the lovely Miss Jasmine Crowe at an award show honoring Toya Wright for her philanthropic work in the Black Community. I can’t believe it was a year ago I vowed to work with Jasmine in giving of my time and services as a parent liaison or mental health counselor to children. Unfortunately, I had just started my PhD classes and my time was limited with my other volunteer activities with the American Red Cross and Dress for Success Atlanta. However as time would have it Jasmine is hosting her award show again and this time she is honoring Tamika Raymond and other philanthropists and organizations for their diligent work and support in our community.

20140704-041611-15371215.jpg Posed with the lovely Philanthropist Miss Jasmine Crowe
Unfortunately I missed out on most of the award ceremony (flat tire) but I still showed up and better yet I now have my schedule worked out wherein I can start giving back to our community and pouring into children who can and will grow up to be like me or achieve more than me.

20140704-041907-15547216.jpg Jasmine and some of the powerful moments of the night. I was quite impressed that Marley is also a philanthropist I can only say well done again Jasmine and congratulations to Marley.

20140704-042107-15667193.jpg Jasmine’s beautiful dress by BCBG Simply Jyune outfit from Francescas boutique- black sheer laser cut skirt and neon orange crop top belted for an elevated look away from the street style>


20140704-042904-16144865.jpg Well if haven’t learned anything the most valuable thing I pride myself on knowing is Philanthropy~the art of giving back and pouring into others is a blessing! a feeling of accomplishment in itself.
At the end of the night I was glad I came out to support and solidify my promise to give back.
❤️Simply Jyune❤️

Classy Living Society, First Annual Red dress gala


A red dress gala…..Who are these people???
Hey Loves,
A few weeks ago I was invited  by a member of Classy Living Society to a red dress gala being a philanthropist and supportive of women, I glanced at the website, saw the mission statement and bought my ticket.  I picked up a cute red dress and waited patiently for the big day.  Being a loner i showed up at the gala and was In awe at all the beautiful women nicely dressed in their red dresses from gowns to minis. So many women yet I did not see two of the same dresses.




A group of trendsetting diverse women destined to become innovators of community service while providing a positive sisterhood bonding environment. A mission to “change the world: one daughter, sister, brother, son at a time.” That’s right these women Socialize, Volunteer and Inspire, through an environment that they have created where women can socialize with other like minded women while giving to others with their time, talents and compassion.  As foot soldiers CLS is dedicated to becoming the premiere social club that serves the needs of the community nonprofits and community-based organizations to give back, mentor youth, and care for those who might otherwise be overlooked and neglected. 


Donations brought to the event to benefit children who are in need of birthday gifts or to feel special.


I was in awe at the life size model greeting guests at the door I just had to take a pic with her.


Simply me red dress paired with nude pumps, a multi cultured clutch and jewelry fromTraci Lynn Fashion Jewelry


Ayana-Yani CEO of Unique lyrics Maid Cleaning Service one of the nicest sisters I met at the gala.


Founder LaShanda Pitts and guest speaker Andromeda Jones of Women by Choice


Panel of Speakers for CLS sharing memorable moments and the benefits of being a CLS member.


Guest speaker Andromeda Jones delivering her power speech uplifting women ….I just had to commend her on such a beautiful speech to empower women.


These divas were as beautiful as pleasant they didn’t mind sharing their table with me the loner…”no elephant in the room at our table.”


Some of the table centerpieces and setups…the decor was so beautiful


Some of the vendors supporting CLS
If you missed the Red Dress gala this year be Ready for the 2nd annual because it will be better than the 1st.  


Meet Tish the beautiful plus size model and Sharonda the charming diva she will get you signed up with your membership or just go online to sign up while there is a SALE ON YOUR $125 ANNUAL  MEMBERSHIP FOR $75 and unbelievably $25 of every membership will be donated to help women and children at the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and children.


Wonderful event, well done ladies of Classy living Society


Thank you all for being apart of something bigger than yourself!

Simply Jyune

♡Simply Jyune♡

5 Signs you are ready for Mature Dating

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20140614-204556-74756924.jpg No matter what you go through, even with the worst broken heart, after some time has passed you will be emotionally healed, soul searched, canceled out all that you can live without, you will start feeling alone, empty, in need of someone to share special moments and help you move forward. That is when you will find within you the 5 signs that you are ready for mature dating.

20140614-205918-75558408.jpg Time spent alone feels as if you are missing something, because you have spent so much time by yourself, you are now overcome with emptiness. There is no looking back however and there is no calling the ex now is time to focus on you and forget the past. (Yes too often people relapse and call the ex for companionship which causes the cycle to reoccur and delay moving forward) this I don’t recommend because if it was mendable then why was it broken?

❤️❤️💃The 5 Signs That You are Ready for Mature Dating 🚶❤️❤️

        a) You are focused on moving forward.
        b) You have forgiven the past and rid yourself of the baggage.
        c)  You are not constantly talking about the past (your ex).
        d) You are honest, focused and respectful of differences.
        e) You are willing to learn about someone else without comparison of your ex.

That’s all 5 simple signs however you have to be quiet to hear them and understand when to set your emotions right again. Dating for all the wrong reasons, say for instance your other single friends are dating ( oh yes it happens everybody is dating so its the norm) you may feel that you should be dating also. Stop!!!! Don’t do it we all have different seasons and if its not yours, you will only put yourself in emotional turmoil and delay the process of getting your emotions right again.

While thinking about this post and replaying the relationship counseling I have done I found the most common theme to be People talk too much about their exes and are not honest about what they really want. Before you start dating check to ensure you have experienced the 5 signs that you are ready for mature dating and you are ready to let someone in your life without holding them hostage to your past . Growth requires change, concentration and new experiences so forget the past, look forward to the future, new beginnings.

You maybe feeling emotionally maxed out, anxious or down in the dumps but all is not lost be patient; get focused, pick yourself up, do some soul searching, reason with yourself…..do you like yourself?

20140614-214528-78328444.jpg Well if you like yourself, or even more love yourself then don’t continue to emotionally distant yourself instead learn how to cope with your emotions, take baby steps if necessary and let someone in your world ……….
Stay tuned for more on mature dating

Simply Jyune’s Preppy Girlie Ensemble
Polka Dot mini skirt- Zenanda Outfitters
Preppy Pink polo blouse –Project E
Brown/polka dot Sandals-Hollister
Blue leather Eyelet Purse-Unlabeled Italian Designer
Lip color – Cream and Sugar by Mary Kay Cosmetics
Silver and purple pebbles Jewelry- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Sunnies- Tom Ford

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Whoever said dating gets easier as you get older!!!!

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20140610-204238-74558870.jpg At a certain age it’s as if the dictators of society expect you to have jumped the broom or settled cozily into a lifestyle, compromising as best or settling just to make it work. Unfortunately for some of us (yes myself included) there comes a time when enough is enough and you have to let go of the familiar and head for the unknown. After healing and breaking free from all that seemed to drag you down and create bittersweet memories for you its time to start dating again. This time around it is supposed to be much easier because you know what you want and what you are not willing to tolerate. It’s like you have been given a sixth sense to weed out the undesirables of dating . This maybe because you are thinking just about yourself and your needs but what about the person who is interested in you; do you just shut them down coldly or do you give them a chance? . Well the majority of my single and dating mature friends are of the consensus that they should just be frank and say no this won’t work after one date and are quick to withdraw into their cocoon . Lol…as for me I will date someone as long as they have great conversation and similar interests because I know everyone needs someone to talk with about life. To my surprise dating doesn’t get any easier, the timeframe or the span on dating does get shorter as you get older however some people mature and develop better relationships based on past experiences as well as others are still not sure how to maintain dating, baggage and friendship. Dating at a mature age should mean that you have unpacked your baggage and you know how much you are willing to compromise for great companionship. To all my lovely mature singles: just remember dating is a 2way event so the other party might not be too thrilled with some things about you either! stay tuned for more on mature dating…….



Simply a Jyune Ensemble :
Neon print dress-Favori
Black Stiletto heels-Fendi
Black clutch-Gucci
Jigsaw jewelry-Traci Lynn. Fashion Jewelry
Red Lip color-Mary Kay cosmetics
Loves mature dating will get better based on your investment…..think wisely and honestly.

Simply Jyune

A Reflection on Mother’s Day Love

Hey Loves,

Like every Mother’s Day this one was no different everyone reached out to someone who played an important or motherly role in their life, or their biological mothers and females in their families, everyone went berserk trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift and show up for dinner with Mom. Churches all over were jam packed with people spending the day with Mothers and the sermons were just imaginably awesome. I often wonder do these same people honor these mothers all year or is it just for that one day? Personally I think its hypocrisy, and commercialized as love should be everyday. Why can’t people recognize their loved ones all year or without the rest of the universe doing it. I admire women that make a difference in the lives of children and others whom they come in contact with because that’s love its unconditional which helps to overcome hurts and release strongholds.

20140513-235911.jpg So on this Mother’s Day I call my Mom and talk with her like I do everyday then tell her how much I love and miss her. It’s like any other day except I add happy Mother’s Day Mom. There are many people whom don’t have their mothers around to celebrate because of so many reasons which can cause a bunch of mixed feelings however no matter what they can overcome whatever is blocking the love as long as they are ready for a change. After talking to my Mom I went to church with my son and my Dad. My co-Pastor preached a lovely sermon on overcoming, being the overcomer and strengthening ones life with God, using the bible as a shield from whatever hurts you. I left church feeling free and purposeful with my single beautiful lavender flower.

20140514-000643.jpg After 8 days on a ship I just wanted to relax and heal from my sunburns but I had to attend church it’s not a choice it’s a ritual for me. Nice and easy I dressed in a simple chevron nude dress with platform Mary Jane heels paired with a nude bag I picked up on the ship…..yeah it has become my new favorite bag!

Simple Mother’s Day ensemble:
Chevron dress: Abi Ferrin
Patent leather Mary Jane shoes: BCBG
Nude oversize bag: Steve Madden
Gold and black jewelry: Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

I celebrate all Mothers every day, I salute those whom are doing a great job and I extend help to those who are in need to make them better mothers, after all life didn’t come with a set of instructions Mothers aren’t always perfect. I can say I thank my Mom for being there since my birth and for the unconditional love she taught me. As a result my level of resilience is better than others which lets me cope with all the disappointments and failures in this world with love unconditionally as I understand not everyone had a loving mother in their path which is a testament to attachment theory.

20140514-002939.jpg I love my Mom and admire her strength all day everyday, with her I can chat and laugh about anything even when she gets mad at me bothering her too much I know she is being honest when she tells me off because that’s what love does, it gives honesty not hypocrisy. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, I pray I have my Mommy forever, so say a prayer for my Mom to keep good health. Thank you in advance just remember Love heals all wounds.

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Simply Jyune😀🌹

Have Faith, DIY fruit infused water!!!!!

Hey Loves,
It has been a minute since I posted any or shared with you all. The last few weeks have been rather difficult….seasonal allergies, hay fever, outbreaks, food allergies you name it and its like I have experienced more than I ever want to relive. On top of it I had to attend seminars and classroom sessions at Residency. Just a burdensome time within a 7week period. I must say being a believer my faith, helped me during these trials in my life. It would have been easy to seek comfort in all the available comfort foods and talk to whomever would listen. Unfortunately with growth comes changes.

20140501-063250.jpg At the beginning of my ordeal I had just joined a Small Bible Study group of women to study Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free. I must say sharing and studying this book totally freed me of the pain and fears from my past. I learned how God created my past to help me get through life now and I clearly see the direction and the life that’s ahead for me. Overall I have developed a relationship, an intimacy with The Lord, no more bondage, I have learned to say no. In keeping my mind healthy I have also taken the extra step to keep my body healthy so my eating habits have also changed. I have decreased my sugar and carb intake and started eating more salads and protein. Yikes, yuck but it it’s getting better. As a result I am loving DIY Fruit Infused Water daily


20140501-064111.jpg For years I have loved spa water that’s right the water with the slices of fruit when you go the spa but I never tried it at home. Well finally this year on my quest to being healthier and to consume more water I added a few packets of liquid or powdered fruits however my taste buds did not like the after taste from those additives.
If you are like me and experiencing the same then you should try this:-
Grab some fresh fruit, small berries Or Slice some vegetables and make it a way of life because fresh fruits, vegetables and water infused together actually helps to improve concentration and keeps your body hydrated………..

on the quest of good health and improved concentration for the hot months approaching buy less pastries or use the fruits before they go bad get a pitcher, water bottle and water preferably natural artesian or alkaline water to get your pH levels where they need to be:

strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cucumber, ginger, mint leaves, lemon basically add a handful of these fruits or vegetables to a large pitcher or water bottle keep them refrigerated and you can sip all day. If you are on the go like me most of the day then an/a fruit infused water bottle would be ideal for you. Drop your fruits or vegetables into a infuser insert with perforation so that the fruit/vegetable can properly infuse. This can be done overnight or right before you are headed out. There you go fresh healthy water on the go, tasting so good and refreshing which reduces your intake of sugar filled juices and carbonated beverages.

20140501-065246.jpg Give it a try do it yourself today, stay hydrated and healthily avoid the juices with improper labeling for corporate and commercial benefits which offers no substance to your body. drink more infused water and less sugar filled juices and you will discover a difference in your body, mind and health. for the next 21 days I will be challenging my mind and body to go against carbs and sugar, will you join the challenge? it will be a struggle but you can do it too and guess what if you forget momentarily because we all get cravings don’t fight or beat up yourself. Just toss the rest of the uneaten foods and get something healthier and better for you in the long run.

It’s all Mind Over Matter anyway so have infused water everyday.

Much Love
Simply Jyune❤️💃