Blogging: sharing is caring, 10 ways to show you care.

Hey Loves,
In reflecting on the reasons which made me start blogging and the few people who said they would support my endeavor I realize sometimes it’s best to leave the memories of a promise where it belongs ……in a frame.

20140203-192940.jpg Before I started blogging, I met all these wonderful bloggers and they would take pictures of me because they liked my style and they would always ask why are you not a blogger? then they would say come on do it I will help you, here’s my card with my number and email, contact me. I must say almost 2years later I have not received a return phone call nor an email. As a result I laugh however it disturbs me deeply….why must we treat each other the way we do? As bloggers we need each other’s support for so many reasons as we all blog for various reasons. sharing is caring and that’s one of the reasons we blog.

20140203-194450.jpg a beach stays beautiful not because no one visits or cares for it but because people are willing to share and care for the beauty which everyone would love to enjoy.


20140203-194811.jpg no one wants to feel alone in their endeavors, people love to know they are supported which makes them thrive instead of feeling as they are the outsider in a clique.
<em10 Ways To Show You Care:
1) follow up when you say you will
2) respect other people so that they may respect you in return
3) hold true on your promises
4) make members of your social groups feel like members not as if they are an outsider in a clique
5) share sales and events with your fellow bloggers
6) speak to a fellow blogger when you see them at an event
7) support and follow a fellow blogger
8) collaborate with fellow bloggers on projects
9) encourage and congratulate a fellow blogger
10) offer constructive criticism to a fellow blogger

As we go through life no matter our circumstances it is often great to know that someone in your circle believes that you are awesome and is willing to help you get to the next level or just check on you to say I recognize what you are doing.

Ensemble: painted shorts~Victoria Secret, yellow racer back~ Delia’s, black cris cross sandal~ Tory Burch, black envelop bag~ Vieta black Sunnies~ Fendi Beach scenery~ Riu Hotel Montego Bay, Jamaica

after all life is journey, sharing is caring indeed Thanks for stopping by and checking into my world.
🙂 Simply Jyune
xoxo 🙂

8 thoughts on “Blogging: sharing is caring, 10 ways to show you care.

  1. This is so true not just for blogging but for humanity in general. If we were kinder to people and did as we said then there would be less fighting, unhappy people and maybe rule out some issues in society. I hear you!

    • @Jorshaq1 I was so passionate about our conversation, I had to write about it. I do hope our ideas comes into fruition, even if we just start with a bloggers evening out or brunch, to share ideas, events on blogging, blogging dos and don’ts

      Much love
      Simply Jyune

      • Definitely, I am working on it, mentioned it to the bloggers I met and they are definitely interested. We know have to choose a date and meeting place, any ideas?

      • Awesome, hmmm my schedule is pretty flexible so I wouldn’t want to determine when is best. There is a great new lounge downtown Atlanta – Bougaloo or in the Gwinnett area we can perhaps do Footprints, Kraze Tavern, Chow Baby, Bahama Breeze, Barnes and Noble or Starbucks. There are loads of places to choose from, those are ideas off the top right now.

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