Free style by the free spirited

Hey Lovely Peeps
A lovely Saturday morning, no work today it could have been a cozy Saturday as per my fellow blogger Dainas Book, however I’m on call with the American Red Cross this morning and I also have a meeting with the Professional Women’s Group therefore my morning won’t be as cozy however it will be quite informational and fun for the free spirited.

20130126-082015.jpg I’m laying in bed without a notebook just letting my mind wander free style as I tell myself no need to grab a notepad I will remember everything….I’m dreaming of the non-fiction I want to pen and the pictures I would showcase. My thoughts are interrupted by blog posts from my fellow bloggers and a good morning text with flowers then virtual breakfast in bed

20130126-082620.jpg Jamaican Style Breakfast
I think this is awesome if only it was true. Then he says just in case you don’t like that one here is another

20130126-082840.jpg and I think this is the free style life for the free spirited. He made my day cozier than I could have with such a thoughtful idea across the miles.
Now have a great Saturday, bundle up fashionably stay warm in all your endeavors…….
Simply Jyune

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