She Hearts Polka Dots


Hey Loves,
Hot enough for you? It is too hot for me I feel the need for a vacation coming up.  Once per month I pledge to wear red to promote Go Red for Women and the American Heart Association to encourage healthy heart awareness.  As a child I often heard of people dying from a broken heart and I couldn’t understand the emotional heart. After my Dad had Chronic Heart Failure I was forced to educate myself and nourish him back to good health.  As a result I wear red to promote heart health and I practice a healthy heart lifestyle. You too can practice a healthy heart lifestyle by eating heart healthy foods that prevent heart disease, exercise and manage your relationships and emotions healthily.


She hearts polka-dot ensemble:
Red blouse- Polo Ralph Lauren
Polka dot skirt- H&M
Black t-strap shoes- Vince Camuto
Black belt- Moschino
Gold jewelry-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip Color- Mac red by MAC

We only get one heart help to prevent heart disease check out the American Heart Association nutrition center and educate yourself and the ones you love to extend the life of your heart. Exercise is cool during the hot weather it cools you down and keeps you active.


Educate yourself and others with the message for a healthy heart.

♡♡Simply Jyune♡♡

♡Simply Jyune♡

Street Style look Elevated for the Black Celebrity Giving Award Ceremony

Hey Loves,
It seems like yesterday that I was introduced to the lovely Miss Jasmine Crowe at an award show honoring Toya Wright for her philanthropic work in the Black Community. I can’t believe it was a year ago I vowed to work with Jasmine in giving of my time and services as a parent liaison or mental health counselor to children. Unfortunately, I had just started my PhD classes and my time was limited with my other volunteer activities with the American Red Cross and Dress for Success Atlanta. However as time would have it Jasmine is hosting her award show again and this time she is honoring Tamika Raymond and other philanthropists and organizations for their diligent work and support in our community.

20140704-041611-15371215.jpg Posed with the lovely Philanthropist Miss Jasmine Crowe
Unfortunately I missed out on most of the award ceremony (flat tire) but I still showed up and better yet I now have my schedule worked out wherein I can start giving back to our community and pouring into children who can and will grow up to be like me or achieve more than me.

20140704-041907-15547216.jpg Jasmine and some of the powerful moments of the night. I was quite impressed that Marley is also a philanthropist I can only say well done again Jasmine and congratulations to Marley.

20140704-042107-15667193.jpg Jasmine’s beautiful dress by BCBG Simply Jyune outfit from Francescas boutique- black sheer laser cut skirt and neon orange crop top belted for an elevated look away from the street style>


20140704-042904-16144865.jpg Well if haven’t learned anything the most valuable thing I pride myself on knowing is Philanthropy~the art of giving back and pouring into others is a blessing! a feeling of accomplishment in itself.
At the end of the night I was glad I came out to support and solidify my promise to give back.
❤️Simply Jyune❤️

Not from around Here!!!

Hey Loves,

20140518-182020.jpg As I get ready for church in the rain, I am thinking of what to wear as I rarely ever know what to wear. I am reminded I live in the suburbs and my church is accepting of one’s garments so almost anything will do. Yet As simple as I am I am different, anything won’t do. I often feeling as if I am Not From Around Here!!! so I try to be as plain as possible with a simple black and white dress paired with matching cap toed black and white shoes. it takes time to find a purse because it’s raining out and I want to cheer myself up. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and so I need a pop of color to brighten up a gloomy, rainy day. I reached for my perforated summer bag and I feel alive and confident to walk in the rain.

20140518-183211.jpg The Church sermon was so great reminding me of the power of God and his chastisement because he loves me. The ability to understand that when you love someone you tell them the truth not because you want to hurt them but because you love them so you maintain trust and honesty. That no matter what I am going through the love of a God surrounds me and prayer, yes praying boldly will get me through all the strong holds in my life. With tears pouring from my eyes I am praying and thanking The Lord for loving me despite my shortcomings. I am thankful for everyday despite looking as if I am not from around here I feel like this is home and where I belong I will just look different because I am different and I have a purpose, the love of a God will let me go through storms to show me how strong I really am, what I should live without, what I should give less attention to, how the devil will use my child to distract me from God, and to show me what is worth living for as well as what is worth dying for. I am thankful that I can remain strong through it all and when I am temporarily weak God forgives me and restores me the power of God is beautiful, truly amazing and with God in my life I may seem different, because walking with God has shown me that I don’t miss the people that I thought I couldn’t live without. That I don’t miss doing the things I used to do nor do I miss hanging out with some people. When people are confrontational and have done me wrong or speak ill of me I pray for them because I know I am not from around here…..I am a woman of God.


Black and White Ensemble with a pop of color:

Black and white dress ~ International Concepts
White crop sweater ~ Tommy Hilfiger
Leggings~ Ralph Lauren
Black & White Cap Toe Mary Jane ~ Stuart Weitzman
Teal perforated Tote Bag ~ Zara woman
Purple Lips~ Christian Dior
Watch & Jewelry ~Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
So though opposites attract I thought it fitting to add a pop of color to make this outfit outstanding! and to top it off I jazzed it up with my personality by adding in my favorite color purple, hence the purple lips!!!!!


though I am not from around here I am comfortable holding my own, walking with God.

Simply Jyune
xoxo 💎💃

A splash of Polka Dot……..

Hey Loves,

Do you love Polka Dots? Well polka dots should be every girls best friend, they are made of various size dots and you can dress them up or dress them down. Overall polka dots are fun designs. They blend well with almost any color and will transform a basic outfit into a glamorous fashionista outfit. This week I was home all day on Wednesday working then I remembered I had a dinner date with my son and his friend. School had been out and their extracurricular activities had ended so I had to hurriedly throw an outfit together. I reached for a polka dot skirt, a polka dot dress, a polka dot sweater, and a polka dot blouse, which means I was in a polka dot mood ahhhhhhh yes!!!!! this lady loves polka dots. I had to wear something polka dot with but a few minutes to spare I threw together a splash of polka dot put my hair in a ballerina bunand ran off to spend quality time with the teens.

20140118-110751.jpg A simple yet quick meal, Thai coconut shrimp and bang bang shrimp for appetizers then Blackened Tilapia with mango salsa served up with grilled vegetables for a meal complete with water. Yes, I skipped dessert and I passed on the wine. Afterwards I dropped the teens to youth church and went off to an online conference in a splash of polka dot feeling confident and pretty!!!!

Simply Jyune’s splash of polka dot ensemble:

Pearl & Bling Fashion jewelry- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Black platform zipped bootie- Steve Madden
Black leggings- Michael Kors
Polka dot blouse- Fancy Qube
Black layered vest – h&m
Fuchsia blazer- f21
Herring fuchsia clutch- Steven
Hair-ballerina bun
Lip color- MAC

Simply styling a polka dot layer with your winter layers can transform your entire outfit with a splash of polka dot.



Happiness can be a splash of polka dot to brighten your day.

Thanks for stopping by stay tuned for more ways to style your polka dot .

🙂 Simply Jyune 🙂

Back in Work Mode……ugghh its fashion week!!!

Hey Loves,

20130911-045857.jpg After not working all summer, just taking care of responsibilities, passing time with friends and family and an extended summer month it dawned on me that I now have to be selective in what I wear daily. Ugghhh it’s Fashion Week in NYC and I can’t be there my presence is requested to help groom the minds of little children in preparation for a world of uncertainty. I am uncomfortable mentally as I feel as if I am currently in the wrong space, however after a 4-month hiatus its only natural to be back in work mode.. To do this I must retreat to clothes for work mode which is so boring I wish I could run away from a boring closet . Thank God for all the fall shopping and sample sales in NYC last week I don’t feel so much as an outcast though left out. I am getting ready for work mode and the diva in me pushes back the boring work clothes and reaches for a pop of color, my black and white skirt, sexy wedges and my favorite C Wonder belt. I then say I don’t want to look different at work but I have no choice I am different.



20130911-051429.jpg Royal blue is a bright yet soft easy to mix color that seems to always save the day, especially In my closet where black and white is still trending and often fused with bright hues to create quite a sensational statement. back in work mode I fused a royal blue career blouse with the favorite black and white skirt, and added a wide belt for definition on the waist line. The belt is worn backwards to not take the focus from the printed skirt yet add essence and definition to the back of the outfit. While I am missing Fashion week on my first day back I happily sneak my own style of dress in at work without creating a scene, my big black Fendi Sunnies makes me oblivious of my small town work space. Toned down on the jewels less is more I am wearing Orbit by Traci Lynn Jewelry a simple chain with a beautiful dangling studded cubic zirconia complimented by the silver heiress earrings and bunch of bling rings. Enough said back in work mode, missing fashion week in NYC but I am my own style, this is me……

Back in work Mode Ensemble:
Black and white linens printed skirt-Ann Taylor Loft
Royal Blue career blouse- NYC sample sales
Black ankle strap wedge heels- Ivanka Trump
Blue shopper/tote- Zara Woman
Black Sunnies- Fendi
Jewelry-Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
Lip gloss- Revlon Super Lustrious Gloss

My Favorite Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Pieces orbit necklace, heiress earrings and bunch of bling rings You too can own these lovely pieces by shopping Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry consultant # 13375


Until next time…..
Simply Jyune

Black & White Maxi trends

Hey Loves!!!
I love wearing Maxi dresses in the summer. though long they actually protect my skin from sun burn and are made from breathable cotton materials. They also transform from day to evening to night easily. It has been a while since I had the time to post a pic or read a blog. Both my parents have been sick and of course I was the designated care taker for most of the month of July. As a result there was no time for my hobbies and minimal time to write. I like producing quality work so even though I’m not a perfectionist I don’t like doing anything when I am unable to do my best.


20130801-111330.jpg On my way to pick Mom up from the treatment center. I am sporting an off the shoulder black & white striped maxi, with a splash of pink on my lips yum yum and my favorite pink bag on my arm. I love this maxi most because the stripes are not one dimensional, the adjoining of the materials from black to white is just phenomenal in the way stripes flow from different angles. An attempt to staying cool during the NYC heat wave.

My Black & White Ensemble:
Black & White Maxi-INC for Bloomingdales
Luminous Pink Bag- Kate Spade
Hematite Jewelry- Traci Lynn Jewelry
Black Flip Flops- Gifted
Lip Color- Candy Yum Yum by MAC
Sunnies-Louis Vuitton




20130801-114146.jpg I will be wearing this black & white maxi dressnumerous times, Right now I am happy to be back home in my own element, I can relax, focus, and write well. I missed you all and will try to catch up on the blogs of my fellow bloggers. To all my newfollowers welcome…… I’m back.

Simply Jyune

Around Midnight

Hey Loves,
Around Midnight unlike most people that I know, I am usually up and about reading, writing and getting caught up with emails. There are usually people whom I forget to call during business hours and its too late then so around midnight I put them on my to-do list for another time. You see I’m eclectic, I’m spontaneous so my days are not as structured as most……I focus on happiness, a positive mind and positive affirmations that makes me smile all day. On that note I went to breakfast with the Traci Lynn Diamond club divas and I must say it was quite an inspiration. The Q&A after breakfast was helpful with feedback, affirmations & aspirations that will help partners to grow and build genealogies. I am motivated, inspired and I am just So ecstatic, loving all the Fall/Winter 2013 launch jewelry. At the Diamond breakfast the beautiful Traci Lynn jewelry divas sported new pieces from the new collection. I was sporting Around Midnight beautiful black geometric shaped necklace and earrings from the Fall/Winter collection.


20130712-014700.jpg Blinging diamond divas Laveda “Lovey” Whitfield and company

20130712-025128.jpg The Diamond Divas

20130712-025410.jpgEmerald Director Danetta from Team W.O.W. Atlanta a proud winner at breakfast.

After breakfast it was fun mixing, mingling and networking with the Divas with promises to stay in touch until we all meet again 2014 for our next jewelry launch.



20130712-031550.jpg So with that came our goodbyes, until next time, when we meet again, the end to a great weekend, beautiful jewelry and motivational thoughts to build our businesses.

Hope you enjoyed my weekend adventure at the launch quite impressive, eager for the next launch and to build my business Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry offers business opportunities with flexible hours, networking, the opportunity to be your own boss, financial freedom and fabulous fashion jewelry. Host a show and earn free jewelry…’s your decision the impact Traci Lynn can make in your life.

20130712-032450.jpg This bling “Time to Shine”watch could be yours for hosting a successful party.

When you think bling think Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Simply Jyune