Bling into Spring!!!!!!!!

Hey Loves!!!!

After a cold, frost biting, snowy winter, we have been blessed with warmer temperatures and sunshine. I can only say yes thank you Lord because we have been patient. Now with the weather breaking, everyone wants to be outdoors to enjoy all the festivities and activities. The big question is what to wear and when?. Well if you are like most fashionistas you have everything in the closet screaming let me out of here I waited long enough for this weather. Spring 2014 Fashion is Fun, Fierce and Fabulous!!!. That means its all about the inner you an expression of how you want to be seen by others you can do loud/bold/neon colors are you can go with the beauty of pastels and prints. Ooooh yes a season that will make every one in a room look different. To Bling into Spring I personalized my style by mixing the pastel hues with the boldness of rose .

With the mix of hues I am ready for my Friday night outing yes ready to visit
Spirit and Truth Worship Center in Loganville, GA. I must say the contrast in hues are perfect for a sunny afternoon fading into night fall at a casual setting. The hues contrasted so well and complimented each other it makes me want to make them staples in my closet but I’m not going shopping as I have learned over the years Less is more. Meaning when I have less clothing I wear them often and I wear them well, I can actually say well it was worth the price before I pass them off to charity instead of having to resell them at a consignment shop. I am not saying resale is bad because those checks are quite handy however I have learned to make better choices when investing in clothing or accessories. So while I am ready to bling into Spring I am going to attempt to be as frugal as possible and wear all the beautiful clothes in my closet that are screaming let me out of here.



So comfortable in my mixed hues I had to tone it down with Black pumps, of course I could have opted for a nude pair of pumps which would have really turned up my outfit but going to church I try to scale down the fashionista in me that wants to be fabulous and fierce everyday. Service was just so awesome with Pastor Nedra Buckmire and Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier. I stood there saying thank you Lord I am where I belong, as I heed my calling to ministry.


20140325-110111.jpg</a I can look up and say thank you Lord for directing me away from the many parties where I could have gone instead and sending me to church to study your word to remove the fear that sits over my life, to release all strongholds and have the life of abundance, of blessings, of joy that you have promised me.
Simply Jyune’s Ensemble
Black zippered back pumps: Michael Kors
pistachio cotton skirt: United Colors of Benetton
peach camisole & sweater: F21
rose blazer: F21
Mixed hues golf bag: Christian Dior
Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

as always thanks for stopping by hope I have inspired you in some way

Much Love
Simply Jyune

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